Saturday, 21 February 2009


Hello again

We have arrived at the end of this recording........Mr Lindell will now start mixing this fine collection of songs. It's a strange feeling not going back to the studio in Gothenburg more on this record.

We are extremely proud of this cd. It's got kicks's thought's might just turn your world upside down.

We're aiming for a May release. There will be touring this summer and autumn. But we wont be surprised if there will be major touring in 2010.

Cause this might just be one of those albums that's got wings............ to travel to infinity and beyond.

Thanks again for showing interest in this blog and our new Cd.

We're keeping the blog open. However there may not be many more posts at this particular stage.

/ Europe


vonnyloveseurope said...

Great! congratulations again! I'm so excited about the album, so I imagine you're really proud of your work. It's the end of the recording days but it's just the beginning for touring. Thanks for this gift and I'll be waiting for your tour to Chile whenever. You know you have thousands of people who love you in this wonderful country (I'm number 1, obviously).
Lots of love and thanx, Ivonne.

vonnyloveseurope said...

It's me again:
After listening and watching the posts and videos about the new album I can feel you put the best of yourselves on it and I'm astonished by the way you enjoyed every moment of the recording, the love you feel for your job and the wonderful friendship between you all. That's a real group! I wish you the best for the album and I hope to get Europe forever. Bye

toni and natalia: the bas-s brothers said...

Hello guys!

We are extremely proud of YOU!
And we are so excited to hear this new work on stage.

Your music overjoyed our souls!

Thank you for sharing this blog with your fans, and make us part of your Creation.

Take care.
See You.
Toni and Natalia.

Congratulations to our God Guitar!

marykarmen said...

goooooood job guys...i'm wait may for hear the new album...excellent...kick job...JOEY,JOHN,JOHN,IAN,MIC...THANKS FOR THE MUSIC..THANKS FOR FEELING...THANKS FOR THE BLOG...THANKS FOR ALL...

JEM said...

whoooooo .... thank you so much for sharing with us the thoughts and events along the way. It is hugely exciting to know the new album is on its way and in a matter of months we'll be in the zone with you guys. I love the whole tension of waiting for the new CD to come ... thanks again for always being there. Jem xxx

classicalmusic said...

Bonjour chers amis. Thank you to have allowed us to see all these things. And thanks for your positive energy. You speak about wings; it's true. With your music, every boring duty can become a nice moment... And it's not devaluing your band to say that. When I drive or clean house, I listen to your songs, sometimes singing myself at the top of my voice with Mr Joey Tempest (well, only if I am alone, because to be honest,I don't know any person nasty enough to deserve such a torture - and I'am not speaking of Tempest's performance of course!).
Naturally, it happens also that I listen to your songs in a more concentrated way. And now, by a strange way, I realize I am nearly thinking of you like real friends. Unknown friends actually...
I like your DVDs too, especially start from the dark. I would like very much other DVDs, because it's difficult for me to go to real concert (I'm a bit claustrophobic). Is there a special system for persons a little ill or handicapped in the organisation of your shows?
Thank you again. As I believe thoughts may be "creative", I send to you all my best wishes of happiness and personal achievement.

加薪貓Rebecca said...

Great! Congratulations!
I was excited! I can not wait!
I hope soon be able to have the new album!

Thank you open Blog with fans sharing, great job, I think very interesting!
Tour 2010! Oh! Please come to Taiwan again!
I love Europe! Become your fans, I am very proud!
Thank you for your music,
Supporting Europe Forever! Love you!

Take care.
Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

It was great to get a sneak peak into the whole proces of recording.
Hope it will be the succes you're aiming for. Judging by the bits that have been posted up here it most certainly should be!
Looking forward to the album and the upcomming tour!!

Tiffany Chen said...

It is a very strange feeling that, this blog may not going to keep updating anymore...... this blog make all the Europe fans so close to their heroes...... Well, but that also means the new album will be out very soon. Just like all other fans, I can not wait for it to be released.

As you have fans all around the world, I am hoping to go to your concert too. If it's not in TAIWAN. I will fly to Japan or traveling with you guys all over Asia:):):)

Martina said...

Thank you so much, guys. It's been great to have the possibilty of seeing how things have been going. Now I'm wishing you the best of luck and I am looking forward to the new album and to you playing the new songs live! Hugs

Franca said...

Guys, I'm so proud of you! You've been incredible, day after day, so near to us with this fantastic blog! Thanks again for everything,
I've been watching your videos so many time.... congratulation Europe, you've been fantastic! I can't look forward to listen to your new album and to see you again on tour! I love you guys! All the best

/MD said...
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/MD said...

Sounds killer...or should I say like a Motha' fu*ker... :}

lightgale said...

gook luck with the new album! kick asses and see you on tour. looking fwd for the first single release

samantha said...

the album is going to be great can,t wait thank you for keeping the blog open it would be great for it to open during the tour showing us clips from it that would be awesome as i said before keep it up guys

frampala said...

Wow guys you sound really entusiasted about your work!That's great!
I have to say that after sharing all thse posts and videos and studio atmosphere I kind of feel the same way.
I admit I'm going to miss all that,being part of the creating process but I'll have the cd and the tour to look forward too.
I'll keep my eyes open and my fingers crossed for a date in Greece,but anyway the more shows you do the more chances there are to be in one of them.
Best wishes for the new album and
(a bit early) HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN!

breakfree said...

What a nice and easy way this to say thanx for the past 22 1/2 years of enjoying your and almost only your, music. i'm sure you can manage to get throug the next 22 1/2 years to come (and at least 8 more albums!). The first album from that new era is almost ready and...... you're giving us all some hard months waiting to come, since we have tasted some of your new masterpieces. Love the orchestra you wil use for a couple of songs, the sample on wich joey sings and John with his solo is taking over, the song with the lines: 'i'll beginning to feel.."and so on....

Will you guys give us some previews so we can challenge the hard months to come ? Wish you guys all the best.


Fernanda said...

Congratulations guys!!!! I´m gonna miss these moments at the blog...... It was great that you let us be "witness" of this recording process..... You are amazing.....We are truly proud of you, of course!!!!!! Good luck and get some rest before the tour begins..... A MILLION THANKS!!!!! Bye!!!!

here comes the night said...


I've never been more excited about music in my life!!!!! (And beleive me, I'm always excited about music....)

I can't beleive it's done!! Thanks for letting us pester you and watch you guys all the way through- You are my heros! Every single clip is so effin intense! Those guitar solos make me pick up my gutiar for hours... the keyboards make me dig out the old keyboard from under my bed... and the vocals! Well... eh... I just watch them over and over and let Joey do all the vocalyness lol...

I'm now seriously considering buying a bass and wishing I could have a drum set... You 5 guys are the most inspiring musicians in the world!

I can't form words to say how excited I am... how thankful I am... how... AHAHAHHAH Its crazy!!

I WILL catch you on this tour.... I WILL BE there...

Until then!

Thank you a million times over...

/Mary Lou

Ida said...

Man! I knew Norum had fast fingers, but Mic! That's some good sh*t you've got there!
Think the album's gonna be great! Thanks guys!

Soraya said...

Dearest Ian, Joey, John L., John N. and Mic,

Thanks you!!

Emotion! Kick-ass! Provoking! Sexy! World upside down! Yahahihaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

See you in summer and next year 2010!


Tomorrow said...

Thank you for your the the present...and in the future...Europe is very special for a lot of people,like me. THANKS AGAIN. EVE

Shazza3uk said...

Thank you guys for the enjoyment of being able to watch and listen to you progressing throught the recording of this album

Its the exciting to know that soon the album will be released.

Thank you for the funny moments.

x x x

Uffe said...

God Damn!!

It sound so f**king good!

This is the album of the year.

You did it!

I will buy ten copies myself!


Mic Macovic said...

Clips you've uploaded have been mind blowing! The curiosity grows as time proceed. The new album will likely give some perspective on music and artistry.

Michele said...

Hej guys! it was nice to be apart of the recording process! Hope to listen to this great work asap now! See you soon!

ravscool said...

Hello guys!

I'm very excited to realize that in about two months I'll be listening to this kick-ass album :)

I'm very proud of being an Europe fan. You are great musicians and you kept us updated while you were recording the album. You make us feel like friends of the band.

Well, it's true, we are friends because we are here for the good and the bad times. Now it's time for us to appreciate your work and we will be suporting you always.

I can't wait to hear the album and to be in Faro city in July at the XXVIII Motard Meeting of the Moto Clube de Faro.

Your first time in Portugal will be a dream come true for us all, portuguese fans. Some were waiting for more than 20 years.

I've started listening your music at the age of 10 in 1995, since 2005 when I discovered you were back I've became a fan because I listened to your whole discography and I was amazed by your work. In 1995 I only had a compilation that was released by a portuguese company exclusively for the portuguese market and it had songs from the 1st to the 4th album.

I wish you all the best for you, may you have success with this album and tour globally in 2010.

/Rodrigo Silva

laurajoey said...

Thanks guys for your blog and your new cd.You are always great....I love you!!!!!!THANKS THANKS

Silvia said...

God, that happened fast! You are in the final stretch of recording and all of us waiting to have this new cd is in your hands will make us long guys, thank you for letting us be part of it, your music means a lot to us , is part of every day, fills our lives with you forever.
Good luck, take care, see you soon .....

Anonymous said...

Congratulations guys !!!

Who better than can you put my world upside down !

Thanks Europe, I love you more and more !

In this summer.

petitoiseau74 said...

I'm so sad tonight, the blog is nearly finished.

But I know that the better moments with you are coming soon with the new CD.

My dear rock band, I wish you a lot of success, love, happiness and everything you want. Keep on ROCKING, you are so amazing and I can't wait for the album.

Take care, kisses from France. <3

Sahiyela Osiceca said...

Hau Guys,
Yes! It's the end of recording. I'm a little sad, I will miss it, not to see your posts of this blog regularly. But I'm so exited about your new album... and, finally able to listen it soon.
We are so proud of you.
Thanks a lot for sharing this blog. In each moment,really we had the feeling to participate in the creation of this wonderful album .
For me, seventies represent many things, I lived those years as you with a lot of music and great music.
Thanks for keeping the blog open.
Thanks again for everything, for always being there.
I'm looking forward to the album and the upcoming tour.I hope see you, not only in Paris but also in the south of France... in Marseille?
I'm wishing you the best

Take care all of you

Joey, Jonta, Mic, Jompa and Ian, vous êtes dans mon coeur pour toujours.

Lots of love from France


Anonymous said...

From the start follow the steps to burn this new cd. I and all other fans in Europe we feel honored to join this blog so cool!
They were wonderful days for us and we are very anxious for the final result!
Keep the blog forever if possible! Is great post comments!
Boys a hug!
This cd is amazing!

RobertoN said...

Wow! Congratulations and thank you for share this beautiful moments with us. I can't wait to have this cd in my hands :-) I hope that as soon everything is mixed, we can find some 30sec samples on your website, like usual. Will b, do there a single preceding the album? Anyway, do you have already decided at what song will be the first single?

Ciao and Rock on! :-)

Aniken said...

Great!I am looking forward to seeing you:-)
Take care.

Aniken said...

To world you may be one person,but to one person you may be the world...
Your Aniken

branka said...

Guys, Im very happy that the album is almost over, but sad cause the blog days are gone....
Can t wait to hear the songs, and thanx for all great moments !!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooooooh.... Already finished... I'm so sad : we'll have to wait such a long time now...
Thx for sharing all that with us, fans, and... see you soon on the roads !

Sylwia said...


lilit said...

I like little that we can hear in this blog. it sounds but that very well.
But what but I like it is to see like disfrutais you.
pardon by my English evil, the truth is that not to be spoken it very well.

Melani said...

Wow, this album is going to be amazing....I'm a little sad because this blog is coming to an end but also very happy because I'll be able to buy yet another fantastic album from my favourite band! Thank you for sharing the creation of this album with us.

Wish you were here (on a tour, in Australia, one day).

Hugs and kisses from Melbourne, from someone who's been your fan since 1986!

olga said...

OMG...I have a strange feeling 'cause we've been in touch with you all these months and now it's over. I think the CD would be the best and I've said to myself "tears won't let you watch the stars"...and if the CD will have wings we must be ready for you to rock everywhere.
Congratulations to the Portuguese fans ,you did it!

Joey,Ian,John,Mic and John you are very important for me. I won't forget this opportunity...I'm so excited, I'm really hooked on your music, it goes straight to my heart and let me forget everything, even the crisis.He,he,he...

Nothing compares to you

See you in Zaragoza



Anka said...

Thanks! then we are waiating for CD in a store and for Europe's tour!!!

Promegasus said...

Este album me parece que va a hacer historia.... lo que esta en el blog se ve genial.

Ya que vienen a Chile, visiten Uruguay!!! (aunque sea Argentina)

Un abrazo desde Uruguay

Agnieszka said...

Hi, guys!
Well done! Congratulations!
I just wanna thank you for all, especially for your amazing music!
I'm looking forward to this new album. And I'm waiting for YOU!:)

By the way: Happy Birthday to John N. :-)

Kisses from Poland!
Europe forEver!!!!!!!!!!!

EffeTiBi said...

I just wanna say "THANK YOU SO MUCH" for letting us take a sneak preview of the whole process of recording what, I think, will be a masterpiece of an album!
Now we can't really wait for May, and to have you back on tour: you are really the best, and the world is a better place because of you and your wonderful music. Proud to be "EUROPEMANIAC" :)

Daniela said...

You have done a great job guys, that's for sure! Thanks for keeping opened the blog, even if it will be updated not so often.
Of course I cannot wait for the new album to come out and for your summer/autumn tour to start!!!
I'll follow you somewhere :)
Thank you so much for your music guys... I'm proud to be a fan of yours :)
All the best!!


Silvia said...

Happy birthday John!!!!!!!
thanks for giving us your music for so many years and hope that many more ... thanks to five friends

rockin' dreamer said...

Gongratulations! Very, very well done. I'm extremely proud of YOU!

Thank you so much for this blog. For sharing the process of recording with us, allowing us a glimpse on it.
It makes me feel so close to you. I'll miss the updates.

I'm sure this album will be a killer and that it'll kick ass!
Can hardly wait for it.
Your music always makes me feel better so, thanks again.

Looking forward to see you on tour to rock my world upside down!!

All the best!

Simoontje said...

WOW!!! This makes my flesh creep...

It's ok if there is no more new news from you... I'll wait for the album comes out! Untill then I watch the parts off the new songs from this blog :)

...If history repeats... this is your 3rd album...

Stefania said...

The deepest thanks to all of you guys for the amazing previews, the clips, your words, your thoughts...

You have created a special link to the fans through this blog... it's a pity that from now on it won't be used as often as in the past months... yes, I know, there is the official site and the official forum, but on here it was different, because it's just you, your world and the fans, with no intermediaries...

This must really be a killer album! So proud to be a EUROPE fan!!!! See you somewhere on the road!

A special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mr. Norum, our guitar hero!


ALUAP said...

I'm so excited to listem this new work on stage. Thanks for sharing this blog with us, and make us part of it, it make us all so close to you. It was great to have the possibility of seeing how things are made. It will be hard days until the album is out, because we have tasted it. I'm gonna miss these moments at the blog. I've watched th videos over and over.
Love you

Arina said...

Hi guys!

Thanks so much for sharing all the stuff on your blogspot!
Hope to see you guys very soon at one the concerts to hear all the new stuff live!!!

Grtz & hugs

KRYS said...

Hello Guys !
What can I say !
All the posts before mine do said all my feelings
Just wait and see !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do hope to cross your way sooner
Love U all guys
Thank for your kindness and patience with us


Anke said...

Hey guys!
Woooow..... how hard is it to wait till May with this news! Too hard.... ;) But thanks for all the filmclips; it'll make it a little easier with something to watch and listen to. Just a little though... ;)
Thanks for all this, it is great to hear you're so proud of this album. I'm sure we will be too, as soon as we have it. What am I saying...? I am now already: proud to be a fan of such an amazing band, who keeps in touch with their fans the way you do.

Thanks a lot!
Hope to see you soon....

Big hugs, Anke

magnus said...

Europe takes over the world! Hurry up and release the album so I can buy it! Hope to see you somewere near me here in Dalarna

Europe the Best band- blog said...

Hi Guys!
Thanks for the great music , and be
with the fans by the end of the world ,and one day more.

Happy birthday to you,
may all your dreams come true !
On your special day I wish you:
For the only tears appearing in your eyes
To be crystal tears of joy
So that an ecstatic smile on your face
Would never be covered with gloomy clouds
For rose petals to set out the journey towards your destiny
And for prosperity, health, joy, and love to be the destination of all your days.
I wish you a wonderful life
filled with love and happiness.
Where all your dreams come true
And when this day cames to an end
The memories will stay
For they will fill your heart with joy
In every kind of way.

John Have a Wonderful Day!

I invite to my site ,and read all wishes!


Tempestgirl1970 said...

FANTASTIC ... is great!!! Congratulations guys!

Thanks so much , Joey, Mic, Leven, Norum and Ian ... a love you VERY VERY MUCH ...

See you in Faro (Portugal)

loredana said...

THANKS A LOT MY FRIENDS! Thanks for giving us the way to follow your creation step by step and overall thanks for your great music!! Waiting to hear this masterpiece on my stereo and to see you asap on stage in my country (Italy). Kisses from Roma.

Anitacska said...

Wow, fantastic! Really looking forward to hearing all the songs and seeing you soon at a venue nearby (hint hint, come to London!!!). ;)

dave said...

JOEY!! YOu sing soooooooooooooo wellllll!!!


Will there be a dvd or something with this recording session + mixing and mastering ?


Stefanie said...

Guys this blog has been fantastic, and I want to thank you again so much for all that you have shared with us.

Congrats on finishing up the recording part of it. I hope the rest goes smoothly, and I look forward to hearing this album real soon!

Hope to see you in Texas as well!

Much Love...


Diana NJ said...

Hi Guys,
I'm so happy for you that you finished your album. I can understand the weird feeling of not being there anymore. But I wish you the best of luck and I really hope the USA is on the list of "infinite" places to tour. The teasers you have been posting has got all of us excited about the new album. You are the best band ever and we'll be plugging for you over here across the pond :)
Love and hugs from the USA

stormwind1982 said...

I just want to thank you guys for your amazing music and this wonderful blog! I am looking forward for the album and will recommend it to all my friends! Keep on rocking and please don't always forget luxembourg! See you on tour!

Karen b said...

The end, well... How can one know what to say; how to thank you guys.
This has been such a beautiful experience, reiterating what so many have already said so eloquently... Thank you Joey and friends….
The tale of one wonderful band; seeing a recording unfold right before our eyes.
We love you, we feel you; you are with us - always; …bless you… Europe, we look for you closeby…in the States by my home, or elsewhere near... very soon……don’t ever be strangers, please…love, Karen B \

Anka said...

A major touring in 2010!!! We are waiting for BAND!

rucamiau said...

This is fantastic !!
the album it's almost ready
i'm hoping it will be the success you're aiming for, but i'm sure it will be the best album ever.
I'm very proud of you

Promegasus said...

No puedo esperar a escuchar ese album!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maximiliano Ayax said...

Hey guys

Simply amazing... can´t wait to have my copy in my very hands.

It seems that "MIM"(?)... is going to be "ONE OF THOSE ALBUMS"...

...count on it.

Cheers and well done!


Maple Leaf said...

Guys, congratulations from the bottom of my heart! I sincerelly hope and have the feeling that this album, (as I previously said in a post days ago) is going to be THE REVIVAL! The one that brings you in the spotlight again, a place that in my opinion, as well as in all your fans, you never left behind. I'll be looking forward to your tour, and I can only wish that it would be a WORLD TOUR. I'll be waiting for you on the northern side of the Niagara, the country of the Huron and Iroquis, that proudly bears the maple leaf on its flag.
Take care and God bless you all, wherever you are!
Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf said...

Guys, congratulations from the bottom of my heart! I sincerelly hope and have the feeling that this album, (as I previously said in a post days ago) is going to be THE REVIVAL! The one that brings you in the spotlight again, a place that in my opinion, as well as in all your fans, you never left behind. I'll be looking forward to your tour, and I can only wish that it would be a WORLD TOUR. I'll be waiting for you on the northern side of the Niagara, the country of the Huron and Iroquis, that proudly bears the maple leaf on its flag.
Take care and God bless you all, wherever you are!
Maple Leaf

Mari said...

THANK YOU!!!! for this new cd and for your love and consideration to your fans.
I'll miss this blog :( But by the other hand that mean you'll be on tour very soon, see you on the road ;)

Love you guys, take care!!


ed said...

Congratulation!!!!!!Good luck!!!!!!!
Expectation your cd in Brazil ok?
KISS !!!!!!!

Greg said...

It's been a gas. Thanks for the look into the process of making your art, something of your own. How personal it is. Soon it will be out in the world, as you all will be shortly, far from the comfort of a cold Swedish winter! All the best with what's left to do...and see you sometime next year in California or New York City. Greg

Aishah Bowron said...

I enjoy reading the up-to-date news on what you are doing. Keep it up and I'm looking forwards to hearing the new album. I'm also proud to be a Europe fan and enjoy watching your DVDs and listening to your CDs. You all put on brilliant performances

Ramona said...

You gave me the best birthday present ever.So good news you've posted on 21.02.Thank you.I hope i'll see you in Romania this year.I love EUROPE with all my heart and soul.
Bye guys.

Deni said...

Hi, guys! So ... this is the end of the blog, the posting great videos and staff...It's been a great feeling looking and listening to all the great staff you posted for us, I can't express how thankful I am for your devotion to us, the fans,you've been great! Thank you for this whole journey through the recording proses!
Well, I guess this is not exactly the end, actually it's just the beginning! The beginning of a great album release and a tour! I hope, from my heart, that you will come to Bulgaria again someday!
Can't express how much I love you, Joey, John N, Mic, Ian and John L!
Love/ Deni, Bulgaria

christel said...

quelle nouvelle formidable ....
vivement votre retour en france ou helas vous ne venez pas assez a mom gout ....j espere qu il y auras quelque date a paris.
kiss john leven john norum mic ian et joey.

duke said...

wow!!cant wait for the album, and mostly the tour.

just a thought how about a tour to MALAYSIA guys, i hope you are reading this.its been long since any bands have come here and it would be great if europe can get down here and rock KL!!plus we are longing or a day when we actually can see the great europe live!!

plzz read this!!!let final the countdown to a new tour begin!!!

Mohd said...

new album
new album
new album!!!!

mariano said...

Come to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Please!!!

ashlynne said...

Anything would be better than the last album... i think i liked 2 songs on it oops

Brian said...

Congrats on your new cd Europe.

Have a feeling that this my even top Wings...........(if that is possible.)

María C. said...

Congrats :-)

It is true that you're coming to play in Chile this year?

Please say yes!!!

POMBO said...

Olá, sou Portuguesa e não sei escrever em Inglês, mas não deixo de espressar o que sinto. Muito obrigado por esta oprotunidade,de podermos estar tão bem imformados, do que estão a fazer,é muito bom, acho que estão cada vez melhores e que continuem. São todos uns profisionais são lindos. Agurdamos anciosos em Portugal este verão e que seja a primeira de muitas.I love EUROPE special you Joey.......
Daqui dos Açores Portugal
Nelia Martins

vonnyloveseurope said...

Thanks a lot for coming to Chile. I'm very excited and I wish to be as close as possible from you in the concert on April 25th. I'll sing all the songs and if you pay attention, you'll see a crazy woman trying to catch your hand or the stage, please, be patient, it's just me, your number 1 fan in Chile. I love you, and thanx again.

Clair-2009 said...

Have a great springtime and come back soon!!! :)

ALUAP said...

LLAT - LAST LOOK AT EDEN - Now we already know the album name

Lazarillo en América said...

Looking forward to hearing the new album!!!!

nAcho said...

Guys, you're on the list of performers for a festival here in Uruguay>

Is this confirmed??? Thanks.

ed said...

Hi guys!Congratulations by new album.The air feels warm!!!!Kisses.

Simone_db said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Simone_db said...

Hello guys!!!

I'm from Brazil!

Kisses, Kisses, Kisses...

I love youuuuuu (Europe)...special Joey Tempest!

I waiting for New Album!

Simone \0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/

Simone_db said...

Where are you dear???????????
I miss you!!!!!!

Love the music in you.
I am anxiously awaiting the new work of you. I hope you are well! I love you ... you are wonderful. And you Joey, I love you too!
Good that you exist. God bless you ... Happiness and success in this new cd that is to come!
When you come to Brazil, is my dream to see them here and attended a concert of you?
A big kiss in the heart of you!!!

Simone \0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/

Simone_db said...


Simone \0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/

Simone16 said...

I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simone \0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/\0/

Anonymous said...

So I read the release is planned for fall...
was hoping for a spring release...

Simone16 said...

Hello dear ... Happy Easter to you and the whole family!I love you so much... kissessss in the heart of you!!!