Wednesday, 27 January 2010

// ZÜRICH 2010 //


CandyT said...

Rock Rock Rock Rock the Night guuoo guuoo . . . =)


Val said...

Rock the Night Switzerland!

marykarmen said...

europe rocks the world!!!congratulations boys!!!

Karin said...

Hy guys, amazing how you perform day after day through whole Europe... It must be very hard, but worth while!!
I'm going to celebrate my birthday now and hope you'll enjoy your day off!
Greetings from Beerse, Belgium.


Corinna said...

What a great concert in Zürich.
It was faaantaaastiiic!


joeylove53 said...

hello les vikings!
c'était un MEGA FANTASTIC Show!
you are the best!
i love you! Kiss!
Claire (from Switzerland)

tommy said...

Great Zurich Show. Thank You!

MT and TM said...

Days filled with joy and days filled with sorrow
I don't know just what to do
Am I happy today, am I lonely tomorrow
Everything depends on you...

A sad day for TM:

So near and yet so far... Yes, I knew before, that I wouldn't be able to come to see you at the Volkshaus in Zürich (for health reasons). Unfortunately I couldn't help it! So I had to get through that day somehow... Very tough!!! :-(

But a very happy day for MT:

Wow, I was in the front row! And you, Joey, came down to us. I was one of the lucky fans who could give your hand a squeeze - then you even held my arm (and I held yours) to climb up to the people behind us (like in the video from Milano). Unbelievable, what a great feeling for about 30 seconds!!! Sigh...

Your show was just awesome! You all seemed to be up to scratch and to take delight in performing. About 2 hours of pure rock energy! But everybody knows what it means, when you start to play "The Final Countdown". So sad, I didn't want to let you go... You have to come back to Switzerland soon, please!!!

We love you!
MT and TM

Alexandra said...

You did really rock the Night at Zürich! I would say one of your best concerts ever!

*LLAE är toppen! - kul att ni finns! - återkom snart!*

I'm still dreaming of this fantastic Monday night!keep on rockin'!

puss och kram,

marbyz said...

come back soon to CHILE.....i lOVE EUROPE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow said...

Congratulation for the success in all the concerts of your tour...
I read in the blog the sensations of the people and in all the cities it is the same ... " you give us great energy "
I saw you in my city Madrid 22/01 and I still remember the good feelings that I felt that night...

Thank you Europe