Monday, 22 June 2009


Our first major festival in France and it turned out to be one of our best gigs of the year so far.

A sea of people. Some that already know we're back and mean business, and some that were just curious to see what the hell we were doing there.......It all turned into mayhem towards the end. The French can really go mad.....Fantastic!

Set list:

1. Last look at eden

2. love is not the enemy

3. Superstitious

4. Scream of anger

5. Sign of the times

6. Always the pretenders

7. Seventh sign

8. Start from the dark

9. Ready or not

10. Rock the night

11. Cherokee

12. Final Countdown

/ Europe


unknown writer said...

nice to see you enjoyed your show.

frampala said...

It's always great to try new places isn't it?
I have the feeling no audience can resist you-even the ones that don't know what you're up to lately.
That's why you should leave no stone unturned and play shows all over the world.
It looks like we just can't get enough!!!!

Selva said...

Hi guys my beloved banda!. We see that the shows were very good .... nice to know that you enjoyed, although the image that you upload to the blog looks a bit tired ... but as I said before, when one does what he loves, is makes strong and confronting any challenge.
I hope to go ahead, traveling the world that his music is hard hitting!
Not if you've read everything I wrote above, but I hope so. Similarly, and although no one is encouraged to reflect on the blog who we really are those who accompany them. I already introduced myself and from my little corner of the world will command a big hug to all members of the banda and my encouragement to continue to have the strength to continue reveling in their beautiful songs.
Aaaa, for the lyrics that I wrote .. I told them that a career in this field are interested to put much pace and was pleased the first .. "River of Secrets", so let's see what happens with that, I am happy because I had long ago moved away from the music ... when you broke (then played the electric guitar, the topics you, Metallica, Iron Maiden Black Sabath and I) then I am also away from the music and now but write back ... In my profession, writing is my hobby, lyrics for songs. That's it. Then I tell them that went with that, but good, always welcome to!Kisses.

ALUAP said...

Great idea - the set list of the show

vonnyloveseurope said...

I'm happy for you, guys. people seem to be enjoying as well as you, that's very wonderful. But I insist...there's not a place like Chile and there not people like chilean ones, but...they're pretending....hahahahha.By the way, I love your new songs, of course my favourite one is LLAE, but GGR and Only Young Twice are quite good! Keep on rocking there in Europe, 'cause I don't lose faith to see you back in Chile next year to sing along all the new songs. Hugs and kisses.

marykarmen said...

yeaaa,,excelent shows,precious songs...EUROPE the best band of the world...thenumber wishes for next shows....

Anka said...

I think that It's no easy to choose song's setlist. Only 12 hits? You can play some many songs. :-)

Valérie said...

Hello guys!

Thanx, thanx very much for this show!! It was fantastic! The goodest show of this Hellfest!!

See you soon I hope, here in France!

France loves you and i love you!!

Valérie from France

KRYS said...

Hey Guys !
Thankx for the great show you done at Hellfest !!
Yes !!! A Sea of people !!!
That was impressive and so great !!!
You can see that you were so welcome and appreciate !!!by all !!!
Now we hope to see you again in FRANCE !!!!
Love U

simona scorza said...

....And I wait with emotion on August 22....this morning I have bought the tickets to reach you to Bern...I will cross again the whole Italy by train and when I will be under the stage, I will howl as I have never done....Love you....Simona (Italy)

CandyT said...

Hello everyone!
I know what it is to see EUROPE on stage, it is FANTASTIC!!! The best in life for all fands around the word. I came across a country from Rosario (Argentina) to Santiago (Chile) to see EUROPE and this was the best that I. Thanks guys for giving us a little of you time and enjoy your music and your energy on stage and by internet too!

I love you guys!

Tiffany said...

After almost 20 years of waiting. Will your fans in Taiwan have the luck to see their favorite band to be on the stage again in their country?
((((((Europe)))))),((((((Europe))))))!!!!! Please come to Taiwan!!!
Please come to Taiwan!!!

christel said...

Thankx for the great show you done at Hellfest !!
kiss christel

petitoiseau74 said...


marbyz said...

Hi Guys.
Great show... come back to CHILE !!!!!!!!!

classicalmusic said...

1) MIC MICHAELI, I saw on youtube you played the French Anthem in a beautiful way, at the end of the show (maybe we could suggest your version for every official circumstances in France?) You're a great musician, and you've got a lot of class ; you know it?

2) Thank you to all those who shared generously their Hellfest videos on youtube. Nearly as numerous as Chilean fans -who stay the champions, yet...

Michela said...

Can't believe Joey! You are going on to film on stage..are you take into consideration to change your carrear?;)*LOL* ANYWAY, it looks so gorgeus, so much people there! Great! I had the right feeling when I listened to Last look at Eden for the first time;)Hugs

Tomorrow said...

Hi Europe, The whole people that we write in the blog we are dedicated fans that we adore Europe...When I read the messages I think that it must be amazing that your music makes happy to so many people ...But is it really important for you to know what the people feel? I don't know ¿?...probably we are very repetitive...?¿ OK ...I am wishing listen the new CD...

marbyz said...
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marbyz said...

It's truth that visits Brazil the 2010 ..... and conversations outposts with VIÑA DEL MAR 2010 CHILE? Please that is certain...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Selva said...

Hey Joey, hello boys Europe. I have half left, a few days to write because I am not a thousand. We're bringing music to the lyrics I wrote ... a rhythm of hard rock, mixed with melodic ... this being perfect! Well, if some day someone will record is the command, ja ja ja.
I think I'm dreaming, that is beautiful to see the words fly with the musical notes! It is my dream come true. I had to overcome more of an obstacle because Concordia is a city very difficult for these things, thank God I found open-minded people who are guiding me, I am going forward by the jungle, but hence my nickname comes from the blog, jungle I am accustomed to fighting with the venomous snakes of my society, ja ja.
Like, obviously I'm listening to you, and I am happy because my brother gave me one of his last cd you purchased in Buenos Aires because it did not have at Concordia in the homes of selling music.
Well, I leave you with a greeting and go ahead!
The much admired.

Karen b said...

how wonderful...seas of of luck...looking good :)

Stefania said...

Some dear friends of mine were there and said you have been outstanding!!! Great to know they have actually attended one of your best gigs so far! :))
Keep it going!

It seems like no Italian gigs are planned... :(
What a pity!

Selva said...

Hey guys the most important bands in my life, as they are? Surely more than busy.
Joey, how's your throat? Your voice is very special, wear your heart on each of the letters that sing and transmit your voice in particular.
Joey ... you are mine ... ha ha. But it is not kidding. Your path will bring you. We know from long, long, long time. Just do not remember. But you know why you and I remain alone in the distance.
What poetic no?, But so, sorry.
Of course today you are unattainable and are in a very privileged deserve it ... well, you 're a good guy.
To proceed with your career. But your heart, without you know, it's mine. Sos candy. Genius. To sing, your voice, raise the dead! Ja ja.Aunque, even dead lift, come to me.
To quote one of my letters, "flowing river flows, pack my secrets, dig it, and put it in the way it brings to me, because life is light, fast, and runs in a single instant "..." Life is run, fast as the wind blows because your steel no longer takes my breath away "..... That's part of my lyrics, copyrighted, I'm looking for beats ... Just a few of which I am writing. (I hope the translator does his job well is what I wrote)
Hi John ... heart. Do not ever let this guitar, a guitar speak in your hands, speak! And really have much to say! To forward!
Iran and the rest in a message coming from my beloved city.
A big hug every one of rock! A thousand greetings, and even if Joey and boys.

Selva said...
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Selva said...
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Selva said...

CONTINUOUS WRITING SONGS, I do not know who is going to love these letters, I was pulling FEW CHORDS, BUT ... I AM NOT VERY EXPERT in that and I get help is busy with his band, translated into English many of these letters. IF YOU KNOW OF SOMEONE THAT WANT IS THE OFFERING.

Selva said...

Hello boys from europe, there are already twelve letters that I write songs ....... the last one, he liked to all who read is entitled: Beyond the times.
It is fantastic and I think is my best creation. I have a lot to that letter.
I bet that interest them.
If you wish to obtain these letters alone should only communicate with me. Translated into English as impeccable.
Greetings from Argentina.

Selva said...

And twelve are lyrics I have written, if you want to contact me should get only the last letter song is titled: Beyond the Times.

ZośkaPUNK said...
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