Saturday, 12 May 2012


Greetings from the Hard Rock Cafe in Paris!
This week, we got in after two crazy days in Milano!
We're out and about doing promotion for BAG OF BONES, and the reception we're getting for this new album is overwhelming.

Here's a little treat for you.
Joey & John


Valerie A-M said...

I'm wishing you a HUGE success !
And, (a bit late maybe !) : welcome in France.
I'd like to know if you did only radios and magazines, or some TVs too ?

Michaela Italy said...

A perfect execution here, John and Joey!
There's a lot of exciting stuff on the internet from your latest promotion, thank you to have come to Italy and thank you so much to have had the chance to meet you in Milan!
My dream has come true and as you know, the first time is always unforgettable! I have been really impressed by you both above and beyond all expectations! See you in Switzerland then, for my first Europe gig...of a long long series to come! /Michaela (written with the "h" Joey, yes!)

John Norum French Fans said...

That's so nice that you always take the time to post something for your fans here. I like the new blog very much. There're little treasures in it.

Texas Honky Tonk Man said...

Awesome like always... keep on the road for many many years!!

Carrie Cox said...

Thank you! It's fabulous! Please bring it to U.S.A.

delfinareale said...

Thanks to you guys. Veil deserve all this success even more deserved because you are great and this album is nothing short of beautiful. Good.
Raffaella (by Rome "Italy")

marykarmen said...

fantastic show!!!!

Pilar said...

Pero que acustico más bueniiiiisimo.