Monday, 31 May 2010

// UMEÅ - SUMMER 2010 //


After a short break, The summer festival tour has finally started. Umeå crowd was great! We hadn't been there in many many years. It was cold and late but it turned out a killer gig in the end.

Skidrow was on just before us and we had a chance to see a few songs and meet with 'snake' Sabo briefly. Last time we hooked up was at Milton Keynes in '89.

Ian is now playing on a brand new Ludwig see-through drum kit. It looked and sounded great, Leven has a silver Sanberg bass specially made for him. He was very proud. In a few weeks time we also have new stage screens coming. It's gonna look cool as.....hopefully they'll be ready for the the Stockholm gig with Kiss.

Were still working on the set-list for the summer and hope we can provide a few changes over the next coming months.

Anyway.....We are very exited to be doing our job again. A job you guys so kindly keep us in.

Thanks as always for you support.

See you out there

/ Europe


Anka said...

It's great to hear your info about it. The tour must go on!:-)

Anka said...

I can't believe it - a new Leven's Sandberg bass. I'll look for it on next one tour show in Poland or Sweden. A silver Sandberg bass specially made for John L.It must sound terrific.

simona scorza said...

see you in you so much guys....Simona....

forever said...

Hello Guys!
I hope you don't forget France in your summer tour.
We miss you so much!
John,congratulation for your album,i like it.
love xxxx
a French fan

heathcliffe said...

Hi Guys,have a great summer and come back to Manchester soon!
Keep rocking
Janet uk

Anniqa said...

Thank YOU Europe for making us fans so proud of you! Thank YOU for your music and for a fantastic job on tour! Thank YOU for coming to Umeå and for making more gigs in Norrland later this summer. The Ume gig was totally amazing, you kicked ass! Ian's new drum kit looked really cool, and yes Mr Leven looked so proud indeed. What a great evening. THANK YOU EUROPE!

delfinareale said...

I have no words ...

delfinareale said...

You are sensational as usual

frampala said...

Good to have you back on the road guys!Looking forward to the summer ride!
My best wishes for many powerful and crowded shows!

Tomorrow said...

We come back again !
and thank you to you for your amazing music..
Good show in Umea… I've seen some images in the forum…
Improvements for Ian and John Leven, really fine.
Joey, Do you have any images from your phone? Ok, maybe next time.

Pattie.Tempest said...

Hi Europe!!!
I'm so happy with all that happen to you.
You are great, I listen your music everyday.
Greetings from Chile!!
Keep on rocking!

CandyT said...

thank you guys for sharing with us their experiences and congratulation to Ian and John for the new toys

I hope you have a great summer tour and ending in South America


Ela2 said...


I wish you for your summer festival tour good luck, have a nice time.Sorry for my bad English.

Ich schwärme immer noch vom 13. November in Bochum.Es war so cool Euch live zusehen und dann auch noch persöhnlich zutreffen.Ich hoffe das Ihr bald wieder nach Deutschland kommt und ich Euch noch mal persöhnlich gegenüber stehen kann und dann werde ich bestimmt nicht wieder so still sein *schäm*.

Ich liebe Euch.

Gruß Ela

BJ said...

Good luck with the remaining part of your tour. Love you all and you guys are MY HEROS!!!! Your song Hero discribes you guys to me. Just wanted to let you all know. Take care and be safe. Love you always!!

Giorgia said...

I think it's going to be a great summer for you! You are great and you deserve the success that you're having. I wish I could come to one of these summer shows!!! I miss your concerts!! Unfortunately I can't afford it...Good luck guys and have a wonderful time! ;)


Kelly said...

Hi guys, why don't you add an item on the website showing/documenting the gears/rigs you work on? I read Japanese magazine Young Guitar and it introduces John N's live rigs. Definitely it'll be very interested to know how Ian set his drum kits, especially his newly endoring Ludwig brand, as well as John L./John N rigs.

MT and TM said...


It's great to have you on the blog again, because we missed you already! We're looking forward to reading more of your news...

Keep on posting and good luck for the summer festival tour!

MT and TM

BJ said...

Good luck with the remaining part of your tour. You guys are my Heros.

Erica Yeh said...

Wish I was there~
How about have a concert in Taiwan again?