Friday, 6 January 2012


Hi everyone!
We're now almost done with recording of songs. Just a few more overdubs that will be made in Stockholm next week. Kevin will start mixing in his studio round the 14th of January. We can't wait to put this one out.... its a wild one, thats for sure. A few small surprises as well. We're looking at an April/May release.


Mic and Joey doing some backing vocals.


Jarka said...

Today no sound? ok, add volume...OMG!!! lol
Thanks for awakening :)

Giorgia said...

I'm so happy that in a few mounths this new record will come out! Can't wait!!! Thank you Europe..for making the music of my heart! ;)

marykarmen said...

fantastic news!!!!boys..i can´t wait for new album!!!

P. Belen said...

Thanks for sharing, and good luck in your new job will be a success sure guys, looks great! Take care kisses
I love you!!

CandyT said...

I CAN´T WAIT!!!!!!


Valerie said...

I do love hearing your voice in the cold morning's like a warm hug!

Tomorrow said...

Good luck with the new album. I'm sure that your new songs will return to thrill us. Good promotion for the album please press, radio, tv, internet ... everyone should know that EUROPE has new album. EUROPE deserve the best. See you on the road / A hug from Spain.

ravscool said...

Hi guys :)

I'm glad the recording of the album is almost finished and in 3/4 month we'll get to hear the album :)

Sounds good this backing vocals "And I'm out laying at the curfew" ;)

Any thoughts about album title?

Take care
/Rodrigo Silva

SebaE said...

So far, the bits that you have showed us sound really great! This should be one kick-ass record, and with some luck, a great success. Let's get the word out and keep the spirit alive. Cheers,

Anonymous said...

Big Boy, I can not wait to hear your new masterpiece! I will always look to Rome! Kisses to everyone!

Michaela Italy said...

Today a freezing cold wind directly from Scandinavia hit Italy, but together with that also these warmest message and video of yours - EUROPE band - came in, your enthusiasm is there, so let's go wild with it then!
I'll think of you next week in the studio. We want you and expect you all over the place to promote the album, you just have to smash down all the doors this time!
All the best!

watercolourgirl said...

LOL I thought there was no volume until....WOW! Woke the dogs up, too! ;) Looking forward to the end result. :)

EffeTiBi said...

Can't wait for April/May!!! Release a single...release a single in a few weeks!! ;)

Claudia said...

Joey got a beautiful voice... I love it <3 Please return to Chile :) :) :)

svstoyanovart said...

Boys,i can't wait for...''THE FINAL COUNTDOWN-2''!