Friday, 20 April 2012


Well well well!

Today we find ourselves just a few short days away from the European release of 'Bag of Bones". From start to finish, it has been a monumental journey for us, and we are humbled and honoured that you've chosen to come along with us for the ride. Now we'll be taking this music machine out on the road, so this will be the last of our studio videos for a while.

It has also been very entertaining and interesting spending time with you guys on our forum. Even though all of us in the band have decided that it is time to extend our reach and focus our efforts into our social media communities, you should know that you have been - and always will be - truly important to us. So keep up the good work spreading the word for the band. We are very proud of you, our Europe fans, wherever you are in the world.

Today's movie was taken the day we wrapped recording of the album with Kevin... all of us enjoying a Drink and a Smile!

We hope you find something that moves you in our 'Bag of Bones'.
Stay tuned for more blog updates from the summer festivals and tours.

See you out there,



Anka said...

...EUROPEs album ”Bag of Bones” har sålt platina !!!!...I hope that it will !!! :-) Thanks for all video from the studio and see YA on the tour - Poland is the first on the tour. Take care GUYS. We are ready to rock! :-)

marykarmen said...


Jarka said...

Can't be better end of job on B O B than this. Thank you for whole TGIF Film Fest. It was the fun and enjoyable to look to you at work. Next week I'm looking forward to my copy and then see you on the tour.

delfinareale said...

Thanks to you guys that we have chosen to share the work you have done, and you are more than confident that we will pass the word as Italian fans because you are always the greatest.
Raffaella (Rome, "Italy")

delfinareale said...

i see you on tour soon hope you come to Rome or Italy.
Raffaella Rome Italy

frampala said...

Guys,your music doesn't just move me,it always makes me ride the highest wave.I 'm pretty sure Bag Of Bones will do the same.
Thanks for the fun Friday moments!

Helena Domingues said...

Cheers guys!! Thanks for all the videos you made for us, you're the best "Rock Friends" ;)
John Norum, I'll kill you too if you don't come to Portugal this year :p
Take care, BIG kiss for all you! <3

Pilar said...

Thanks to you, and see you. Kisses.

ravscool said...

Hello guys :)

I'm very eager to listen the full album :)

I hope you come to play in Portugal again some time soon ;)

Have a nice drink and keep on smiling and rockin' this you like only you can.

Rock the World \m/

Best wishes
Rodrigo Silva

Claudia Tempest said...

Cheers guys !!! I'm happy and sad at the same time... Happy because it will begin the tour of Bag Of Bones, and I hope... PLEASE :) ... see you in Chile, :) .. and I'm sad because there will be more videos on Friday :( But I trust soon to say who come to Chile and I will be immensely happy with the news..:) Please Joey !!!! ;) I love Europe and I wish you all the best in this new tour...Take care and God bless you. Hugs and Kisses ;)

fatimabessa said...

Hy Guys!
It´s been a while since last time I wrote here in your blog. But, like I've told you before you all are always in my heart and in my mind. Thank YOU for sharing your moments. Thank YOU for giving yourselfs to your fans. Thank YOU for being EUROPE, my EUROPE. Everyday I learn more with you. Thank you for that. Like always, I wish you all the best on this new journey. Fabulous concerts,great apearences on media and an excelent, fantastic album that is going to have the visibility that you deserv and desire. And that all of your fans desire for you. I love you all. Love and Kisses from Porto, Portugal. See you soon!!:) Your always, Fátima.

fatimabessa said...

Hi again! Just to say to John Norum that I'm very happy with the great news! Congratulations for your baby! Like we say in portuguese, Muitos Parabéns e Felicidades!! All the best for your lovely family!!

Michaela Italy said...

It's been a fantastic journey to follow you here on the blog during your recording sessions.
The TGIF film fest has been a very kind thought of you.
Thank you and good luck with festivals and BOB tour!
Hey John N., you won't have to kill me, as my signed copy of the album reached me 2 days ago ;)
...and even more, I will be out the crowd, to join the huge applause that you all deserve!