Thursday, 10 September 2009


Three different live-radio apperances only this morning. The Swedes seem very interested in our new c.d. Great reactions from all directions. The following message came through our management this morning.
From another 'rocker'

Hey there! Peter from In Flames here, please pass along to the boys in Europe what a fantastic new record they have made.

I have always been a fan and the latest one is simply amazing

Hope to catch them soon.

All the best

Peter Iwers

Thanks mate! see you out there somewhere.

Joey / Europe


Sylwia said...

Well said!!!!!!!

ALUAP said...

Oh guys, how I like to see you with hard work, because that means many many Cd's sold.
see you

Tomorrow said...

It's a happy moment for the people that we have followed and defended you always and valued your talent.

We are many fans that we have known that Europe is more that The Final Countdown and the time has given us the reason ... please to allow us enjoy this moment with you.

We will you continue sending a lot of positive energy and I hope that you continue giving us wonderful songs...

long life to Europe!

Fernanda said...
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Fernanda said...

You´re truly hardrockers & hardworkers guys!!! Take care!!!
Did I tell you alredy this is your best album ever??? ;-)

Namnikufecin said...

Last look of eden sounds like almost all Europe albums mixed together (sans the debut, maybe)

Fantastic record, next time I want even more of Michaeli´s keyboard work (as of No stone unturned). It adds a lot to the sound!

Selva said...

Hi! I finally re-enter the Blog !!!!! I had a problem and I could not access the blog! told me that the system could only enter guest readers! I felt terrible, but it was solved!
CONGRATULATIONS TO EUROPE!! For the new ballad New Love In Town! is fantastic!! Genial!! Awesome!! I'm going to start asking that the radios spend in here because it is spectacular!
I told you before Last Look At Eden will be a success! It is already happening but it's an album that gives for more!!
Much Luck Guys.
Go ahead

Bekijk het lekker said...

Great comments, I must say this is a really great album and can't wait to see you live. Nice response from Peter. In flames is my second favorite band.

noeliatempest said...

Im waiting for tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!Tomorrow will be the day!!!Oh yesss!!!Ill buy my "Last Look At Eden"and it will be a magic so so magic for me!!! We will see us in january Joey in Madrid and Barcelona...I have got my tickets ready!!!Im ready to Rock!!!Norum ROCK ME TILL I TAKE NO MOREEEEE!!!!JEJEJEJEJEJEJEJE.KISSES FROM MY SOUL GUYS!!!AND THANKS,THANKS AND THANKS FOR ALL YOUR MUSIC!!!!

MT and TM said...

Hi JOEY, it's been interesting to listen to your interview on Bruce Dickinson's BBC 6 friday rock show:

It's been great to hear that you appreciate the close connection to your fans, to be carried by them, to see what they say on the forums etc. - It really means a lot to us!

Again and again we enjoy your website, reading your posts and writing comments to your blog. In this way YOU carry us... Thank you so much for that!

We're also happy to sense the good vibrations in the band...!

Love to you and of course to the other "EUROPE guys"

samantha said...

hey guys thanks for putting the blog back up great new look cd is awesome great work guys one of your best work when are you coming to the states for touring well best wishes samantha

StormWind said...

Nice response from Peter. In Flames is my favorite band, but I'm a great, great fan of Europe also. I love the new record very much and I hope, both Europe and In Flames will come to play near Croatia some time so I could finally hear/see them live...

In the end I want to say that I very much appreciate that respect between two bands like Europe and In Flames. It's great to read those mutual support comments.

As for the others, I totally love whole Swedish rock and metal scene.

You rock my world!!!

Glam-Metal Lady said...

Europe is a band of my life <33 In fact I prefer older songs and videos, because they had awesome hair and Joey was beautiful like angel ^_^
Now they play a little different, but great music too ;D ;**

Gabriel Damaceno said...

Last Look at Eden is an awesome album! Everytime I hear it is better than the last time! My favourite song is The Beast! Congratulations for the terrific release and hope to catch you on tour! You've came to Chile but didn't make it to Brazil, I know it's not up to the band to go here and there, but I'm sure you'd be surprised with fans you have here! Anyway, I'll be in Spain on January and will go to Madrid specially for your show!
Cheers and keep up the good music you have always delivered us!