Thursday, 4 February 2010




Anka said...

You make a good beginning of show! I can see some many light of camera or mobile phone on this video. I had the light like this on concert in Presov. ;-)

Lory said...

I was there!! Right in front our guitar hero John Norum! What a great concert! You give me emotions every time I see you on stage! Pleeeeease come back soon in Italy, we really love you! What do you think about a summer tour? Kisses and rock on. Lory

Val said...

Joey,were you tired?In Paris you ran on stage and made a wild seemed far more quiet in modena..In any case,I am sure everyone had a great time in the audience.

Tamara said...

Guys the show in Padova was just fantastic, the best you performed in Italy!!! A very special thanks to John Norum, that tried many times (after my several insistent requests) to throw his pik to kind...I really appreciated it (and in the end managed to cach one...;-)).
John you are not only a terrific guitar player but also an extremely nice person!!! Take care dear John, keep on rocking and being our guitar hero! Love! Tamara

Stefania said...

You guys have been AWESOME! Thanks for some other great shows!!! More and more proud to be a EUROPE fan!


Katia said...

Hello Guys, I'm sorry but this video is from Padova not Modena!!! I was there fot both gigs!!!

Samu said...

Hi Guys, it's true this video in not from Modena....anyway....the concerts in Italy were great and I hope to see you again so soon....Ciao, Samuela

Guenter said...

Great show also in Vienna!

Som photos from the show: