Saturday, 25 April 2009


Brothers.......traveling. (Santiago airport)

Ian is sporting his latest tattoo???

Mic and Joey doing some promotion......

Press clip saying something like "europe sound is like Chilean wine" .......hmm

Joey getting into the local habits. Drinking Pisco Sour.

Leven and our light designer Q-lan looking rather suspicious at the airport

Mic, Ian and Joey with fans welcoming the band to Santiago (Note somewhat unhinged dude who brought his massive keyboard to get signed by Mic)

Spiritual Tourists

Ian and Joey at Radio Universo, Santiago

Funky traditional drummers (chin chineros)

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Simone16 said...

Hi dear, loved the photos ... happiness to see you back to active. Was to miss! Good luck dear in this new job ... I'm always cheering and joins with you in the same distance! I love you too ... I hope you some day in Brazil!
Kisses the heart!

*Joey I love you too!


classicalmusic said...

Hello Europe the band.
Will you put some videos of the Chile concerts (on youtube, for exemple).
Please, think to the ones who never be able to go to your shows!
Why wouldn't you make a DVD with several pieces of different concerts?

ALUAP said...

I love this pics, and how I would like to take a pic with you next July here in Portugal

Jenny said...


Att se er framme i Chile , med fans, i intervjuer osv. Härligt! =)
Hoppas konserterna går bra, ska bli spännande att se lite klipp hur det låter.

Lycka till o kramar från huset i skogen

Anonymous said...

very beautiful pics.
Send us any more and good luck for tonight. Guys, you are the best!

Stefania said...

I'm extremely happy you've decided to keep this fantastic blog open keeping us always updated with great pics and clips! Love this direct link between you and us!

I was sure that the Chilean crowd would warmly welcome you!!! What a great feeling this must have been!!!


Anonymous said...

Yes boys! Welcome to South America!
My God, this is wonderful! I want to leave running to meet you and embrace them, kiss them ...!!!
I am very anxious to see them in action!
I love the photos and video, I see they are enjoying good!
Sincerely from the heart I hope one day a show here in Brazil!
Wow! Would be fantastic!

kisses, many kisses to each of you!


Marilena said...

Thanks for these new beautiful pics!
a big embrace!


加薪貓Rebecca said...

Hi! Dear!
Very good pics! I hope you are happy journey!
Chile's fans is lucky! They greet you at the airport! I hope that one day, I can in the airport to welcome you to Taiwan.
Thank the update, very happy to have this Blog, I come here every day, very close with you.

Best wishes.
Take care.

Deni said...

Love the pics and the video! Great to see that the forum comes to life again!
I like the "Joey and John" pic the most - a picture of the two most gorgeous men on earth!
Enjoy your stay in every country, have fun and cheers!

EffeTiBi said...

I'm very happy you keep in touch with us through this blog! The pics are amazing, and you look happy to be there again after so much years! The pic with all the fans out of the airport is beautiful, and thanks to chilean fans to give so much warmness to our favorite band in the world! Looking forward to hear the new song you will play live... Hard rock is never gonna die!

Sahiyela Osiceca said...

Great pics!
The photo with fans out of the airport is fantastic. It's great to see you so happy with Chile's fans.
Video is interesting,eh!Ian could you include it at your gigs...?
Thank you very much for your sharing.
Good luck for the coming days.
Take care
With love Sahiyela

Soraya said...

Exactly, my friends, that's what the press clip in the photo means.
Enjoy!! XXX

laurajoey said...

Hello Guys...Very good!You are fantastic.......good luck. Kiss Kiss

ravscool said...

Hi guys. I hope you're enjoying every second of your time in Chile.

Will you upload to the blog any video from your concerts?

When you arrive to Portugal in July we could drink some Port wine and eat some traditional gastronomy. Attention because Port wine is to be consumed in small doses because it's a strong wine but also very good and sweet.

There's two portuguese brands of beer, Super Bock and Sagres, the last one is also the name of a portuguese city by the way.

Are you still searching for a new label?

When do plan to release Nalen show on DVD so we could have something new to see and that would help to ease a bit our eager to listen the new album?

There's some talk in the forum about the release date of Norum's new solo album. We can only expect it by Spring 2010 more or less?

I wish you the best and have a blast while you rock your Chilean fans.

/Rodrigo Silva

marykarmen said...

hi guys,good jobs in chile...please come to argentina

Karen b said...
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Fallen said...

Hi there Europe
I am so happy and excited you are finally in Chile
Tonight is the concert here in Santiago and we can`t wait!!!
hope will be a terrific show
see ya later
you rock!!

here comes the night said...

Looks like you've had a blast! =)

Thanks for your posts as usual... I love the pictures, and the funky drummers!

I want to be just like you guys someday... and I will be! So there.

Peace and keep rockin like you do!
/Mary Lou

Fallen said...

ups!! one more thing XD
the comment about your sound is like Chilean wine is a good comment hahahaha
Chilean wine is one of the best wines in the world, so... as "more mature" ...better!
if you keep a Chilean red wine for years it will taste better.
love you !!!

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dagi said...

The Chilean press took it right off my mouth... whatever that means.
Cheers to you, Jake and Elwood! :)

angelmedia said...

When i was a little kid i loved to watch them while i walked in the park! Cool video!

Doris said...

I hope you had a really good time in Santiago and it's very nice to know that you took some samples of our culture to take it to home as a souvenir... See you soon guys and keep on rocking!!! Kisses...

melody_tokyo said...

Oh, J. Leven got his hair short. Looks young and very nice. Appear with this hair do in Tokyo when you come to Japan next time please, Mr. Universe.
And Ian, my most favourite drummer on earth, always funny and naughty. lol

Europe keep rockin' the universe !!!

With love from Japan (one of your space colonies since 80's) ^^

Heart Rocker said...

Hi... Mic!! do you listen my music?? do you like it??
I wrote the song called Europe to Europe like an tribute to you...
All the lyrics are in spanish, but I can traslate to you...
I'm Heart Rocker... you're my masters... for you I'm what I'm...

Serrucho said...

I was waiting anything but a video of chinchineros ahahahaha, it seems you went downtown and visited tipical places.


olga said...

Fantastic pictures!!!
I think that the press clip means what you´ve said, but the sense is that wines are much better when they get older...the same as you!!!