Wednesday, 26 September 2012


.....Great Passion Brasil! What a night!
/ Europe

Ready to go onstage!

Sao Paulo - Party town!

Another Footballer!

Tower of beer!


frampala said...

South America really suits you guys!I really need to get a new passport!

Estefania said...

Thank you, very much!!!
Fantastic, beautiful show in Brazil!!!!
We love the Band Europe!!!!
Come back.....
Hugs and kisses.


Nice team !!!

Adriano Sancanari said...

Yes, yes!
Thanks for this great moment! Great, amazing perfomance! what night! No words can describe what I feel in your perfomance on september 23. You guys are the best!

We love you guys! We hope you again here in Brazil! Please, comeback again! :)

''Keep on walkin' that road and I'll follow''

João Paulo Caixêta said...

I am just 15 and I have listened this EPIC band for all my own life...since I was born my father used to sing to me ''Carrie'' all the time, and here we are...guys today need to know songs like that, since EUROPE is the real culture of rock!!! I love you boys, just go on nonstop and I am leaving for you now a big hug...good luck!!!

PS: I am brazilian

João Paulo Caixêta