Friday, 9 July 2010

// SUNDSVALL 2010 //



Tomorrow said...

So cool ! Thank you for this video, it's really great for us be able to see these personal moments to the band..

marykarmen said...

i want see you boys in argentina...have a cool rockin'weekend!!!

kao said...

Everyone is so relax,isn't it?
Thank you backstage video!
I've been your fan since 1988.
Someday, I wanna join your fantastic live in Sweden.

[Diana] said...

Yeah, after the concert it's more interesting ;)))) Beer beer beer))

MIM said...

Ola bi Ola ba uohhhhhhhhhh!!!Hey guys ....... before and after is always different, but I think that MR.MIC-TOWELL need a good whisky to keep warm, and good company, Oh and if you come to our country you don´t need a towel to the cold, but if for this hot, that invites you to swim in a good beach or pool ... jeje.COME ON!!!!Come with me guysssss....THE SUN IS SHINE HERE...THE SUN WILL HOPE YOUR ARRIVAL.(No more cold, pleaseeee)