Friday, 9 March 2012


Recording DRINK AND A SMILE at the very last minute!!! We wanted one more track on the record. It turned out great.... a tight, but lose stomper with a 70s swagger.......check it out on the record!!!

Ian letting go at a recent photo session! The question is... Can he dance or not? You decide!


marykarmen said...

yes!!!!!,,,ready to rock boys???the first single 'not suppossed to sing the blues' is incredible,,hughs from argentina!!

Anka said...

Yes, IAN can dance and certainly he can do magic :D :D
It so nice to see JOHN L with acoustic guitar :)

Valerie said... it a real track on the album the sounds I heard?! It could be the love of my life....I adore it!!!! XXX

Helena Domingues said...

Forget it Ian! You don't scare anyone :)

frampala said...

Ιan is an incredible dancer,with his own unique style!
The first single is great but it also made me want more!Little samples are no longer enough!I just can't wait for the whole album!

Claudia Tempest said...

Ian,you can dance all you want because you are very nice.. =D =D I have really wanted listen BAG OF BONES... I love EUROPE ... Hugs from Chile :)