Friday, 18 November 2011


Hello again friends!

Our film festival seams to be a popular event!! It's great to keep you guys guessing what's been going on in the studio.

Tonight we have a clip featuring Norum doing a fabulous solo "take" on one of our favorite songs.

And Ian putting a cowbell on a track, with obvious references to the saturday Night Live comedy sketch with Christopher Walken.


Until next friday.......

/ Europe


giovanna75 said...

wow this week videos are even better than last friday!!! i love the solo and Ian, simply GREAT!!!!

ravscool said...

Hi guys :)

Great so see some more new clips from the studio recording sessions in October. I hope you also filme some footage next month when you'll add some more pieces and bits to some songs.

11 songs is the final number of songs of you'll record extra songs also?

We're eager to more footage and details like if you have a name for the album in mind, even it it's a temporary one :)

It would be nice if you could share someday the leftover track from Last Look At Eden that you had recorded but wasn't on the final album. I remember that you have stated it might would be released on your MP3 store Klicktrack but it never saw the light of day for us fans unfortunately.

I hope to see you live again sometime soon here in Portugal preferably ;)

Keep on rockin' and singin' the blues ;) \m/

Take care
/Rodrigo Silva from Portugal

Jarka said...

It's so exciting to see and hear how the new album is born. I'm glad you make possible us to look on this wonder.

marykarmen said...

fantastic!!!!thanks to share a faboulous videos!!!,,i want hear the new album!!!hughs from argentina!!!!!

Michaela Italy said...

Now we finally know the reason why John N. was resting in the video last week! GREAT guitar solo!
Of course this TGIF Film Festival is a popular event guys, how could you ever think of anything different !?!!
This is worthwhile to work all week long, and I really don't know about this Christopher Walken, but I trust Ian and all his (more) cowbells ever ;-)
Thank you to keep us in the process!

JimmyZ said...

The clip with Ian´s cowbell has a slight touch of Bad Blood.

Helena Domingues said...

Now I have one more reason to love fridays :)
I'm increasingly in love with you Europe ahah

Love you guys and simply: Thank you so much for being like you are!

Giorgia said...

Great..thank you guys for putting every friday some videos...It's just a nice gift! ;)

andrea10 said...

Hey boys... hugs from argentina!!!! ole ole ole ole EUROPE EUROPE!!!!!

Pilar said...

I like it. This videos are great. Waiting to next friday to see more. Hasta pronto.

Raquel Peixoto said...

Hi Ian!
I was thinking to myself...
How will be the drums solo next year? Can you show seconds of it? :p

Norumaniac said...

Amazing guitar playing there Mr Norum! You are THE greatest guitar player out there! Thanks guys for sharing these videos with us Europe fans! See you out there on the road next year! ;)

SebaE said...

Thanx for the vids! Still keeping my fingers crossed to see Norum do some more shredding alongside his seemingly preferred blues-jam soloing. A little bit of shredding won't hurt what I'm sure it'll be a kick-ass record.

Tomorrow said...

Amazing John Norum ... He is so authentic and always gives us magic when playing guitar ... and Ian, he is the best, his good vibe...! Thanks for sharing the videos / Until next friday (I can't wait ...)

Lega Fantacalcio Rimini 1995 said...

"More Cowbell" !!! it's amazing!! Blue Oyster Cult is one of my favourite bands and the song "dont fear the reaper" is fantastic... but EUROPE is the best band in the world, Norum+Tempest 's songwriting is like Lennon+McCartney. The best news of my life was the EUROPE REUNION because i missed Norum+Tempest. I liked Norum's and Tempest's solo albums but "together they are strong " :) cheers from Milo (italy waits Europe!!)

frampala said...

Great stuff there!Norum always blows my mind=Ian too,but in different ways!

OzEuropefan said...

Great guitar John! Love it :-) I'm getting super excited about the new album. And a cowbell...very intriguing...can't wait to hear it in action! Take care guys! Until next from Australia

fatimabessa said...

Hy Guys!!

Nice to see you again this Friday!:) Well, I really don't have enough words to say how amazing is John playing, not a guitar but something that it seems to make part of his body!! Just fantastic! Ian, always in a good mood! Thank God for that!!:))
Oh! And Joey, thank's for the good work recording this "pearls"!:)
Love and Kisses for all of you, my Dear Friends. And don't forget: Just be Europe!!
See you next week!
Your always Fátima, from Porto, Portugal.

Melani said...

Hi guys, I really appreciate all your videos so far. It's so good to see you recording again!! Sounds awesome, too.
Hugs & kisses from Melbourne,