Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Hope you guys have a relaxing time over the holidays.
Thanks for this year.
See you soon!
/ Europe


Tomorrow said...

Merry Christmas Europe,

Thanks to you for giving us greats songs, the future is yours and we will be sharing your successes...

MT and TM said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, dear Joey, John N., John L., Mic and Ian!

So great to have the possibility to write this to you at all! We remember about 20 years ago: At that time we only could send our wishes by thinking of you, knowing of course that they would never reach you indeed...

So now we won't miss to wish you and your families happiness, sound health and all the best for 2010! May all your wishes come true...

Lots of love
MT and TM

delfinareale said...

Merry Christmas and a good rest at all and see you January 28th at your concert in Rome and hope to have the possibbilità to get me autographs and photos with you and give you something.
Again Merry Christmas and a very good 2010. Kiss Raffaella
P.S. I blog here and called Europe, if you go here in this site are all the photos that I have done and there are even I if I want to see. And give a kiss to the little James, Joey, Jake TE John Norum the small and very nice, John Leven te to t uoi 3 children Alex, Daniel and Adrian (I think), Ian also you to your 3 children Simon, Jannie and Line (I think) and you Mic to your 3 children Marcus, Moa, Matilda (I think). If you want you can find me on Facebook as well Raffaella Podesta.

Stein-Vidar said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, guys! :)

Best of luck for the upcoming gigs in Sweden and the tour next year!

ravscool said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year guys

I wish you all the best for the LLAE tour and I'll see you in Barcelona :)

Take care
/Rodrigo Silva

Soraya said...

You too!!
We're meeting on January 23th!

All my best wishes,


JennyTempest said...

God Jul och ett Gott Nytt År, Europe! :)

(I'll have a happy new year, because i'll see you twice in February! Whooooooooo!!!!)

Deni said...

Guys, I wish you and your families from my heart:
A year, filled with smiles
a year filled with joy and happiness,
all the love you can carry,
all your dreams and goals coming true,
all the success you deserve,
health and luck through each of your days…
I wish you a Merry Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

Love always, Deni

Roberta Right said...

Hej guys, have you forgotten about this twitter-thing completely? I bet you´re spammed with messages by now :-P

And please let me wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR, as well. Rock on!


CandyT said...

I hope you have a very nice Christmas and a best New Year with your relatives and I hope you will play in Argentina next year. It´s our wish =)

Sylwia said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Rositsa said...

Best regards from Bulgaria!

Rositsa said...

Best regards from Bulgaria!

kazumirules said...

Merry Christmas and happy new year , guys !

See you in March in Tokyo !

Love ya

Jarka said...

I wish you a successful continuation of the tour in the new year favors fans around the world.

I look forward to concerts in the Czech Republic, mainly in Zlin, in the county fire water - plum brandy alias slivovitz.

Hi, in February. Jarka

Silvia said...

I hope Santa was very good with you friends, Happy Holidays. Cheers.

delfinareale said...

happy birthday joey and famili see you in Rome

delfinareale said...
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dina said...

All the best for 2010 and LLAE tour !!!!
See yoy guys in Praga.

frampala said...

Happy holidays to you and your families!
Good luck for your shows in Sweden
and of course my best wishes for the new year.
Thank you for filling this year with beautiful music.Hope to see you on stage soon.

Pattie.Tempest said...

Happy holidays to you my heroes!
and thanks for coming to Chile in April. My dream came true that day. I hope to see you again the next year. I love you!!!

LindaB said...

Any comments on the gig in Gothenburg, Dec 28?

LindaB said...

Någon kommentar på Göteborgsspelningen den 26 december? (Any comment on the gig in Gothenburg, Dec 26?)

Val said...

Hope you had a great xmas,Gott nytt år guys and see you soon on stage!Bear hugs and million kisses.XXX.

vonnyloveseurope said...

I wish you all had a good family time...and some special presents, too. I send my unconditional support and the best wishes for this New Year.
From Chile, with love.

forever said...

Hello Guys!
I wish you a merry Xmas and a happy new year!
Thanks for all fun you give us!!!
Have nice holidays with your family and maybe a lots of gift!!!
Love you

POMBO said...

Merry Christmas and happy new year , guys.
I love yours songs,Joey, John N., John L., Mic and Ian ,
all the best for 2010, for everyone, Portugal.

Polya said...

sesMerry Christmas and a Blessing Filled 2010!
Best wishes for the whole success in the world guys!!!!!!!
See you all in Oxford!

Tomorrow said...

I have seen again the video of the New Year's Eve of 2000 singing in Stockholm " The Final Countdown " with very much cold, kee and John Norum together in the stage... it´s incredible! I love this video...

See you in Madrid...

SaraLotta said...

TACK för Lisebergshallen. Helt underbart. The beast är bara helt bäst :-D. Å tack Levén för att jag fick prata lite med dig efter på Heaven23. Hoppas du hade en trevlig kväll(natt).

delfinareale said...

We do so many New Year's greetings to you and family. See you January 28 in Rome.

Vi gör så många Nyårs hälsningar till dig och familjen. Vi ses 28 januari i Rom.