Sunday, 15 August 2010


Possibly the tallest man we've ever met!!!

What a cool-looking bunch!......thinking about forming a hobby band.


Anka said...

I saw him in Lublin.I'm not tall and I don't wonna stand on this security's way.By the way: which number the shoes does he need? Maibe the kayak? :-D

vonnyloveseurope said...

Oops! You look like Whitesnow's dwarfs, hahahha.

magda said...

So in Polen is the best security in the world:)))

gosiaczek said...

amazing picture guys:), Polish is the best protection hahhaha

Kami Fenring said...

Wow! He's really tall =O!
I'm waiting for your concert in Chile ^^! Hope november comes fast!

Have fun! Love you guys!

MT and TM said...

He doesn't even look that tall, but YOU're the ones who look so small... :-)

*** Just cute! ***

Ela2 said...

Hallo Joey,Ian und Mic,

mensch neben dem *Riesen* seht Ihr ja fast wie Zwerge aus ;).Tolles Bild.Hey Mic und das Lachen steht Dir so gut,solltest Du öfters machen ;).

LG Ela

kejt93bub said...

uh, well, 'couse we've got the best security in the world;d you can safeily come to poland again, we'll take care of you, promise