Monday, 5 January 2009

// WE'RE BACK! //

Hope you had a good break......Back in the studio in Gothenburg.

This afternoon Joey finished his first vocal. On the track with the working title "eden".......... it's going to be a killer.......

Apart from that we have been trying out different microphones compressors and pre-amps and setting up Mic's keyboards in the control room.

The pictures show the final setup for Joey's vocal today.

1. Microphone, MicOne (Tobias own built mic)
2. Pre-amp, StripOne (Tobias own built pre-amp)
3. Compressor, Universal Audio 1176 (the absolute classic rock compressor)
4. Recording console, The fabulous Euphonics System 5

Other michrophones we tested, Neumann U47 and Sony C800.




Anonymous said...

Great to see you back in the studio!

ALUAP said...

Oh guys, you are back.
Every day, I was here.


Anonymous said...

Hello everyone and happy 2009.
I glad to receive your news and hope to see you asap.
Alberto Cornalino Italy.

Deni said...

Great to see you're back in the studio, guys! Rock on, Joey, raise your voice! Hope the New Year will bring you lots of inspiration!

Sofiiie Pettersson* said...

längtar så tills den nya skivan kommer ;D puss på er & hare bäst!<3

ravscool said...

Hi guys.

Good to see you back at studio.

This album is going places...

Will be a killer definitely :)

All the best
/Rodrigo Silva

door7 said...

Tobias should have named his microphone MicTwo, cause MicOne is already there. It's Michaeli :-)

Fernanda said...

IS GOOD TO BE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

Petra P said...


Längtar tills er nya platta kommer...kul!!!!!

Kram Petra P

Little Bear Mei said...

Cool looking equipment!
I know absolutely nothing about the technical stuff but I am sure the best-fit gears & gadgets are picked for the new album!! :)
Though at the end of the day it's the talent and heart & soul of you guys that set Europe apart from the others...& make your music immortal... :)

Eden...what an intriguing word for a song title...
I wonder from which angle Joey will write the lyrics....
Genesis of human, or the sins of mankind (eating the forbidden fruit).....good or evil...or the struggling between both.. :) .. or a love story? Really look forward to learning more.....

Great to have you back!!! Work hard & play hard guys!!! :)

KRYS said...

Hello Guys !!
Nice to see you back
Wish you a Happy New Year !
Thanks for the times you share with us
Love U

christel said...

merci pour ces nouvelle et ce petit morceau de music.....kiss

breakfree said...

Wishing you guys a splendid 2009 and good luck with the rest of the recording. Love to see and hear you back on the album and venues all around soon.

Anka said...

At last! Wow and HI! You are like a narcotic! ;-)
I had a good winter break. Your music was with me for my skitouring trips all the time. I hope that all of us had a good Christmas time.
Hmmm : the working title “Eden”…Then I ‘m singing ;” I’ve been waiting for the angels to knock on my door. I’ve been hopin’ that everything could be like before….”lalalalalalalaaa ;-)

We are so glad of your come back in the studio! ;-) Thanks for a good news.

Sahiyela Osiceca said...

Hau Guys,

Great to see you back in Gothenburg
Have a nice week and a good job.
Again a happy 2009 with this album which will be a killer, I'm sure.

... Eden... a promising word

Take care


Melani said...

Yay, you're back!

I love checking up on you during my lunch breaks.

Keep up the fantastic work!


Europe4ever said...

Buon 2009 ragazzi...........!!!!!!! Joey ti chiedo un favore se puoi in questo album cantare su tonalità più alte!!!! So che la tua è solo una scelta quella di cantare su tonalità più basse ma rivoglio il grande Joey con tonalità più alte graffianti e accattivanti...!!!! Così la gente la smette di dire che Joey Tempest nn ha più la voce di prima.....!!!!! Grande Joey x me sei il migliore il numero uno...!!!!!!!!!

Greg said...

Best wishes for the new year and the sessions!

petitoiseau74 said...

To all the Europe members, I wish you a happy new year. Health, love, money, happiness for you and your family.
I can't wait listening the new album.
Take care, kisses.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, wake up (call)!
We have been waiting for your news today!!!
I'm jocking! Have a good day.

Hel said...

Glad to see your back. Can't wait to hear the results of your hard work.

JEM said...

Welcome back guys, hope you all enjoyed your Xmas and New Year breaks :)

Nice looking mic Tobias!

All the best, enjoy the process, love Jem xox

Konni said...

hey guys,
it's fantastic to know, you are back in the studio.
hope you have a great time.

vonnyloveseurope said...

Hi, my dear:
Happy to see you again in this 2009. Joey: it's great to listen to your voice so strong after having so many celebrating days(I can hardly sing low tones), congratulations. I'm enjoying summertime here in Chile (I can feel your envy of me)and great holidays, I'll be in touch everyday.
Kisses and hugs.

SebaE said...

Guys, this album is going to be awesome. The short sample on the "latest video" yet sounds great. Thanks for putting this up for us. Please, keep updating the blog, as it gives us all glimpses of how the albums we love come to exist.
Rock on!

Jenny said...

Great to see you back again, good to hear Joey can scream some anger out again =)

Not that Im a technerd, but translating the interview about the SFTD-recordings, I think a Neumann-mic was used then too. Just a reflection that stuck in my mind.

Good luck Joey tomorrow, Ill watch and cheer you!

All the best to the others, present or unpresent in the studio.
/J xx

Tempestgirl1970 said...

Hello guys!!!
Good to see you back at studio.

Happy 2009, Joey, Mic, Leven, Norum and Ian!

Simoontje said...

Good to see you back!!!

rockin' dreamer said...

Hello guys
Nice to see you're back!
Best wishes for 2009 to everyone.
Please, keep updating this blog, it's great!
Joey, keep on rockin' like this!

Anonymous said...

Hello boys! I am very happy to be together again! A great beginning of the year!

bulla said...

good equipment. that'll do. :-)

forever said...

Hello Guys!
Best wishes for 2009 for you and your family!We love you!!!
It's soo great to see you on studio!
Please keep your blog updating!!!