Sunday, 28 October 2012

EUROPE Heart of Stone LIVE MODENA (Emilia)


Anitacska said...

Now we're talking! So great to see you're playing some old songs you haven't played over and over in the past 8 years. Looking forward to hearing Heart of Stone or another surprise in London! xxx

kochie said...

Fantastic this song is back!! Keep it in!

It sounds better than ever, Joey's voice as crisp and clear as in the 80s, unbelievable!

See you guys in Stockholm, will travel north to finally see you guys play a home-match!

Rock on.

Giorgia said...

Beautiful song...I've been in Florence and Nonantola! They were great shows....many compliments!!! You are just great...and Joey is the best singer in the world!! Hope to see you soon!!!

Tomorrow said...

This video has great quality and very good lights (great job Q-Ian) presents a majestic band. Another perfect choice "Heart of Stone" ... It's a fantastic song, one of those gems that has the album "The Final Countdown" and unfortunately many people don't know. The band sounds "soooo good" !!!... !Thanks for share it!


What a band !

Valérie Alma-Marie said...

Bonjour EUROPE !
It seems your BOB tour will be the most exciting of all your tours !
So many excellent surprises :
First the song "Bag of Bones", then "Open your Heart", "Dreamer", "Heart of Stone", "Ready or not", and all those new songs, and all this acoustic part with Norum...
It makes me feel so impatient for your shows in France !
I think that at the previous concerts I attended, I was above all impatient to see YOU, Europe. But this time, it's for this so special show...

Stefania said...

That was fabulous... a dive into the past... thank you so much for the wonderful present!!!!!


Giuliana Colognese said...

I follow you since I was 14 years old and now I'm 39!! I grew up with you and I followed everywhere
this time to nonantola you have given me the same excitement that took me all this 25 years!
there can not thank enough ....
and Joey .... it's just the voice.
the most beautiful voice that exist.
thanks guys
giuliana from reggio emilia

Michaela Italy said...

This has been an absolute gift from you EUROPE, particularly for those like me who missed your shows in the early days. In fact I can only watch the videos from the 80’s and Heart of Stone is one of the songs that created your legend!
When Joey announced Heart Of Stone in Nonantola, I had to face a huge dilemma because at the same time my daughter, close to me in the 2nd row, was feeling sick and advised me she couldn’t make it anymore to stay in the crowd… I remember having asked her if she could resist one more song which she did. I stared at Joey and he was pointing at the audience while singing the lines “And day after day, I pray that YOU stay…” – sigh, I had to go!
We left there, reaching the sofas at the side of the stage and my daughter told me “I am so sorry mom, I made you leave our spot for the show…”. But we did what we had to, it’s all right… sometimes what you want is not always what you can do.
Here’s my perspective of the show from the crowd that night…thank you, EUROPE!:

Anonymous said...

49 mterinHello Europe ;-> I have found you. Do you remember me? - It joke.I apologize for my english .I had german in school.In may you were in Poland .We thank for the fantastc concert. I wanted to take the autograph but bodyguard was bigger :-/.. and my husband said;"Let boys after work drink the beer" so maby next time .I wanted to say respect Europe for talent,very good music and texst of songs,hard work. Your music allows to survive me hard time. There was so when I was child and now there is so. It thanks for it that you are. Let's Good of you bless. For seeing Europe ;-> Joanna

SebaE said...

Keep up the great work, guys. It was awesome seeing you again in Argentina. I hope you keep coming back.
Rock on!

Anonymous said...

hello Europe

Hanna Armas Perez said...

Hello guys! My name`s Hanna and I`m 13 years old. I think that Europe is the best band in the world and is my favourite of course! I`m always listening Europe, everyday, all the time. I will be forever fan! I live in Canary Islands (Spain) and I hope of go to the concert of Europe, is my dream!
I don`t now english perfect, but I know all the songs by Europe!!!
I`ve got 10.000 photos of the band in my mobile!
Forever Europe`s fan!

Sorry for my english is wrong.
I hope that you understand me

Bye, bye!! Kisses!!