Friday, 30 December 2011



Kevin does Stockholm?

The tiger clip!


marykarmen said...

awesome videos!!!!thanks to share!!!happy new year boys!!!

CandyT said...

Thanks guys for sharing those litlle cute moments with us
Gott Nytt År!
and I hope to return to Argentina soon


fatimabessa said...

Hi Guys!!
I missed you so much! Sorry if I didn't wright here before but like I've told you last time my life is in constant change and my time doesn't stretch like I would like it will. And to complicate even more, this week I injured my knee and have a quite serious lesion on it. And next week Im going to do a surgery. Nothing serious, don't worry! One day, if you want, I tell you my story!:) So, know I just want to tell you that I have seen all your videos and off course I think it were great because I'm always looking forward from hearing from you! I just wish the Spring comes quickly: to hear your fabulous album and to see if all my wishes come true. Until then! I hope all of you, Guys, have a great Christmas with all your beloved ones and I just wish for you all of good in this new year. I think this is going to be a hell of a year!;) All I wish for me and my love ones is what I wish for you and your Families: Lots of love, peace, health and Music! Have a great 2012 and see you soon!! Love and kisses from your always friend of Porto, Portugal.
And, "Keep on walking that road and I follow" - Always!! With Love, Fátima.

Ivania said...


Tomorrow said...

Great atmosphere! Joey, thanks for remembering us and record the moments of the band. Happy New Year to all. Fantastic 2012, many successes for Europe !

ravscool said...

Hello guys :)

I'm more eager to listen the new album every week that passes.

I wanna listen to the final version of Doghouse and the other songs where we heard snippets the last couple of weeks.

I hope you release a single before the album release as it helps to promote it. Like you had Last Look at Eden EP before the album it would be nice to hear a new single in February/March :)

Happy New Year 2012 and may it bring many good stuff ;)

Take care
/Rodrigo Silva

Helena Domingues said...

Oh, the CAVEMAN... I get it now... ah ah ah

Pilar said...

I like it!!!
Happy new year 2012 to all!!!
Kisses from Spain.

forever said...

Hello Guys! So great to follow you every friday! :) Happy New Year & success for Europe & your family!
Hope to see you soon on stage in 2012!
Kiss from France!!!

chasqui said...

Happy new YeaR boys!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Taylor said...

i just want to wish Europe a HAPPY NEW YEAR from Lisa ,USA

charlysister said...

VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR for you guys and your families.Hope 2012
will be one of the greatest year of your life.Kisses from France.

Michaela Italy said...

2011 has been such a great year for me and one of the main reasons is that I've finally got to know you, instead of knowing only the TFC song...what a discovery and surprise! You've changed my life literally.
Through your music you have transferred me a lot of positive power and a renewed energy in carrying on my own life.
I feel so grateful to all of you and my wish for 2012 - yesterday at midnight - has see and meet you somewhere soon !
Your video clips are such a kind thought towards all EUROPE fans and they just keep us dreaming, thank you and with 2012 have you guys the best year you've ever had so far ! ...and more to follow!

Claudia said...

Hello my friends.... i like all the videos you have put on the blog...thanks for sharing...and thanks to Joey to record most of them <3 .... Hugs and kisses from Chile, and Happy New Year !!!!

Anka said...

I have similar hobbies like MR. Joey. :) Like I saw myself. On trips to concerts I go with a camera and filming friends :D... hahahahha. so we have so many funny films :)