Wednesday, 24 March 2010


We've arrived in Tokyo. Must have been 3 years ago now. Swiss air took us here around 15 hours all in all....The jetlag is setting in. Going out on a sushi-boat tonight just to keep us awake long enough to try and get us into this time-zone. Touring Japan is feels a bit like living in thick liquid! The lack of sleep, the different culture and the time difference really gets you. We must have been here around 10 times by now but it's always a great experience. We've already met some fans in the hotel. First gig in Tokyo tomorrow night. 19:00 local time. Sayonara
/ Europe


kazumirules said...

Hi guys

Welcome back to Japan !
See you tomorrow.

Love ya


Anne said...

I am not in Japan right now ;-))

simona scorza said...

Oh my swedish guys....
I would love to be there with you....but we'll meet again in June in your beautiful Stockholm....
Good work and enjoy!!!!
Many great kisses....
Your "beast" Simona....

frampala said...

Good to see you back in action.
Enjoy the shows!

Anka said...

Have a nice tour on Asia !

delfinareale said...

Boys delicious Japanese tour.
Raffaella kisses

Tomorrow said...

Hello friends!

Yes ! Europe come back...

Japan must be a nice and interesting place for visit.
Enjoy with the tour!
And please, Can Joey show us "some piece" of Japan with his mobile ?

Manuel said...

Im a fan since a long long time, and finally I will see you the first time live in Osaka, far away from home.

keep on rocking!!

CandyT said...

Good show boys!!! Have a nice stay in Japan


Mami said...


I'm very happy because you came back to Japan.
I'll go to the Nagoya Diamond Hall on March 29.
I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Anke said...

Have fun in Japan guys! Easy on the sake... ;) or not, ofcourse :)
Hugs Anke

rikaito said...

Welcome back!
How's todays show???
What are you doing now???
Oh~ I love you guys and "Last lood at Eden"!

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!
I will rock the night with you:)

Amuz said...

So disappointed my teleportation capsule wasn't ready in time, fingers crossed for tomorrow.. hope you're all ok and had a blast tonight! Good luck with the circadian rhythm sleep disorder, apparently simulation of moonlight worked on hamsters if that's any help.
Oyasuminasai! Let your self regard be powerful magic!
Dulcis Somnium x

Little Bear Mei said...

Great 1st show in Tokyo, guys!!! :)
Made us (a group of 11 fans from Taiwan and Japan) extremely happy.
Super high energy on stage and in the audience too!
Didn't feel that you were suffering from jet lag at all! :)
Take a good rest and see you again in the 2nd Tokyo show tomorrow... :)
Luv, Mei

MIM said...

Hey guys, from a distance much I miss you, hope the trip on the boat .... has been good, I think you and you are accustomed to has browse by heavy seas, and rivers of special places, I hope that you will not pass like me, who sailed with my little boat this year, a rough sea day I had lost and was alone, but fortunately he had a cd of music "LAST LOOK AT EDEN" and "MUSE" to return home and find the way .... Thanks for your fantastic music and good luck in Japon. MIC and JOHN please play another BLUES to Japan and know that your ears do not want to hear anything more !!!!...... See you soon .. sooooonnnnnnnnnnnn.

MT and TM said...

So far but yet so close...

You are in Japan indeed, but we can read your news on the blog, listen to your music, and you are in our hearts anyway - so it doesn't matter, where you are...

Enjoy your tour in Japan and come back happy and in good health!

MT and TM

kazumirules said...

See you guys tonight !

Fernanda said...

Good luck in Japan & Taiwan guys!!!


Cynthia said...

have a nice trip in Japan, and Taiwan is looking forward to seeing you soon.

rikaito said...

Thank you guys for tonights' great show!!!
I brought a freind of mine, and she said it was great and she's excited!
Tonight, you've got a new fan of yours!
You played Ninja for only us in Japan, thank you so much!
I'm happy I'm Japanese.
Hey Joey, you dropped the microphone:) But it was sooo cute!
And you've made us happy...
I really apreciate your great performance tonight, I miss you so much...
Hope you'll have great time in Japan, and God bless you forever.

Thanks again!!!!! I want to go to Nagoya and Osaka.
Hey fans! Enjoy their great performance! I envy you~~~~

BJ said...

Hey guys!!!! You really need to come and tour the states. We really miss you here. My best friend and I have always dreamed of seeing you play live and have yet to do so. She has sense past away so it's up to me to full fill that dream. 17 years ago I made that promise to her and I'm gonna keep my promise. Please help me do so by coming back to the states. Cleveland Ohio is where I need you guys to come. Take care and stay safe on your tour. Love to all of you!! Europe fan then, now and forever!! BJ ( United States of America)

MT and TM said...

PS. Sorry, guys, we forgot to mention TAIWAN (see above)... Enjoy TAIWAN as well, of course!

All the best!
MT and TM

Kuo said...

Hi there,

Welcome to Taiwan.... again... finally! ^_^ Hope you enjoy everything here.

Can't wait to see you all tonight in your first show Taipei. It's been 20 years since last seeing you! (I was there!! ya!!)

You're the best!

love you forever~~~