Saturday, 24 January 2009

// PRAGUE //

On monday we'll be recording a symphony orchestra in Prague. Hopefully we'll be able to post some stuff from there.

/ Europe


Anonymous said...

Hello guys. A few days more then your work will stop and we will be listened to your music!
Have a good week end and keep us updated.
Bye. Alberto Italy

Konni said...

hey guys,
wish you all the best in prague.


Deni said...

A symphony orchestra? Great! Symphony orchestras always add a special sound to songs. It gives them lots of emotion.
I've never expected any other album so much before! And if it releases in May, it will be my greatest birthday present ever!
Enjoy Prague!

michaeljessen,dk said...

Sounds great!

Please let us get some photo's and video !!


ALUAP said...

Great guys!

Pudink28 said...

It's super !!! Refuse arrive straight and on visit to the Liberec ?? :- )))
Are the best music group in the world !!!

Simoontje said...

A symphony orchestra... Special!!!
Wow, I get more and more exited for your new album!
Have a nice time in prague.
Love you!

Fernanda said...

Simply amazing!!! Good luck in Prague....

Silvia said...

You're big boys, this time you will be able to demonstrate more strongly, recording with the Symphony Orchestra has been a great idea, I will bring many positive aspects in your career.
I belive in your.
Good luck and enjoy.

ravscool said...

This sure looks promising :)

A Symphony orchestra will make the songs more rich in acoustics, melodies and harmonics.

This album is creating a huge hype by now. I'm sure it will succeed well and bring you some well deserved recognition from the critics.

Can't wait to have your album spinning in my HIFI system or computer to enjoy it at full blast.

Don't forget to think in releasing it on vinyl as you release it on your MP3 shop too. Maybe a deluxe edition with a DVD included would be even better. It could have the promotional video for the 1st single and some footage recorded on the studio and/or some interview about the album and what you expect for the future.

All the best
/Rodrigo Silva

petitoiseau74 said...

Symphony orchestra ? That's a good idea. I'm sure it will be fantastic. Good luck guys. KISSES.

vonnyloveseurope said...

Great, you have a busy and very interesting life, guys! I'm waiting for that recording, it sounds...different.
Love and kisses.

Tone Irene said...

You can't fail with a symphony orchestra :D Hope the arrangement is a good one..

Bring out the horns!

classicmusic said...

You know what? Usually, I'm listening mostly classical music (especially Bach and Rachmaninov). Europe is the only rock band I like: Great quality of music, and a lot of positve energy...
It's nice to learn that there will be a symphonic orchestra in the next CD. It shows you are really open-minded!!!

Heeeey said...

Great that u comin to Prague, any chance of meeting you? Where r u going to record that?

frampala said...

A symphony orchestra?Hmm,the plot thickens.It gets more interesting day by day.
Anyway ,I remember Metallica sounded geat with a symphony orchestra and I'm sure it'll fit perfectly with your music too.

Looking forward to your new posts!

Aniken said...

Det är härligt!Hoppas ni kommer att trivas hos oss.Kom till Pilsen.Jag bjuder dig att pilsner öl:-)

joeylove53 said...

c'est génial!
prenez bien du plaisir!

kiss kiss kiss


joeylove53 said...

à bientôt!

Sahiyela Osiceca said...

I love when the rock bands use a symphony orchestra
I hope you enjoy your stay in Prague, this is a beautiful town

Good luck and kisses


Stefanie said...

An Orchestra? I never know what to expect from you guys, but I'm never disappointed. I'm sure this will sound fantastic!

All the best...


Sharon said...

Looking forward to it

Have a great time in Prague I hear its a beautiful city.



Aniken said...

Har du tid i eftermiddag?Jag är i Prag.Kan vi träffas:-)Jag kommer att fotografera den gamla staden.

Gothika said...

Hello Boyz!!
Enjoy Prague! Symphony Orchestra will sound amazing on the album... look forward to hearing more news.
Love and Peace!!

Daniela said...

Well done guys!
Please, keep us posted about this time in Prague... you know... your fans are sooooo curios to know something more about your new album!! :) :)

Ivania said...

Welcome in Prague-in Czech republic!!!We are glad that you arrive in Czech!!!!!Thank you!!!Europe Czech fans team-

Ivania said...

Excuse me-mistake:)

Czech website about Europe is

We enjoy in Vizovice-Masters of rock!!!!!:))))

Ivania said...

Hello band Europe, we are glad that you visited the record to us in the Czech Republic-the more we look forward to the new album and your performance in the summer in the Czech Republic in Vizovicích.Perhaps with you we can even say hello or photo and submit your small present.We have you very much.

for Aniken :a jinak moc zdravím Radi!!!!:)))