Sunday, 7 June 2009





We did a press conference and a signing session before the show. Quite a busy afternoon. then Joey walked on stage filming the crowd with his mobile....


We used to listen to Neil Shoon and Steve Perry quite a lot when we were teenagers. Although we've met Neil before it was a pleasure to have this pic taken......Journey played earlier in the day.

On top of that we were handed an award for being voted the best swedish hard rock band "ever" by the people through swedish radio P4....thank you so much for voting for us.

See you out there

/ Europe


Stein-Vidar said...

Sounds like you had a great time! :)

Little Bear Mei said...

What a great show!!! One of the best Europe shows we have ever seen!!! (Yes we have seen many so we can judge well :)) Fantastic press reviews too (Nojesbladet & Expressen). Last Look At Eden was super & Gonna Get Ready was a nice surprise! Seventh Sign was a long missed one that we would love to hear again & again. Thanks soooooooo much guys!!! See u again soon!

Mei, Naoko & Sharon

Marilena said...

I love Joey's mobile!!!Thanks!!

Deni said...

You had a great show! Thanks for the video that you took for us, Joey. I wish I was there...

Tone Irene said...

Haha, so weird seeing that press conference bit from both sides... Your version, and the swedenrocktv's version :D

Glad you had a good time!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the price. You really deserve it! Europe ARE the best band past present and forever more!

KRYS said...

Can't wait to hear you live !!!!

加薪貓Rebecca said...

Thank you for sharing, I am touched!
You are so awesome!
Thank you Joey, I love you mobile too!
Great performance! I wish I could be there.

Greetings from Taiwan.

ALUAP said...

Joey, when you film it is very funny, and what about the pic you took to your self?

Tomorrow said...

thank you Joey...please don't forget your mobile in yours next shows...the new song is very good...I think that it has a "touch of sound Metallica"....

Selva said...

Hola muchachos. Nuevamente deseo hacer llegar mi comentario respecto a sus informaciones. Por lo que pude apreciar gracias al móvil de Joey, el recital de anoche estuvo fantástico. Los felicito.
Personalmente nunca estuve presente en ningún recital de la banda, por una cuestión económica y de mi realidad personal,los sigo desde que tenía 11 años, pero había perdido su rastro durante mucho tiempo en el que la vida me jugo muchas malas pasaditas que sin duda podría servir de inspiración para letras de sus temas,ja ja. Ahora, gracias a la web y a un hermano mío que me ayudó volví a encontrarlos y estoy muy felíz por ello. Por supuesto que me gustaría ir alguna vez a un concierto, pero mientras no pueda, estaré en contacto con ustedes mediante la web.
Sigan así. Adelante

marykarmen said...

oooohhh,yeah boys,amazing nights...ohhh,much power boys...good luck...goodvideo and songs...LET THE GOOD TIMES ROCK BOYS,,.KISSES FOR GROUP...

juropp said...

Fantastiskt roligt! Tack för den bästa konserten på Sweden Rock Festival! Ligger nu hemma med halsont och svullna fötter, men OJ vad det var värt det! Längtar massor till nya skivan, och att få höra Gonna Get Ready igen, den var otroligt bra! :D

laurajoey said...

Thanks to you for your blog and your new album!!!!!!!

Selva said...

Qué emoción de poder saber de ustedes después de tanto tiempo!!! Ustedes no son los que se habían perdido, yo me había perdido.
y viendo este blog, me doy cuenta que mucho me perdí..!!!
A veces la mejor inspiración para letras de canciones suelen ser las propias experiencias, la experiencia de vida... yo creo que muchos de nosotros tendríamos para escribir un libro....
Joey...en que pensabas cuando escribieron Tomorrow?? Esa letra está hermosa...yo perdí mi familia, y esa canción me emociona mucho. Y bueno, Hero también, con ella hice un pequeño homenaje privado, personal a mi padre.
En fin, tanto para contar. No soy fans, no los persigo por el mundo, solo los sigo por internet.
Espero sigan dando la vuelta al mundo y algun dia la vida me acerque más a ustedes.

vonnyloveseurope said...

Hello, guys. About your prize, you're obviously the most important swedish band and I voted because I know it. Secondly, I agree with people who say your mobile is fantastic, please never forget to get it on your pocket. And finally, why didn't you give a press conference and some signing here in Chile? We all had to run everywhere and just a few could get some from you(not me :().
Congratulations for your shows in Europe, specially for Last Look at Eden, it sounds great on the stage! So I'll be waiting for you next year to see you performing your all new releases. Bye.

Fallen said...

congratulations for the great show and your award!!
you ARE the best band ever! :D
you must tell us about this competitions! Can we vote from Chile?
we are really far away but you deserved every single vote ;)

Melani said...

You should receive the award for being the BEST BAND EVER.

Valérie said...

Hello guys!

Thanx for the report!
See you later on the Hellfest in France!


Zenobia said...

Sounds like it was a great show!! Looking forward to the new album and hoping to see ya'll in the US. ;)

Anke said...

WOWWW!!! Now I can see how crowded it was behind me ;)
But it was AWESOME!!!! Just AWESOME!!! Last Look At Eden was a killer-opener, and followed by Love is not the enemy it kept the energy going. Definitely one of the best gigs I've ever seen. :) Optimus is a GREAT solo!!

Thanks a lot guys, can't wait to see you again!

Stefanie said...

How awesome! Congrats on the award guys! You are the best hard rock band ever!

rockin' dreamer said...

Congratulations on your award! You deserve it!
Thanks for the video Joey, I love it when you're filming like this.
The new song sounds/looks great!
Hope to see you soon!

Wonderwegian said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing with us!

Selva said...

Hola, se van sumando comentarios al blog...chicos, escribí la letra de una canción....Río de Secretos..."River of secrets".
Les gustaría conocerla?..tienen mi mail en mi blog.
Saludos desde Argentina.

Selva said...

Otra letra, "Perdidos en la oscuridad". Ustedes le ponen la música que más les agrade.
Hasta siempre.

frampala said...

I can't seem to get enough of the new songs and everything I can see.hear or read about the Sweden Rock show!
I think I got the bug of travelling abroad to see the band live!
Joey keep filming, these videos are precious!

Selva said...

Hi Guys, here I am very inspired. You really inspire the ghosts to the strength and drive that make each item. And I sent them two messages where I'm writing letters to "songs", the rhythms in my head, ha ha.
They are like poems ... something sweet or something cruel in his lyrics are good.
Their titles are "Secret River," Lost in the dark "or" lost in the darkness, "can also be ... and today I wrote that one could call" Perhaps ",... I'm entertaining writing lyrics inspired by you and my life experiences, UUUaaauuu if they are interested in knowing the content of these letters, please contact us. I know that you have them write or compose yourself, but for me it would be an honor to collaborate.
Lucky guys and go ahead!

Vickymiten said...

How nice that Mei,Naoko and Sharon could be there!!!How I envy you!!!Europe is forever the best band!!I LOVE JOEY And JOEY'S MOBIL of course!!
Greetings from Taiwan!!

Stefania said...

You are our pride!!!

Stefania said...

Oh... BTW! Neal Schon may also be a talented artist, etc., but certainly he and the guys in Journey do not know what it means to behave fairly to people!!! ;)

Sahiyela Osiceca said...

Congratulations for your price.
Joey, thank you so much for your videos. I love it.
In this way, we can feel the same things as you.
Never forget your mobile!!!!

Take care


EffeTiBi said...

EUROPE are the best hard rock band EVER, not only coming from Sweden, but coming from Planet Earth!!
I mean, this Intro video is scaring, the energy coming out from it is HUGE and it gives me goose-flesh, wish I was there!! Come to Italy soon, pleeeease!

Selva said...

Hi, guys. As they are today? Here I am with my writings. Last night was another letter to that title ... "Flames of Hell." Oops! What a title! Ha ha.
This good, in my humble view is ... that is what I extracted from my reality, apart from my work, write ... write ... write. I put music in languages I do not understand so they do not affect me in my composition and the ideas flowing, alone, are the words. Life experiences are viewed from the eyes of another person, some. In "River of Secrets" is an experience that shows you wish to discard the river ... ... and so must lead. Nobody does these letters, only me. Nobody knows.
Sorry if I leave the topic of the forum .... It goes without saying that they are fantastic, and they said, no sense repeating the same thing.
In the dark hole where I am, with the only life left me, my little daughter of six years in this hole world is my city and my life, all that does turn on a light at the end of the road are you ... the only voice that my ears are open to you and Joey. And I thank them for that, sounds like the edge of hysteria, but I understand and I wish you understand, I am not of those who go to hair shows to jump in front of a singer ... well if there is people like ... well I went to other concerts, long time ago and my reaction is not that.
Well, I was dismissed because it is time to do so. It would be great to get to some day read this message, and although there are thousands of people who wish they can get to them these words ... ha ha ... (dreams dreams), but sometimes life is cruel, no? No, I am correct, people are cruel, life is what it is, but the wheel turns and turns and then come and go, sometimes we have dreams of events that hardly occur. (Like this) .. I'm here and willing to share with you guys this ... Nothing else.
Go ahead, ever onward!

Selva said...

"Last Look at Eden" is the perfect demonstration of evolution, this clip has everything that people want a video clip. Note the perfect combination of effects, colors. Faces, their faces, their eyes convey the force must have music.
The effects are great ... really think that it is a Hit. I'll see about 20 times or more, I have been looking to the last detail.
The tension experienced by the viewer is exciting, this tension is loosened a bit when we see Joey jumping on the guitarist, but that feeling comes back again in the outcome of the subject. It's fantastic what they have achieved. Congratulations!
Last Look at Eden = Evolution. Congratulations! Keep it up.

Karen b said...

hello - great new video - the best...
love the band to pieces...

Tempestgirl1970 said...

Hi guys

Thanks for the report!

See you later on Caceres (Spain)and Faro (Portugal).

Kisses from Portugal for you.

Selva said...

Hi guys, how are they today? I continue writing lyrics. Now I'm in contact with a degree in music received in one of the most important universities of my country to see what I decide to get beat, there are some issues that would serve to slow and hard to Rock.
A theme is very cute on a girl who lost her mother .... electrifies the called Eternal Silence, I do not know where I went. Others are in love, etc. Other titles: Wind Currents, the everyday art of loving, and so on.
In another vein, I was watching the recital offered in Chile this year. ESPECTACULAR!. Whenever I find out later! Like, do not have funds to attend, Chile is also the other side of South America, my city is in the Province of Entre Rios, Argentina. Well above the Guarani Aquifer, the largest freshwater reserve in the world, this is my home, and in a nearby town, Puerto Yeruá, where I took the photo you see to the side, I have a ranch to spend the weekend. Anyway, I congratulate you guys for this recital.
Well, I hope like all of you news.

Selva said...

Hey guys, we have indicated in the blog, como va todo?
For my entire country, we are prisoners in our cities, do not allow for many trips to "A Blessed flu." Nor allow events with large crowds ... in short, like almost everywhere.
I wonder how they recitals ...
Love from Argentina!

Anka said...

Unfortunatly I was only there on road by car when I was going to Norway. I saw the festiwal. The atmosphere was great…

Selva said...

Hi guys, how come on my favorite band? I'm here promoting his latest theme "Last look at eden", which actually happens in my town, nobody remembers! I say that I love Europe and all look at me as if to say Who? ... Then I refresh the memory with Carrie, The Final Countdown "etc, and I say: Aaaaah yes, I remember, and then I heard them do this on youtube last issue and I tell them to back Europe! Well, there I was hooked ... the promotion when they come to form a group to go see it, if I get the silver, of course, ha ha.
Internet site youtube I present my contacts who are not few, and argentina and ran across this new theme guys! And the answers were great, Last Look at Eden is now in paradise. hit the gates of heaven and you are set in paradise
Congratulations again!
Moreover, in my country, this Sunday, which is also my birthday, it's Father's Day!
I therefore wish to send to parents of banda my warmest greetings, much love! I have now to greet my father, nor husband, my daughter is six years his father not to give a big hug, so I told him why: Romi, How about if we salute some "friends" of a banda music on the day of the dad? She accepted and we will send a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! And meet me ... I do not celebrate, just grateful to be alive and have my daughter.
They command great success and will continue to spread their latest work.
Fate and life until our paths cross again.

Selva said...

Hi guys, hi fans of Europe, I suggest something, if I may, for this blog. (A somewhat crazy idea ..)
They think fans of Europe if each show, the band exposes their concerns, their desires, their dreams? of course, things made with respect.
We are here, still, some nearby, in his recitals by the world, others (in which I include myself) away from the internet ... But I think that everyone, us and them, we are humans with feelings, we are people, they work hard in the banda to meet with their fantastic music, stumbling along with its history, good and bad, they are killed at the same time enjoy what they do, but they do for us.
I think a good idea that each of us as we are, who we are ... or are those that are below the stage, dancing, clapping, singing their tunes to tears ... who are the underpinning to the group supported following? are encouraged, please submit the group boys and girls. Know that we have expectations that dream (please be polite), we do, we play, we support the group, they were more than twelve years in silence and during that time we hope to have news and here we are with them.
They know who we are!
I think they read this site, obviously, but never respond, they know their supporters from the bottom of the stage and even the most hidden corners of the planet as is my city. Come on guys, we're not standing in the dark, lighting his path we are the ones for whom they produce their music, we are the recipients of their work. We have nothing to lose and much to win them ... our love and support.
Europe shines, never cease to shine!

Selva said...

For example, I tell them my real name is Silvia, I do not speak English well, so I planted a program on the computer to translate what I write for this blog and my work. Instead I speak Guarani (Language considered internationally important because it is the language of the International Market and MERCOSUR in South America) is a language of my native country, southern Brazil and Paraguay, as I proceed to explore the cultures Native America, including its rhythms, its music, the meanings of their beats, each beat has a meaning, etc, including the Cherokee culture (which is why this subject is very interesting for me), I devote myself to the Archeology and Paleontology, within the specialties of my career (museum). I am the only one with this race in my hometown, so I look like a weirdo, but I'm not interested because I do what I love, and when one is faced with something you love, success is assured, and speaking of not speaking success to earn money, there are other things importante.Se feel much more energy to tackle everyday problems from a different perspective.
I have a baby for six years, I am divorced, I enjoy the freedom, the outdoors and love to feel like an untethered horse released and I continue to encourage more así.Quien count? Who are we? forward Fans! Go on Europe!