Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Hello Friends!

Vote for NEW LOVE IN TOWN on Swedish radio

It will help the song to go into heavy rotation

Europe / management


Michele said...

Cool!! but the site is in Swedish... what's the way to vote? What do I click on?

MT and TM said...

YES, we did it! Great idea...


First click on Startsidan.
Next page: Program & Tabla
(on the left side)
Next page: Mix Topp 20
(on the left side)
Next page: Fill in your name etc., at the end "EUROPE - NEW LOVE IN TOWN" and finally click on "Skicka". - Okay?

Tomorrow said...

Very difficult it's Swedish!! I don't know "how"? But I believe that I have voted...

I hope that next week:

2.Beyonce (HALO)

Good luck!

ALUAP said...


kazumirules said...

I voted from Japan ! Thank you MT and TM for show us how.

Tempestgirl1970 said...


zedoidiao said...

I wonder if there are chances for you to do a tour here in Brazil, or at least one show...Good luck Europe!!

Tomorrow said...

I feel very proud to announce that:

"I have my ticket for to see Europe in Madrid the next January...!!"

New love in town ... delicate song, I hope that it is a great success, and could come to the number one...

CandyT said...

I voted


Ednéia(Brasil) said...
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Selva said...

Try to enter with the instructions, but I said before this album is a success!!
it is denoted in the evolution of Europe and certainly would not pass unnoticed.
The album is a success and New love in town is the flag to success!

Selva said...

Fans around the World! I invite and urge all requesting radio stations that can, the theme New love in town! this will lead to Europe to where it belongs!
Ask the question on the radio in their countries too, not only in Sweden, Japan, in Europe in the U.S., Argentina, in all countries.
It depends on us too, we must all help to make Europe make a success so much effort and dedication.
Kisses to all.

Sandratheband said...

Tackar så hemskt mycket för en mangefik ny platta.Köpte den röda kollektionen men ska nog hugga in på alla färger:)
Har självklart röstat på er grabbar och stort lycka till så ses vi på gig:ett i STHLM som jag och Sverige väntar på.


MT and TM said...

We are so lucky about your success in Sweden.

Congratulations to YOUR NUMBER ONE in the official Swedish charts!!!

olga said...


Selva said...


Jörg said...


Stefanie said...

MT and TM You guys rock! Thanks so much for your help with this. I was able to vote for Europe's song! I don't understand Swedish either so your instructions were much appreciated! Well...I know j'ag alskar dig. :) Plus one naughty word I won't repeat on here! HAHAHAHA

All the best to you Europe! Rock on guys!

Tomorrow said...

LLAE has the better of both Europe's stages, the force of the 80s and the instrumental quality of the last albums ... certainly it is a number one!!

For many people like me Europe always it has been a number one and now we are enjoying that a lot of people share this one opinion...

Congratulations for your Nº 1!

fientje said...

i voted ;-)

Anka said...

Of course, I'm choosing my vote.

giovannisena said...

Hi everybody from Europe. I´d like to know if "THE LAST LOOK AT EDEN" will be released in south america like the previous one "SECRET SOCIETY" Thanks guys. Waiting for a reply.
Giovanni Sena

Lorena said...

Yes, i voted!- From Romania, Brasov.

vonnyloveseurope said...

Voted! I wish you reach the top with the whole album, it's amazing! I think it's the best since OOTW, although I love SS and SFTD. Best regards from Chile!!!

forever said...

I finally found your CD!It's soo great !!! We love you soo much, never stop making us dream!!!
Bye and see you on stage in Paris!!!

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