Monday, 6 August 2012

Hello friends!

So, here we are. End of summer festivals 2012!
What can we say?

It's been wet and wonderful!

The support for the band and for BAG OF BONES has exceeded our expectations.

We ended the festival tour on Saturday in Furuvik with a great gig and also breaking the audience attendance record in this particular park. And, for a change, the SUN was shining!

But the adventure for us and for BAG OF BONES has just begun!

We'll see you out there during the rest of 2012 and in 2013.

We really feel your support.

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!

Joey / John / John / Mic / Ian



Anitacska said...

Had a great time in Porvoo, thanks Guys! See you in London! xxx

marykarmen said...

happy holydays,,,can´t wait for see EUROPE in Bs.As.!!!rock on!!

Michaela Italy said...

Hey Europe, we met the rain twice in this tour but your sun was shining through! We have brought home all that we could and it was A LOT! ...and since it's never enough, you can bet we'll meet again many times in your Bag of Bones tour! I am so glad you could perceive the love from the audience for this very very special band of yours. Take care and see you soon out there!
/Michaela and kids (from Bologna - Italy)

Tomorrow said...

Thanks to you EUROPE, ... I wish you great success for the next tour, you deserve it.

Tarlan Kerimov said...

I hope - it was not last concert where you playing old songs

Jul75 said...

Best fans for the Best Rock Band of the moment!

Have sunny and dry holydays, see you in Milan.


Valérie Alma-Marie said...

You're an amazing band, Europe.
I'm happy that you're there, doing so wonderful things.
I've posted your new video of Firebox on my official blog !
See you at your shows in France.
And have good holidays, all of you with your families !

Gothika said...

Britany Spears!!??
My Arse lol

MacarenaRomano said...

You are great!

Mark said...

Please put Seven Doors Hotel back in the set for the UK tour. I've never seen you guys play it before and I feel like I'm missing out! Its such a great song!

Anonymous said...

Please come back to the US and tour. I just about fell over when I realized that my trip to London is while you will be in South America and that you will be in London after I go home again. How much begging will it take for you guys to tour over here again? Or atleast come back to Seattle? I am loving the new music and would love to see you guys live again.