Sunday, 12 August 2012

The German Promoter strikes again


marykarmen said...

ohh,with white moustache,,really funny

Michaela Italy said...

You just can't stay serious, guys! Loved your way to still have fun!
...and John N. you've got this perfect german accent, but whatever disguise you wear, you know we'll catch you anyway!!!
Good laughs with you this morning! Thank you!

John Norum French Fans said...

Very funny !
Norum, you're handsome even with a white moustache !

Anonymous said...

Hahaha ! What a face ! ;)

Tomorrow said...

Nice to see you again German Promoter, interesting comments, but these guys of EUROPE the band seem very nice people ... right? On the other hand, I'm thinking that ... Where have I seen this face before?

watercolourgirl said...

Rock that moustache and unibrow!! ROTFL. Strange, here I was thinking about the German Promoter just last week. Thought he was being awfully quiet... :)

Double VV rulez! said...


Love to see you like this,John!!

Put on this stuff for the show in Berlin - that would be GREAT :-)


Sab said...

Excellent ^_^
What a big great Moustache Mr Norum ;-)