Sunday, 16 September 2012


Parts of Joey Tempest and John Norum's acoustic 'Planet Rock' gig!


Michaela Italy said...

You know what, EUROPE? A few days without you and it quickly becomes "the drought"! Thank you to make us part of this exclusive show... In spite of wearing sunglasses the most part of the day myself, I must say it's thrilling to meet your scandinavian eyes - Joey, whenever you give us a sparkle of them!
Have a wonderful time in South America and come back safe and ready to rock here even more!


What great musicians you are !

Tomorrow said...

Very good show, ... John plays the first song in a magical way ... and dancing with guitars quite a surprise! (hahaha ...) It's great. We miss the tourblog this month, because we love it. Joey please don't forget to give us some videos from the tour that begins this week ... we're glad the day. Good luck for the South American tour ... I wish you the best.

frampala said...

It sure sounds like a great gig!
Hope we get a chance to hear the whole thing soon on Planet Rock.