Sunday, 28 February 2010

// FABULOUS UK 2010! //







ravscool said...

Hi guys

It was great to be part of this tour. I went to see you live in London with 8 friends from Portugal too. We had a blast, thank you for the great night you gave us.

I hope to see you back in Portugal this summer.

Take care and good luck for the rest of the tour.

Rock 'till the morning light ;)

Tomorrow said...

Congratulation for the tour in UK!

And please don't forget that you are the best and a lot of people needs your music..

We meet in the way...

Anonymous said...

Hi guys

23 years of being a fan - and finally got to see you live in Bournemouth! Thank you for an awesome evening, it was worth a very long wait... I love your new sound and the energy, buzz and fun of your live performance - and how you played a bit of Ninja for those crazy dudes ;)

Keep rockin' and look forward to seeing you in the UK soon

frampala said...

It was really nice following your tour ,even just through the net.I can only imagine how great it must have been for all the lucky people that got the shows!
Good luck for the rest of your tour!
Hope to see you this summer!

Andrew said...

Thank you so much for coming to the uk you have made my year...please come back soon..(keep the dream alive)..all the best guy's.

dwgb said...

Hi guys,

Wasat the Glasgow show on Sunday and you were the best I've heard and seen you. I was at the final countdown tour, the superstitious tour and the secret society tour and Sunday was the best yet.

Come back soon


Sandra said...

"You've been FANTASTIC! What a NIGHT!"



Fernanda said...

Great concerts!!! Great reviews!!! Congratulations guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous, After 25 years finally made it to the show in Newcastle, keep doing it guys and come back soon.

heathcliffe said...

Hi guys,what can i say,Fantastic,simply the best!
Had the most wonderful night.
come back soon
love Janet Manchesterx

MIM said...

Heiiii guys!Thanks for this England Tour, I could not go.But I liked much the mixed of the old version of UFO, with your songs.....Ohhh,I don´t have words, always there a good surprise.I hope when you will going to my country can you playing a version born from the heart...Thanks for your music that is following the way...,Good luck in this tour out of this dear EUROPE....

Ray said...

Fan since '86 when TFC was my guaranteed floor filler when I was a DJ, how often I used to pull that 12" single out and see your faces! Lost touch with you in 90 till Nov 2009, so great to catch up a bit, see you live and meet the men on that 12" single all those years ago. Joey thanks for the pic! Loved your show like we all did - see in Manchester next time. Cheers to you all best wishers for Asia.

PS - Joey's vid was filmed at Manchester, just spotted myself in the front!

marg enigma said...

Hi Guys,

What a night eh? Manchester really rocked, Still got it, still rockin, never stop what your doing.

Rock the Night guys....

Marg Enigma x

bauer said...

What an AWESOME night in Bournemouth!! Finally getting to see my lifetime heroes!! You really didn't disappoint! Good luck with the rest of the tour and the future, will keep following with excitement!!

Nothing is constant, except change.

Lonely flame in the crowd..... :o)

Rockchick said...

Thank you guys for the wonderful tour. You're the best!