Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Ian visiting Paiste factory

/ Europe


MT and TM said...

David vs. Goliath... ;-)

classicalmusic said...

Finally, an equipment worthy of His Excellence Master Ian Haugland !

MIM said...

Ian you are a strong man, but you can play drums bigger than a very small....You are our buddha,jeje...

gosiaczek said...

Of course size does matter;-)Small is beautiful and great eye-catcher hahaha

véronique said...

it seems that it's christmas before christmas for Ian

Bellona 59 said...

Size matters, but main stuff is how to use it :-p

As we say in France :

"Better to have a small working one than a big lazy one"...

(Well, I'd say that's how French pple always find a way not to look like ridiculous...)

Have fun with your big one...:-p
I noticed that these days u're all obsessed with big stuffs hu? Sandwiches, drums...what's the matter ??!!You feel bad because u don't have ur pix on the stox airport either!?! OMG! It's the John's syndrom!
I'm warning you : if you all have this "big size crisis" just to have a pic on the stox airport, you'll all have to wear the same sticky balls trousers Abba was wearing! No jokes! Andu'll be back to the curled hair and glitters everywhere! Understand?!
Now think...u really wanna do that ?
Get it?!?
Good. See you on stage, guys!