Sunday, 24 May 2009


We had a great time last night in Trondheim, hooking up with the boys in Whitesnake again. Watching them play is always a treat. We used to blast "Slide it in" in the tour bus all the time. David and Co has been great inspiration over the years......

Just a couple of weeks left to Sweden Rock Festival........We've tried out a couple of new songs here in Norway. "Last look at eden" and "Gonna get ready". It feels great to add some new stuff to the set list. We've also played Seventh sign from PIP and it seems like it's working. There may be some further changes before next weekend......

Playing Sweden Rock.....feels like coming home....and we're sure gonna make the most of it.....a new "majestic" single coming out as well........exiting times indeed!

See you soon

/ Europe

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Yes, a couple of weeks ago we shot a video for our first single from Last look at eden. The director is Patric Ullaeus. The work on this video is in full swing since we plan release the song at the end of May / beginning of June both in Scandinavia and Europe. We chose to work with Patric after seeing his work with In Flames amongst others.

More info soon

/ Europe