Saturday, 7 February 2009


Hello friends!

It's been crazy... We've been working non stop in the studio so we have been a bit lazy with updating the blog.

This week we've been recording vocals (Joey's got one more to go), acoustic guitars, Hammond organ and editng strings.
Norum is currently sitting in Stockholm in another studio recording his final solos.

Earlier in the week we had some friends from the Swedish music scene visiting and singing backup vocals on a couple of tracks. We had a blast and hopefully we can show you some clips later.
A few more weeks and the basic recordings should be done.

Thanks for your interest in our studio blog.



forever said...

So romantic to see Joey's playing this sweet ballad!Today it's cold and it's snowing!You send me warth!keep on make us dream.

Fernanda said...


Silvia said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh guys very pretty balland!
I'm very happy to see you again in the blog.
I see that you are both enjoying the moment...I love seeing well.
Good luck!

Håkan Björklund said...

I am so happy to see that Europe is so creative in the studio. The album when it is finished will be something to really look forward to.
So much good luck with the rest of the recording :)

Krissyeurope74 said...

Ohhh guys...I have no words.....
This ballad is very romantic and beautiful.
My heart is racing...
I can't wait for the new album : I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!! :-)
I'm waiting for more blog's update.
Good job.
A big hug

Sylwia said...

Beautiful:) Climate House Of The Rising Sun:)))))

samantha said...

sounds great joey can,t wait until the album.i will be buying it online when it comes out cuase it will be worth it bye for now

Soraya said...

You're welcome! Thank you:

"The man that hath no music in himself,]
Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds,]
Is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils;
The motions of his spirit are dull as night
And his affections dark as Erebus:
Let no such man be trusted. Mark the music."

Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

dave said...

One time again, I get shivers!

This song sounds a bit in the spirit of "coast to coast" with an retro feeling that is so beautifull!!

LOVE IT !!!!

It has space for a majestic solo of John!!! maybe a hammond solo too from mic???


Jenny said...

I was just thinking, will this be another moment for me to sit in tears and be amazed by your music and what emotions it creats?
Well, as I was listening I realised this...again, and then I feel this huge gratitude towards you, for the generosity to share the process and how you touch me personally on a special level.

How your music and lyrics do make a change in peoples lives.
I am so happy to be a fan of yours
Massor av kramar

Deni said...

Sounds so romantic and emotional! Your music has always made me leave my troubles behind and get away from the world...

Konni said...

It's amazing,
this ballad touched the heart and the soul.

i think, we have to thank you guys !!!

classicalmusic said...

I like the sound of organ. It always gives something sophisticated, refined, to a song.
In my city, Toulouse in France, there is one of the most famous organ in the world, Saint-Sernin organ (maybe the 8th most beautiful in the world!) If you come to Toulouse, dear Europe's friends, tell me: I personnally know the holder of this organ very well. Ti visit it is simply amazing.
Thank you to Europe the band to allow us to witness the birth of their work!

classicalmusic said...
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camilla57 said...

Mamma mia!!!
It sounds really melancholic...
It's my mood today, so thanks Joey an Mic for this inspired ballad!

Hope to see you soon in Italy...


ALUAP said...

Thanks guys, I really needed this updated.
this ballad touched my heart.
I love you more and more.

simona scorza said...

...Watch you every day are much intense...there me it seems to be with you in the studio...
a large embrace Joey...

joeylove53 said...

wouah! je l'adore déjà cette ballade!
beau travail mon Joey et toute l'équipe!
kiss! bye!
Claire de Suisse

Anke said...

Wow guys....!!! You sure make me more and more curious about this album everyday!
It's just fantastic that you keep us fans updated the way you do.... ohw, how lucky we are to be fans of such a wonderful band :-)
I'll be sitting here, waiting patiently (yeah right....) for the next update ;-)

Hugs, Anke

Anonymous said...

Great ballade Joey.
Carry on so.
Bye. Alberto Italy

frampala said...

More beautfull sounds!
These clips give out an amazing feeling so I can only imagine how this song will be when it's complete.
Thank you for the updates,I kind of missed you last week.
It's good to see that you find time to get a little crazy in the studio.My motto is "stay crazy" so guys,keep it up.

Stefanie said...

Holy crap does this sound great! Having a hard time waiting for this album now! I'm so excited I can't stand it!

justine with love said...

Beautyfull!!! Thank you :) You make me happy :)


rockin' dreamer said...

Thank YOU for this blog and allowing us a glimpse on your great work!
I don't think you're lazy at all, a bit crazy maybe... but that's one of the things I like about you.

I really love the sound of this ballad! Your ballads always touch my heart.
Joey, I wish I could play my guitar half as good as you.

Keep up the good work!
I'll keep on practicing.

Michele said...

Hej guys,
it's so cool to know about the new album through the blog. I'm looking forward to listen to the whole work together!! I'm so curious!!! Hope you finish soon! :D
Take care!
Michele - Italy

ravscool said...

Thanks for more updates.

This ballad is really great.

Can't wait to hear all the songs and lyrics. The melodies, guitars, bass, organ, piano, vocals, orchestra and backing vocals all coming together nicely to build a killer album.

All the best
/Rodrigo Silva

MIM said...

Uffffffffff....Joey and Mic this ballad inspired to us and is than deep as the sea. I hope not to spill many tears because, I believe that this song arrived at the bottom of our heart.
Guys these mixtures of organ and keyboards with acustic guitar, sound to new times, new sounds....
It is always a surprise.To follow this. Intil the next one.
Good luckkkk.

marykarmen said...

great great great...joey you´re the winner of gramy....espectacular...fantastico...i wait hear new album...kisses for all..

Greg said...

Good work--nice track! You can tell it is a great melody because it works in such a short space, like that Norum solo fragment from a few weeks back. Thanks!

Sahiyela Osiceca said...

This ballad is so magnificient, so sweet, it wraps our heart as in a jewel box
Maybe, you'll go to offer us a song like "Tomorrow"... are so creative!
I feel many things that it's difficult to decribe them with words.
My heart fills with all this sharing that you indeed want to grant us. And, on the contrary, it's us who have to thank you for sharing your moments of work and relaxation.
You are so close to us, and you take so much attention to us that we are proud to be your fans.

All my love


stormwind1982 said...

Gigantic melodie, huge band! Thank you so much for all the updates! Can't wait any longer for the killer album :)Keep on rocking!

Tomorrow said...

it's fantastic to share your process of creation of the new album...thank you.

laurajoey said...

I'm impatient for the new album and very happy for your blog.BEY BEY

JEM said...

good to see the results are coming through ... and each time you clip on the blog we're hungier than ever for this album ... am thinking pre-sales will be huge! ...

hammond sounds fab, as did the percussion and the ballad I'm sure will be just beautiful ... enjoyed the guitar, mournful but still with hope /// or something ... sorry for waffling :)

love and best wishes, Jem xxx

kitus said...

Can see a hint of a magestic song... pretty much like what others might have spotted back then when Metallica produced Nothing Else Matters... :)

olga maría said...

I smell a 'classic' here, it reminds me 'Starway to heaven''s so sweet and's just like a summer sunset in a Spanish meadow...


Daniela said...

What a pleasure for my ears! I was pretty sure that you had something "soft" for this album as well :)

toni and natalia: the bas-s brothers said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
toni and natalia: the bas-s brothers said...

is a beautiful melody, a great creation
and Joey, we love when you are "The Tempest", but we love too when you are "The Calm"

Anonymous said...

This blog was one of the biggest and best present you could give us! We appreciate it!
And Joey always surprising! This ballad is beautiful!
I loved!

Millions of kisses for all!!

Agnieszka said...

So beautiful...
I was breathless with excitement!!!


ALUAP said...

Will you be in Portugal in July?

Karen b said...

Both pieces, very nice and sweet..they flow so naturally :)

Sam said...

Please tour in Chicago! or at least the Midwest USA

EuropeLover said...

Very awesome Tempest :-)
Love it.
I can't wait anymore for the new album.

Anka said...

I'm very happy to see you again in the blog. I have no words.....Love it! we are waiting for the ALBYu

rocknroger said...

Hej Jocke!
Välkommen till Göteborg och alla goa gubbar!
Hur går det med plattan, blir det nån rock´n roll?
Kommer du förbi Spekeröd på kaffe eller ska man svänga förbi studion i Kungälv?
Rock on!

ed said...

desejo boa sorte no novo trabalho.tens muitos fãs no Brasil,pena que é tão difícil encontrar seus cds.beijos de seus fãs no BRASIL.

marykarmen said...

woooww...norum you're're a guitar put a power on EUROPE...the new album will be DEMOLEDOR...mmmmmm....'killer'

ed said...

"Obrigada pela sua música;Sua balada sempre nos emociona,continue a alegrar nossas vidas."Obrigada.obs:Espero ansiosa pelo novo cd.Pena que é tão difícil encontrar europe no Brasil!!!beijos da ed

dave said...

Can you tell us more about people doing backing vocals?

EffeTiBi said...

I know that this song will touch our hearts... the organ recalls of "Homeland", a song that can drag me to tears :)
Now I want that cd out, 'cause I can't stand the waiting no more!!
PS: So you have musicians doing backing vocals... there will be some choruses? Great news here!

Simoontje said...

it all sounds great!
Wish you a lot of succes and fun for the last recording things to do.
I hope this record will sell many many times!!! And must be high on charts ...

christel said...

bwouah! je l'adore déjà cette ballade!
beau travail mon Joey et toute l'équipe!
kiss!christel de paris
i love john leven

laure said...

It's so good to hear and see you. A lot of emotion and happiness.
It's been such a long silence. I've been your fan for 23 years (I'm 32 now). I saw you in Paris in 1992 (Paris-Moscow show). Hope to be able to see you another time. When are you planning to come in France, you have some fans here!
All the best from someone you still make smile when I'm down

lore said...

That's sounds good as always.
It's been a long time and it's lot of emotion and happiness to hearing and seeing you.
Hope I will see you at one of your show (Are you planning to come in France?)
(from france)

Melani said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful music, for thinking of your fans, thank you for being true to are the best.
Oh, I love the sound of that ballad..Your music is the best medicine!

Love from Melbourne

Stefania said...

Thanks to you guys for keeping us as part of the game!!! Everything is so interesting, to know a bit more about the "behind the scene"... so nice!!!!

And the expectations are increasing more and more!!! :)))

This one will be a killer album for sure!


LINA said...


Karin said...

What friends from the swedish music scene?? Curious :)

Franca said...

So sweet....romantic...lovely....
Joey, very beautiful ballad, congratulation!

annie1963 said...


sorry maar ik kan het wel niet in het engels schrijven

ik ben van in het begin een grote fan van de band maar heb hen een beetje uit het oog verloren en zou nu graag de draad weer oppakkenen het weer kunnen volgen waar ze zitten en spelen
en een vraagje wanneer zouden ze nog eens naar brussel komen voor een optreden voor hun fan vind da wel jammer hier in belgie zitten er ook nog veel fans he
ze laten ons een beetje in de koud staan vind ik

doe ze zeker de grtz van een grote fan annie

ik woon in belgie
mail adres