Sunday, 11 January 2009


We've had a good week. some great vocals and keyboards done. Today John arrived in the studio and played some fantastic solo's.

We're taking a few days off and leaving you with some clips of Mr Norum doing his thing.

Back in the studio in about a week.

All the best

/ Europe


Anke said...

Wow guys.... I'm very impressed by that second clip! It sounds beautiful and very promising for what we can expect!! You're making me more and more curious everyday ;-)

Enjoy your deserved days off... see ya soon!
Hugs, Anke

Ramona said...

Great solo,John.I think that this song will be one of the most beautiful songs on the album.What a a voice Joey have!!I love it.I wait forward to come back in Romania.
'Till next week,kisses from me.Bye.

Sylwia said...

--------------------/--/ --- ------------o/---/o
-----------*-*--||||||-*------ --- -----------*--*-||||||*-----*
Thanks guys!

SebaE said...

Awesome. I'd love to hear more of the solo in the first clip, the 'balladesque' song. Thanks for letting us in in the creative process. Rock on, guys!

Deni said...

The second video is great! What a cool wire! Great to have John back in the studio, nothing's the same without him. Every day I get more impatient for the album.

Agnieszka said...

Excellent...! :-):-):-)

Tone Irene said...

This is SO ... perfect.
I'm sitting here with my mouth open.

Every new blog you post with clips, leaves me texting people I know about my beliefs in the new album!

Soraya said...

Thank you very much!! Mr Norum is excellent company...
Take care,


here comes the night said...

Thank you guys!!! Have a great break and thanks again for making my day with every little clip or word of news... It really does make the work day easier to get through! (My jobs not as awesome as yours is you see... =p)

see ya!!

/Mary Lou

ravscool said...

Wow is the key word for commenting these two videos.

You're doing an amazing work, this will be a masterpiece indeed.

Ian has not let me down when he said to me that the songs Joey was writing would gonna make a killer album.

This album will rock at full throttle :)

Hava a nice week off and we'll be waiting for more news.

All the best for you guys
/Rodrigo Silva

Shazza3uk said...

Absolutely fantastic sound.

So looking forward to the new album.

Enjoy your days off.



joeylove53 said...

Magnifique! Bravo john, t'es le meilleur!
ça promet un bel album!
je me réjouis!

ALUAP said...

You are amazing guys


Greg said...

Wow. Great sound--killer tone. Nice playing too :-)

Simoontje said...

I'm so excited for the album....
This all sounds so great!!! Thans a lot!
With love...

Fernanda said...

I smell a classic song in here!!!! Love the melody.....Great!!!!

Sahiyela Osiceca said...

Oh! La la!
This song seems so strong...
Jonta, you're brilliant
I can't wait more...

Guys, enjoy your break
see you next week

Take care all of you


zohor said...

Fantástico, increíble, no hay palabras, únicos en su especie... EUROPE seguir así.

ashlynne said...

Here I am thinking of him again.
This Swedish rocker who gave no warning
As he took this world by storm. Yeah!
Wishing for a chance to meet him.

But His world doesn’t include me,
And my dreams can’t deceive me
I’ve never been able to win
So I’ll be here on the outside ..wantin’ in!

For Europe the band...good luck on your new music

Melani said...

Oh wow....that was awesome...I want more of that!

Daniela said...

Hi guys! It seems that everything is going on pretty well over there, isn't it? I wish you a great rocking week

Silvia said...

I love your solos John Waaauuu!
Sounds great, guys, thanks for your clips, great clips are always reveal to us, guys wanted to make a request, if it can be ...
You have shown us all of you some video of the new sound that will bring this new album, all but our favorite bass player, you could please? albeit short.
Thank you.
See you.

frampala said...

All I can say when I hear Norum play is thank you,thank you,thank you for making music so beautiful.

toni and natalia: the bas-s brothers said...

What can we say? What a shiver! Is a fantastic feeling to hear your voice and music guys, You make our life really happy and a little magic...
Thank you music Gods!

Anonymous said...

So we are in good company! John is fantastic !!!!!
Boys have a good week!

Kisses: -*

Gael - 罗贤 said...

woooah!! what a sound... Norum's in the house!!
The new album will be brilliant. Rock as ever. look forward to it (and the following tour, of course)
thanks for everything guys

Farida said...

Fantastic. I can't wait to hear the new album.

breakfree said...

Seems like a splendid song to me. Also like the feel of this song a lot. As well the part Joey sings as the part Normum plays. Just can't wait!!

ps. Can't you make the samples just a little longer please

Stefanie said...

WOOOO Norum! You sound fantastic! Keep on rockin' us Baby!

Patry said...

From Mallorca,Spain...
The sound....the songs.... AAYYYY...Guauuuu...
waiting,.. for more, more, more...
I love Europe...

Stratman said...

What a monster guitar tone and when the solo comes in, it just flows so beautifully.

Thanks John, you are still one of the most inspiring and melodic guitarists in a world.

Anitacska said...

What a beautiful song this is. Can hardly wait to hear it in full! Keep up the good work guys!

Anonymous said...

Hope you'll have a great weekend guys, can't wait to have you back in the studio with some more news. The songs you've been sharing so far really kicks ass!

Aniken said...
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Aniken said...
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Aniken said...

Det är fantastiskt solo,John!
Kram från Pilsen:-)

Aniken said...

Jag ber om ursäkt.Jag har fel på dator:-(

ivarunner said...

Hi Europe and all fans! This is a great blog and so are all the clips from your upcoming album! Keep on rockin´!
Iva from Prague

JEM said...

huuuuuu ... yum, nice work! Why do you have to make it look so damn easy though? ;) ... see you boys this year I hope xxx xxx

breakfree said...

This song and the solo sounds a lot like Europe (whe used to know before). Think that's great !!

Vlastimil said...

I absolutly agree with breakfree! Really nice solo, John.

EffeTiBi said...

First video, Johnny shredding like a maniac: amazing!!
2nd video: the song seems beautiful, and Johnny plays like a god, melodic and with special feeling... so guys, how much do you want to tease us? We want the new album OUT NOW! ;)

forever said...

Waoooh!John you're definitly the best!Ilove your solo!
And the voice of Joey,the song's soo great!I'm soo impressed to listen to your album!!!
I love you!

marykarmen said...

norum you´re the best

forever said...

So great John,you're the best!!
I'm so impressed to hear that song !

stormwind1982 said...

John Norum is the best guitar player in the world! god bless you!

breakfree said...

Ohhhh...god, how much i love the part where the singing of Joey goes over the John's solo!!

marykarmen said...

hi wishes