Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Another day and another vocal down. This time on one of the "ballads". Very powerful song which Mic will play grand piano on later in the week.
Here's a vocal performance that won't make it on the album : )




Anonymous said...

HEY!! Joey!! even with the "Shit!" in there you're still sounding amazing as ever!

It's nice to see our heros aren't free from blooper moments! CUTE!

can't wait to hear the finished peice!

Deni said...

"And everyone I've met has made me what I am today..." Sounds great and powerful, can't wait to hear it!

telis said...

I love "shit"...
I want it on the cd
Name this song "shit" axaxaxaxaxax
Awesome vocals Joey

Soraya said...


We're human after all!
It's good to see you again.

Take care!

xxxx said...

GREAT I cant wait. This has restored my hope in the new album. This sounds like Europe

Krissyeurope74 said...

I love your voice.....Joey
It's amazing to see you at work.

Jenny said...

I get sooo good vibes from the lyrical theme and the power in your voice.
Its fantastic to hear that Joey, even if its not on the album, wow you have a really special gift with words and vocals.



dave said...

That sound so full of good energy!
Your voice here reminds me a bit of azalea place feeling!
You know what? I love that album!(It will never be old fashion; it's true and colored!)

Put all you've got man!
YOu know you are the best!

ravscool said...

Wow... this is great.

And Mic playing grand piano again like he did on Carrie. :)

This just fires the hype I have for this album.

Good job guys.

Keep up the good work done so far.

All the best
/Rodrigo Silva

petitoiseau74 said...

Great job Joey ! Keep on. And never stop singing, you are so amazing.

加薪貓Rebecca said...

Oh! Joey you were very cute!
I love your voice. :)

Serious and hard look at your production of this album, very moving!
I can't wait to hear this album!
Love you! Europe!

Take care.

Ramona said...

Welcome back!Joey you have such a sexy voice!I love how this song sounds,i know that it's going to be a hit..I see you a little bit upset;don't be.Everything it's going to be perfect.

fientje said...

I can't wait to hear mic playing this song on that piano

Anonymous said...

Hello Joey, you are simply "the best".
Have a good day.
Bye. Alberto.

ALUAP said...

Joey, your voice is great. I love this small secs.

Anka said...

Joey! I'm singing with you!nananananannannnn

JEM said...

and every time you shit ... the mind boggles!

REALLY looking forward to the grand piano ... loved the intro to Spirit so much ... thank you for keeping us in touch with you :)

xxx xxx

Tone Irene said...

this definitely sounds like one of my favorites from the new album.

Agnieszka said...

It sounds good! Continue...
Nice to see you again!
Greetings from Poland :-)

Fernanda said...

And every time I...SHIT!!!!!!!!!
Good job Joey!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Joey always surprised with that powerful voice!!!


All the best!!

Tempestgirl1970 said...

I love your voice, Joey!!!

Good job guys.

stormwind1982 said...

I am very pleased that there are ballads on the new album and even more if there are powerful :) Hope they will sound like Open your heart and Dreamer on the WOT album! Joey your performance is excellent, you really have the best voice by far! You should never stop singing.

simona scorza said...

I would want to spend these nights with you...:-)...Soon I come to Stockholm...I hope...

SebaE said...

The short sample hints to a classic...the lyrics seem to be deep...I want to listen to the whole thing! :)
Rock on, guys!

Dianafrommoscow said...

Hi ,Joey...you are so cute like about 20 years ago I think...maybe it was 1987...or 1989....maybe you remember the hotel Orlenok in Moscow?=))) Than I didn't know you=)

Karin said...

:) "We're only human after all"

Stefanie said...

Got another French frog in your throat? HAHAHAHA

Nah really Baby you sound amazing as always. Keep up the great work!

Vaso said...

hey, this reminds me a line from Dickens' "Great Expectations", where he talks about a chain, that everyday, everything that happens is like a link in a chain that leads you in life, and if it weren't for each single link your life would be entirely different... or sthg like that!