Friday, 24 June 2011

Back in Business / Italy

We've always had a strong connection with our italian fans.

Fabulous crowd! We hung around and checked out Whitesnake, Mr Big and a bit of 'Judas' as well.

What a great job we have!

/ Europe

Monday, 13 June 2011

Hello there!

Just got back from Finland. We had a good time and the gig went pretty smooth.

Here is a recent pic from our rehearsal room outside Stockholm. Preparing for the summer festivals and trying out some new song ideas. We will go into the studio in October, mixing in January and release around April 2012. If everything goes according to plan.

We're starting to get exited about going back into the studio after all the touring on LLAE (the album that refuses to die)

Doghouse was the first new track and we felt that it was a great approach for the next c.d.. More straight forward rocknroll. We've got some great ideas cooking and we will keep you posted this autumn from the studio.

Meanwhile we hope you enjoy our new live DVD and the Live Look At Eden book coming out soon.

Maybe we'll see you out there this summer.

/ Europe