Wednesday, 28 July 2010



Samu said...

Hi to everyone!! Thank you so much for the great gig in Karlshamn! It was a great night, great energy, great show as usual! So amazing!!!
See you soon
Bologna, Italy

Anka said...

Hej, hej!
I was in Karlshamn. It was so good. "Ojjjjoj, ojjjjjoj".:-)Thank YOU EUROPE for a "Always the Pretenders". It's my favourite from the Secret Society Album.
The bands before YOu played so great too( for an example Nina Drumer.) :-)
I have a Norum's black towel in my polish home. I caught it. :-) Joey: Do you remember the scream after the show when you entered to the car at 2 a.m.? My friend scremed my name : "Ania".She doesn't speak english and she called me because she wanted to thank you for a show in Warsaw but she couldn't say it in english. I think that you weren't affraid. Very sorry for this Joey :-)
p.s. I told you about it in Lublin when you signed my swedish news papers from Karlshamn.
Regards and thanks for a hot show in Sweden :-)

frampala said...

New vocal excercise!Cool!

Anka said...

"Ojjjojojjooo, ojjojojojjooo" Yes it was very funny more than a scream : wooooow .:-) Joey's "ojojojjoo" sounds very very sexy. :-)

vonnyloveseurope said...

This man definitely drives me crazy. His voice...his movements on doubt, I'm still in love with him after 22 years.