Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Sometimes in life you are forced into very difficult situations......



Ramona said...

Enjoy the coffee.I wish i could be there to help you.Ha,ha,it was a joke.Have a nice time,guys.I love you.

Ramona said...

Forget to mention it,Joey.You have a wonderful voice.WOW!!

Agnieszka said...

YUM-YUM! (in polish:mniam-mniam!)
Have a nice day!:-) :-) :-)
Kisses 4you.

Jenny said...

As they say...Bra karl reder sig själv..haha

I get this image from Spinal Tap...Just be professional guys and dont let this task affect your performance..hehe

Way to go, maybe a sip of nice whiskey in there would do the trick, its cold! brr
But thats nest lesson, making Irish coffe...haha ;)

petitoiseau74 said...

Fortunately you sing better than you do coffee, ha ha ha!
Have a nice day. Kisses.

JEM said...

That java will be lava with that many spoons of ground in it ... just the way I like it! SKOL!

Sahiyela Osiceca said...

He, He! This is an art of making coffee!
Different countries, different way to make coffee! no!
I hope this coffee is good.
Today, it's snowing at my home in Provence (South of France). This is very rare and a hot cup of good coffee is welcome.

I share it with you



saramadrid said...

Un café solo, por favor.

Anke said...

Hahahaha! Now the questions remains ofcourse.... did it taste alright?? ;)

rockin' dreamer said...


Some machines are complicated indeed.
Counting sometimes can also be, ... but you did very well!
I hope the coffee tasted good!

And Joey, thank you for the lesson "How to make coffee in Sweden"!

frampala said...

Yes really,how was that coffee?
Good to have you back.You really made my day after a not very good day at work.
Friendly tip.Greek coffee is much easier to make.Even I can do it every morning half asleep.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! Hey Mic! That sure was alot of coffee you put in there! You guys are gonna be zingin' all day and all night! Bouncing off the damn walls! Can you play with shaky fingers??

Hope you tell us all how good that brew was!

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Oh...forgot to ask

Hey Mic...Are we gonna get a clip of you playin the grande piano??


*begs and pouts*

Keep it coming guys! It's great to be able to watch this! I'm afriad the good old USA, Ohio in particular is very very DULL right now! You all add some excitement to my otherwise dreary day!

Anonymous said...

Well, not off a good coffee, morning and night is very good! Here in Brazil, even with the very hot days is great!

I loved the video, I think that coffee was very strong, aha, ha

Kisses for you

ravscool said...

it's nice to see you relaxing between the recordings :)

I have a coffee machine that works like that.

It's another way of doing coffee.

There's also a kitchen "instrument" were you put the water in the lower capsule then you put a small filter that has space for the coffee and then there's the bigger piece of this "instrument" that is attached to the lower part and then you put it on the stove (gas also does) and it boils the water and it raises passing through the filter with the coffee and the actual coffee comes to the higher part (top).

Now in my house we use a newer machine with small capsules with coffee inside (Expresso) and it's really fast to have a coffee ready to drink. Like Nespresso but mine is from another brand (Delta).

All the best
/Rodrigo Silva

ALUAP said...

Guys, if you need someone to prepare your coffee, I can go there just to do it, here in Portugal we are specialists to do coffee.

here comes the night said...

Wow... that's what happens when I try to make coffee... Fantastic... thanks for the laugh guys

/Mary Lou

Anka said...

I see that you often drink a coffe. :-)For me for all day my coffe is your music .:-)

Melani said...

I love your videos, he he....

Always good to hear your voice Joey. That coffee would've been quite strong!

Post more videos, please!!!

Hugs and kisses from Melbourne

fientje said...

I hope the coffee was good, not too strong ;-)
fientje x

guppy said...

tja... what can I say, I have done it with something like that machine for years. Although this one didn't look Dutch.I quess your coffee was nice and strong???

Michela said...

Ok man, actually you need my help on making good coffee...let me think I've got it! Perhaps Santa Claus will bring you something. Better later then never:) See you on the road:)

Take care guys.

Micky from Pordenone (Italy)

Silvia said...

OH Guys, do not know what makes us happy that your back in the studio, you also hope that you have been able to rest a bit and inspiraros for the next few days, so far all the videos and comments sound with high hopes to the new album, we happy to share this experience with you so much, thank you.
I enjoy this delicious coffee, I can smell it .... a big hug.

lola said...


Was that a proper coffee?!?!?! Too much ground?!?!?! i could do it better than that!!! Wanna bet?


Lolapeich said...


Was that a proper coffee?!?!?! Too much gound, isn't it!?!?!?!

I could do it better than that!! Wanna bet?


Anita said...
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Anita said...

A big hand of applause for Mic :)

Giorgia said...

Hello Europe!!
Many compliments, because from these few videos I've already understood that the next album will be great!! A bomb maybe!
It was very nice listening to your voice commenting this video, Joey!
I'd stay hours listening to you...
Actually, you are the best singer in the world!
Good work!
Giorgia from Rome

Giorgia said...
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Karin said...

Don't quit your regular jobs...

Shazza3uk said...

Hahaha I loved watching this. It just remember me of last weekend when I bought my coffee filter machine and trying to work out how to use it.

I hope you enjoyed your coffee.


x x x

LindaPinda said...

remeber the number of water in reservoir.. its the number of cups!
take a small spoon 1 spoon for 1 cup and @ the end a half spoon for the good taste!

when i did it for the first time!
i could eat my coffee! uuuurrrggglll..

good luck!!

Simoontje said...

I like your instruction movie "how to make coffee"
Have fun there!

Stefanie said...

Ok 8 spoons of coffee in there? Thanks but I'll pass on that pot! HAHAHAHA And if I were you'd I'd lay off the Red Bull for a while! Damn dude!

Maple said...

Great coffee making skills, Mic!!! You've got an A+ for that. Nevermind the amount of coffee, that's the way I like it, strong and flavourful. ;)
Please save me a mug next time, will ya?
Hugs to all of you, keep up the great job!

Valérie Alma-Marie said...

It's nice to see I'm not the only one unable to make coffee...