Saturday, 3 April 2010


We've been welcomed back with open arms!.....pretty amazing since we haven't been here in 20 years......

It all got a bit out of hand at the second show in Taipei when all of a sudden Joey decided to run out in the crowd. At one stage it looked like he would not make it back to the stage. With the help of Europe's and the promotors security staff the show could continue.....


Mami said...

Hi guys!
You seem to be enjoying the tour also in Taiwan.
I remember your great performance in Japan. I miss you so much.
Please come back to Japan again some time. I'll wait for you.

Joey,the Nagoya's slang that you spoke was perfect!
It made Nagoya people laugh very much.
Good job!

Lisa said...

It seems like the 2nd concert in Taipei was much wilder than the night before... Too bad that I only went to the 1st one....

Tonight, you will be performing the last concert in Kaohsiung before you leave Taiwan. I wish you the best of luck and a successful performance!!!

Love you!!

your most faithful fan in Taiwan,

BigDai said...

HI Europe,
The last time you came to Taiwan I am not even born! But I love you guys so much after the first time I heard your songs. I went to the second night in Taipei and it's awasome!!! It's so fantastic to have your concert as my first concert in my life! (well it's a bit disappointed that I was so close to hold Joey's hand when he went off the stage)

Taiwan always welcome you guys, hope I can see you again!


Karenwen said...

Seeing Europe performing live in concert was a dream come true when I was 13 years old back in 1989!Now I am a mom of a 3 yr-old girl and it's even more fantastic having seen you back to Taipei, stronger and better than ever!! Thank you all for bringing the old time back, and, more meaningfully and inspiringly, producing the wonderful songs in the new album! Please remember us the fans in Taipei ~~and KEEP ON WALKING THAT ROAD, AND WE WILL FOLLOW!!

MT and TM said...

Joey, you live very dangerous - we wish we would have been there to safe you... ;-)

Good luck for the upcoming shows!

Take care
MT and TM

PS. We were amazed at the comments above and really touched...

Deni said...

Oh, good God, the love of the fans is without limits!
Glad to hear that you are safe and sound, Joey! Even though that the croud is pushing so hard, you're still smiling!
Good that you had a great time and hope I'll see ya in Bulgaria some day.
I hug you all, Deni

Hermana said...

Hi Europe!
I had my first Europe concert at the age of 13, went to the second at 15, and at both I was far away from the stage and pushed around in the crowd.
This time I finally got to see and hear you clearly at the two shows. I was totally overwhelmed and the feeling just don't go away! Thank you for having come back to show us that you didn't forget about us and the good times we all rocked together!
Yes, the beast is still so alive!!

Val said...

Joey,you seem to have suicidal tendencies,lol!Wild one!

AnnChin said...

i was there..
Joey couldn't get back to stage because we all want to keep him stay with us forever...
we've been waitting for you guys for 20 years. pls come back soon, we can't stand to wait for another 20 years.
love you guys. :)

marykarmen said...

hi guys congratulations for excelents shows!!

LuciaMa said...

Found this report of the first concert in Taipei from a local press. One minute of live performance with subtitle in chinese.
BTW, I saw myself in the photo down below, one in white with both hands in the air which happened to block over my face. Haha!!


Cynthia said...

That's a fascinating show!!! It's so great to hear many classical and new songs, and a lovely children song. :) I won't forget the memory.
Btw,there are still so many Europe fans in Taiwan. Pls do come back soon and don't let us wait for another 20 years once again.

Keep on walking that road and I will follow.


Anka said...

What a pleasant and dangerous situation. Joey! In February when you ran out in the crowd at the show in Presov I gave my hand under your left armpit. Very sorry :-D

Kuo said...

Dearest John (Leven),

So sad you didn't play your solo a little bit loger in the concert. I love your performance so much. Remember you promised to come back to Taiwan soon. We'll be waiting (for your solo~~~)!!

BTW it's so cool to finally shake your hand last night in Taichung before you step onto the bus. Love you 4ever!!

ps. Ian, my brother wants me to tell you that he adores your talent for years; you're the best drummer in the world and you're his favorite artist! And It's his honor to have a picture with you after the show!! I love you too! Do come back asap, please!!!!

Giles said...

Nice show! You are the best band. Thanks for give us the fantastic show in Taipei.
I was there beside you.
Joey~~How lucky Iam ..I can hold your hand!!And thanks for your "two tigers.." "little stars"..the special song for Taiwan's fans.
It's the time to crazy the night..
I was so touching when all of us "jump" with your music..
Hope can see you soon...
In my time, I got go love you forever...

fay21th said...

Yeah,I was there!
It was a crazy night!(screaming)

Tomorrow said...

This message is for managers, promotors, technical team, security staff, the rest to the band, family and friends of Joey:

"Please, do not let him do that again!"

Worried follower

Chang said...

Lucky me! I was there that night and held Joey's hand :)!! We were all stunned when Joey jumped into the crowd. It's totally crazy and wild. I love the way you devoted yourselves throughout the show. It's like time rewind back to my teenage and my dream came true when you appear at the stage. That night, I decided to buy another ticket to Kaohsiung. However, it's not that crazy because some people sit on their chairs at the second floor(which is totally confusing)and I was even asked to sit down(?!)at the first song. Your music is impossible for me to hold myself back at seat. I stood at the aisle and rock all night. I suppose most of the gigs like me. Please don't mind and DO COME BACK to Taiwan SOON.

PS. We will urge to find a proper place for your next return.

Always be there for you!!!
Your faithful fan in Taipei,

Sindy said...

Joey we didn't know you'ere so funny when u started to sing chinese two little tigers/Dylan's how many roads...anyway, we are really touched and amused. And the whole band is just awesome. Listening to you takes us back to our high school years. Thanks again!

加薪貓Rebecca said...

At that time I was there!
Europe makes us crazy! They shake our hearts!
Europe is a great band!
Came to Taiwan again, rock our world!
Don't let us wait 20 years!
Taiwan's fans love you!

carrie said...

I saw myself there,And how lucky I am.I held Joey's hand for a long time,hahaha.I hope you can come here again soonnnnn.

Gothika said...

Haha!! Bout time Joey went in the Mosh Pit!!!

n1974965 said...

I miss you and I wait for you to Taipei Taiwan

lennieyang said...

Amazing rock night !!!!! \^o^/

But i not there .
I've been Kaohsiung+Taichung / Taiwan ,
Wish you guys come to Taiwan again SOON !!!!!!
We miss you (all) on and on !!!

It's Lennie~ I Love Europe~Since 1988~Forever !!!(f: Tainan/Taiwan)

lennieyang said...

(me again~~)

Joey , are you really like eat (dry)mango !????
That's my hometown's noted product of (玉井)Yuhjiing/Tainan ^ ^

It's Lennie~ I Love Europe~Since 1988~Forever !!!(f: Tainan/Taiwan)

lennieyang said...

( me again~ )

Joey , are you really like eat (dry)mango !????
That's my hometown's noted product of (玉井)Yuhjiing/Tainan ^ ^

Erica Yeh said...

I love Europe more than 20 years,when Joey suddenly go down the stage,everyone are crazy......promise us you'll came back again,Taiwan fans always love you~