Monday, 31 May 2010

// UMEÅ - SUMMER 2010 //


After a short break, The summer festival tour has finally started. Umeå crowd was great! We hadn't been there in many many years. It was cold and late but it turned out a killer gig in the end.

Skidrow was on just before us and we had a chance to see a few songs and meet with 'snake' Sabo briefly. Last time we hooked up was at Milton Keynes in '89.

Ian is now playing on a brand new Ludwig see-through drum kit. It looked and sounded great, Leven has a silver Sanberg bass specially made for him. He was very proud. In a few weeks time we also have new stage screens coming. It's gonna look cool as.....hopefully they'll be ready for the the Stockholm gig with Kiss.

Were still working on the set-list for the summer and hope we can provide a few changes over the next coming months.

Anyway.....We are very exited to be doing our job again. A job you guys so kindly keep us in.

Thanks as always for you support.

See you out there

/ Europe