Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Great stuff. The Swiss can Rock even at 15:00 in the afternoon.....Thank you guys!

This was our last gig of the summer festval tour.

We'd like to thank our magnificent road crew. You always give 100% for us......We would be nowhere without you guys. We'll see you in November for the start of the LLAE world tour in Germany..

Exiting times!!
Our new cd Last Look At Eden will be released in Scandinavia on the 9th of september. A new song "New Love In Town"and video will coincide with this release.

You can help us climb the chart in Sweden if you order our new cd through Bengans right now.

The UK will see the release of the cd on the 14th of September. Continental Europe on selected dates between 10-18 september, check your local recorddealer. Japan on the 21 oktober.

We'll see you out there

/ Europe


frampala said...

It feels a little weird that the summer tour is over.I'm sure going to miss the posts on this blog.
But the best is yet to come so I'll be looking forward to see you back on the road in Germany ,playing live all the wonderful new songs.
It's the first time I got to hear them all before I got the album and my hunger for it has grown even bigger!

Good luck in everything you do!
Keep filling our lives with great music!

take care

ALUAP said...

Thanks guys, this summer tour was just great. I was in two shows and you rocked.

See you in Barcelona at LLAE tour.

marbyz said...

Hi Guys, come back soon to CHILE
Excelent Last Look At Eden

Ednéia(Brasil) said...

Hi friends,I am happy in hearing the :"word tour",cause strong hope that Brazil is in this statistics !Kisses of its fan of Brazil.

Fernanda said...

Good luck on the upcoming tour!!!!Hope this time you could reach Southamerica..... ;-)

Silvy35 said...
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Silvia said...

Hi Guys!
Enjoy the little break !!!
We`re waiting that LLAE World Tour come to Argentina !!!
Kisses and hugs!!

marykarmen said...

excelent beggining world tour come to argentina please...when 'last look at eden appears in southamerica?

simona scorza said...

BERNA, 22/08/2009....
THANKS THANKS AND THANKS....for the fantastic concert, the smiles, the looks, your autographs on my body, the photos, the words, your splendid souls...thanks Joey for that small kiss deprived hand with hand...See you soon (I hope in Hamburg...of course in Italy)....happy holidays...Simona (Italy)

joeylove53 said...

le concert à Bern était génial!
merci les gars, vous avez assuré!
merci Joey d'être descendu de scène pour toucher nos mains!
c'était un pur moment de bonheur!
vous méritez un peu de repos maintenant!
à Bientôt à Zürich au mois de janvier!
Kiss from Switzerland!!!!!!!!!!!!!

laurajoey said...

Thanks EUROPE for the concert in Bern!!!!!See you in Italy,Milan and Padova............A kiss to John Norum.

marbyz said...

Hi Guys:


ravscool said...

Hi guys

Thanks for a great tour, I could only attend the concert in Faro. It was my first time seeing you live.

I hope to see you in Portugal again on the "Last Look At Eden World Tour" :)

I'm still thinking of attending Barcelona's gig or not.

Let's see it I can make it there or not.

Have a nice little break until November.

Best wishes
/Rodrigo Silva

MT and TM said...

We can't believe how we could live without you for so many years during your break. It's so great to have you back, guys!

Thank you so much for this unforgettable day in Berne last saturday and especially for the photo session after the show!

We were happy to see you in very good spirits. Joey, your Swiss German is perfect, without any accent! So lovely...

You've touched our hearts so deeply. You're always on our minds and we can't wait to see you again on the LLAE tour!

Love and "bis glii"...

CandyT said...

Hello boys!
Have a nice break!!!
Don`t forget to include Argentina and South America in the LLAE world tour for 2010.

Take care

kazumirules said...

Please rest a couple months for LLAE tour!!!!!Enjoy the time with your families. When is Japan ?!

kazumirules said...

Please rest a couple months for LLAE tour!!!!!Enjoy the time with your families. When is Japan ?!

kazumirules said...

Please rest a couple months for LLAE tour!!!!!Enjoy the time with your families. When is Japan ?!

Selva said...

Hello everybody!! How are you !!!!???
I very happy, some fans like myself, have contacted us from around the world and that's very nice!

On another topic, last night here in Argentina went on TV a film titled "A Mad Race" has many songs from Europe: Cherokee, Time has come, Ninja, among others. I looked for when to switch channels hiba just put Cherokee! ha ha, if not for that, changed the channel, ha ha.
Members of Europe, I congratulate them! ARE THE ONLY BAND THAT HAS ACHIEVED BY MY BLOOD continue to run! MANY OTHER BANDS PASSED BY MY LIFE AND THEN DISAPPEARED, BUT YOU, YOUR MUSIC, EVEN still like, their lyrics are LO MÁS!

classicalmusic said...

Well, as you're speaking about the crew, I'd like to tell something here: I really enjoy the coloured spotlights used for new Europe shows (as far as they can be seen on youtube, because I never attended a Europe concert for true...). Maybe it's a rather babyish reaction, but it's beautiful in my opinion. Even for daytime and small-stage Bern show, it looks nice.
So, to the lights technicians: a big "well-done"!

Deni said...

Enjoy your little vacation now, guys, you deserve it! I will miss the posts and crazy videos in this blog, but hope it goes on in the world tour. But what I dream of realy , is that the tour includes Bulgaria again, so I can have the chnace to see you.
I will wait for the new album to come out and see you back on the road soon!

Selva said...

Hello again ... My beloved members of Europe!! I hope to spend a very well deserved holidays with their loved ones ... wives, children, mothers and fathers ... who you want to have around and enjoy! !

It's beautiful work on what you love, but more beautiful is to enjoy the fruits of labor with the people we love!!

Karen b said...

Thank you, Europe, for everything you do...we will be wishing you the best of luck going forward and waiting for the great music that follows your lead...enjoy some time off...but not for too long!!
I included a special audioclip for you if/when you so choose to listen...

karen b

Silvia said...

Thank's guys for this special Festivals!
Your fans have enjoyed the most of this summer with your music and what we do with your new themes,what music! How to describe the new album with a word, impossible ..... BIBRANTE! EXPLOSIVE! MORTAL! As we say in our country BESTIAL!!!!!!!!!!
I love all the songs I have heard so far, but I think I have selected a sample of my favorites, one of which "The Beast" mortal!!counterpart John good job, I can not wait to feel it friends in live, it will be very exciting!
I hope that you rest a lot these days and replace many forces for the new tour friends, why do not we will let you rest, hehe, you have much work to do still and we'll give you at full speed! Take care much.
P.D.I have great hope in your new album.

forever said...

So great to see you in Bern!!!
Thank you for the autograph you're really cool with yuor fans!!!
love you for ever

Tomorrow said...

Too much time without knowing anything of Europe up to the show of November 1...

Europe thank you for your music...and good luck with the new album...!!!

MIM said...

Hello again guys!!! Finally this is the end of FANTASTIC tour of summer.THANKS FOR YOUR SPECIAL MUSIC AND THE NEW, NEW SONGSS....
I think that have you more, more and good fans around the world now,
this is the BEST for a band.

MT and TM said...

Thank you so much for this fantastic new song and video "NEW LOVE IN TOWN"!

We even were moved to tears when we saw it for the first time yesterday morning... It's simply great, we love it!

And this evening we went totally crazy because we've seen you on YouTube live at yesterday's Sommarkrysset! You look gorgeous...

Hugs and kisses

Tomorrow said...

NEW LOVE IN TOWN... I love this song... It's one of the big ballads of Europe as carrie, open your heart or tomorrow...

kazumirules said...

It is great ! Love that !