Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Earthquakes, dessert rain, dramatic landscapes, beautiful people and crazy drinks.

Chile's got everything. We've had an unforgettable time. Hope to come back soon.

But the heroes of this visit has to be these two guys following us in their car in Concepcion singing Europe songs.......

Manuel and Victor.....you made our stay.........

All the best.

/ Europe



Tone Irene said...

Hahaha... sounds like you had a really good laugh there :D Haha... made me laugh as well :D
Yay for singing Europe-fans ;)

Soraya said...

:))))))) Thank you for the videos!

I'm delighted for you SO much! Southamerica is really an experience out of this world, of our "Europe".

Thank you for sharing with us!

Have a very good trip!


petitoiseau74 said...

OMG, you made my day, thank you for making us laugh. Bon voyage !

ttn said...

I'm very glad that all the band had a great time in our country...that make us proud!!! :D

Don't forget about us! :)

Here we will be waiting for you again with all the crazyness of our crowds, our drinks and our people so you can have again a great stay with us...! :)

Cheers from Santiago!

Anita said...

ha ha ha

classicalmusic said...
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Bojana said...

:-) i love that they are singing love is not the enemy and not something catchier

classicalmusic said...
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Stein-Vidar said...

LOL! :)

EkiL said...

Hahahahaha, the tears come into my eyes and I have a pain in stomach. Hahaha, it´s great!

Have a nice day!


Sylwia said...

Love is not the enemy

............. ............ /' /)
............./´ /)........./— //
..........,/—// ......... /...//
........./...//. ......./— //
......./´—/'´ —/´— /.../ /
...../'.../... ./... /.../ //
....('(...´(... ....... ,../'. .')
.....\.......... ..... ..\/..../
......''...\.... ..... . _.•´
........\....... ..... ..(
..........\..... ..... ...\


melody_tokyo said...

Hahaha...Europe's Young fans all over the world are so crazy and enthusiastic. They should be called "European Army" named after "Kiss Army", crazy Kiss fans !!!!!

from Melody TOkyo (also a member of Japanese European Army ???) ^^

P. S.: Safe driving, guys !

Sahiyela Osiceca said...

Thanks to Manuel and Victor are singing in this way, with such conviction!
Like you I laughed until I cried. It feels good.
Yes! A good day...
With love

Orquesta said...

This way we are the Chileans people!!! Infinite thanks for your music!!

Silvia said...

Victor and Manuel, you are a cracks!
The truth can not stop laugh, fantastic!
I am very happy to see you back here, and know that you have passed very well.

Dani said...

hahaha Lol!

Love is not the enemyyyyy!!!! xD

hahahahah thanks for sharing!

Greetz from Santiago

Sebastián said...

HAHAHAHA!! What crazy guys!! haha. But you rock men!!! Is very good to feel your favourite band near to the public, to theirs fans!! Thats is the best of you!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, ha, ha, ha:-D my God! that was good!
They are running very, I mean, everyone is running well!
Thanks for the video!!
I love, love you!!! :)

frampala said...

Don't they say a good laugh is the best medicine for everything?
My best to Victor and Manuel the crazy Europe fans.I think they made my day too.

The new song is very cool.It makes me want summer to come faster.
And I'mlooking forward to the next show even though I'm not going to be there.

All the best

Bojana said...

@ melody_tokyo; we are waay crazier then Kiss fans :D at least we take stronger meds =)

elvira said...

Hey you guys

It's look like you had a great time. That was funny

Have a safe trip

Keep us update!!!!


here comes the night said...

Haha- crazy fans! What did I tell you! We're crazy!

Fun fun... =)

Doris said...

hahahaha... these crazy guys don't you see it anywhere... I'm proud of my people, there's always someone that makes laugh to all and you keep it into your memories... Greetings from Santiago and I hope to see you very soon!!!

LINA said...

Very nice

Stefania said...

Hahahahaha!!! Amazing Victor and Manuel! Would love to shake their hands! :)))

That reminds of when me and other 5 people, all stuck in one car, followed the car which was taking Joey to the airport at the end of his promotional tour in Italy for "A place to call home" in 1995... it was crazy in the traffic of Rome!
Of course, we were stopped by the police and got a fine! :))
But we still managed to get at the airport in time to tell Joey bye! :))

marykarmen said...

...cool europe...i want hear new album....

ravscool said...

Great to see fans like these :)

I've had a laugh too.

Good choice of a song :)

I wish you all the best

/Rodrigo Silva

Macarena Ignacia Duque Artigas said...

Joey tempest and the band Europe!! , i present me, i'm Macarena from Chile, I went to the concert in Santiago, it was incredible, it was in second row, it enchants Europe to me, I am 17 years old and I am very fanatical, I love Europe ! I want to return to see them in Chile, I hope that she is soon, them desire the best thing of the world, are incredible, i liked its videos, I appear in the video of Santiago jeje, thanks europe to come...

Nelyda said...

Victor (driver) is my brother (I envy you)...I'm a big fan of Europe too, but in this moment I'm studying in the US so I missed the concert of my life (I would have been in the backseat of his car singing all Europe's songs with them). So Europe, I hope that you repeat your visit to Concepcion in the future, so I can see you too...you don't know how depressed I'm in this moment because of you guys.

Angela said...

I sputtered coffee all over my keyboard! It's even funnier cause... it's something my friends and I would do!

yeah, we're crazy!


Simone16 said...

Hi my dear! What hot laughs, laugh with you! Good to see you so happy! Thank you for sharing these delicious moments that you spent here in Chile ... loved the video! Kiss in the heart of you! I love you too!

\0/ Simone \0/

vonnyloveseurope said...

hahahhaah,funny, but if I hadn't been so busy that Sunday I would have made such crazy things, too.
That's what you get from us (chilean people). I told you, there are lots of people who really love your music here in my beautiful country. So, I'll be waiting for you again, because I wasn't able to talk to you and ask you some pics beside me, but I do enjoyed singing along in the concert in Santiago, I was the girl who was in front of you and asked you the microphone. I loved the concert, you were amazing, simply great. I wish you could send me a signal, a message, anything to let me know all things I made that day weren't in vain, and you can remember me.
I couldn't jump up to the stage, because of the guards, but I really tried. I love you EUROPE.

angelmedia said...

I need to dry my tears as well...
I can totally picture it... chilean guys - damn they can be hilarious!! :D:D

Fernando Sambora said...

Joey... me, my girlfriend and some friends, went to the Europe concert at Teatro Caupolican in Santiago City, last april 25. We was at left side of the stage... first inch... and when the show started, you go to that side, and you touch my girlfriend hand and my own hand... and you saw us... Joey Thanks about that... you made one of my greatest dreams, come true... my name it´s Fernando... I hope Europe come back too soon to my country... my city got now one great stadium... Chillan city... 2 hours through the east away Concepción. You should to go there... I'll be waiting for you... one great hug for you and all the guys... all the success for you...

BelenHalford said...

love is not the enemyyyyyyyyy (8) hahahaa!! concepción rulz XD

melody_tokyo said...

Hi, Bojana. I know fans of European Army are crazier than fans of Kiss Army.

Excited guys in Osaka, Japan, lifted Joey up and made him fly in the sky, when Europe came to Japan first time after the reunion.
That's the Japanese way to express biggest applauds & thanks, for example, to the manager of baseball team who got yearly championship.
(Baseball is most popular sports here in Japan & Sumo wresting champion is too heavy to do the same thing!)

Be careful not take bad medicine, Boyana.

Friends, form the European Army and recruit men and women everywhere on this planet!

With love from a member of Japanese European Army

classicalmusic said...
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Daniela said...

Crazy guys! ;) I'm sure that you have had a great and funny time in Chile!!!

classicalmusic said...

Messages for Mic Michaeli :
1)I've listened to Mojito's Girl, and I really enjoyed when you played organ. I was literally overwhelmed with intense and unexpected sensations (delightfull ones). What an inspiration you've got, full of fire !
2) I like when you're laughing. In "back to the scene of the crime", on TFC DVD, my favorite moment is when, playing piano, you suddenly laugh. There is something rather irresistible in the way you laugh, comparable to a child's laugh. Laugh more please!

joeylove53 said...

super ces chiliens! cool!
merci pour cette video comique!
Claire from swizerland

manuel said...

hi..here manuel and victor yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh love is not the enemy...jajajaj thankyou guys for putt the video on your blog..we are veryvery happy for this...and we have beautiful memories about this sunday with you..a dream come true for us!!..we love europe and we will love for the rest of our lives...!!!!!!! yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we hope see yaaa soon some day and dont forget about us ok????god blessyou all guys...joey, mic,john,ian and john norum...from concepcion chile...victor(driving the car) ..manuel(guy in red) ...

Sebastian said...

I got to say something more!!

Guys, you have to edit in DVD the Santiago´s Show!! It was PERFECT!! In sound, in transmition, in the musics, in the band, and the public was amazing!!!!

Who is with me, please, rise your hand.... or.. well, please assign here, down this coment!!

Anonymous said...

Back to chile soon !!!
we will miss !!!

DVD the Santiago´s Show!! !! please

~Psychedelic Girl~ said...

LOL! love this video!
here people is CRAZY! haha
I was to Teatro Caupolican concert! I thought that I could never see you in concert , but I was wrong! Thanks for coming here!I really hope you come back! and thanks for being so patience and nice with us in the hotel.You always be there for a picture and we are very grateful with that.. you are our heroes :)

olga said...


No more comments!!!!!

FANTASTIC(I'm even crying due to the laughing...)

María C. said...

Haha, we're crazy chilean people!!!

Thanks and come back very soon!!!

Karen said...

It was absolutely worthy to wait almost 20 years to see you live in Santiago. Guys, you're awesome!!

melody_tokyo said...


I spent full two days for editing EUROPE the band
page of Wikipedia Japan with my computer on for 48 hours. Coz there're full of wrong
information and stupid critics. It's not editing. I re-wrote it almost all things.
but, but, but, but...I don't know why..but !
after I wrote a very looooong page and went out to a shop nearby to buy food and come back home and found EVERYTHING GONE !!!!!!!!! for what I spent full of this weekend

I'll cry!!!

tired wanna go to bed right now. It's just after mid night of Sunday here in Japan.

And one more thing. Imawano KIyoshiro died for cancer.
One of the greatest rock singers in Japan since '70s.

Sorry for my stupid comment but I wannted say.

with love from Japan. Japanese European Army's always active here ^^

Cacá said...

Guys, you have to edit in DVD the Santiago´s Show!! It was PERFECT!! In sound, in transmition, in the musics, in the band, and the public was amazing!!!! [2]
I sign below!!

I'll never ever forget that amazing, incredable, fantastic show in Santiago!!!!!!!!!!

Sebastián said...

Special edition of "Last Look at Eden" with DVD (or blue ray, hehe) Santiago´s Show!!!!

Like Queen did with "the cosmos rock"

Will be grate if you do that!!!

lilit said...

thanks for the images. They seem to me fantastic, and enjoyed much seeing your joy

melody_tokyo said...

Wow! I've done it!
I tried again and successfully rewrote the page of Europe the band on WIkipedia Japan.

It is a national holiday, day of children, here in Japan and very right day to spent an entire day to do such a childish act without going free-open zoo or park, I know. lol. But I feel very proud of myself.

Got my eyes tired. wanna go to bet immediately.

with love from japan, Japanese European Army is active here

Tomorrow said...

hello...3 dates in Chile, and only 1 date in Spain...why?
El final de la cuenta atrás...para cuando el nuevo CD?

ALUAP said...


branka said...

If I were on Victors and Emanuels place, I would probably did the same..........hahaha

manuel said...

hello everybody and thanx to all for the comments in this site,,,and in my facebook..take care everybody and dont lose the contact...cheerrssssssssssssssssssssss...bye..mnl....long live europe yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Sebastián said...

MANUEL!!! Never forget that: "Love is not the enemy!!! Love is not the enemy!" haha ;)


manuel said...

jajajaja yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh love is not the enemyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! chek my facebook .....hello to europe guysssssssssssss

Sandra said...

joooooorrrr a can de moooorrrr

Fallen said...

that was great!!!
Thanks for came to Chile, hope to have you back soon!!
May Chile a place in all your tours!!
love you !!
you are the best!
Antofagasta, Santiago and Concepción are full of energy because of you now, we still talk about the show.
Chilean kisses and Hugs

manuel said...

hello everybody chek this jajajaja ...i didnt know the lyric of the song and i was reading on the monitor jajaja very funny...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mna_sPON2Wg

manuel said...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRTN_iuMa9c and here with victor singing and me on drums...van halen yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

classicalmusic said...

Hello Europe the band!
Thanks for planning a new DVD -and apparently in a very good technical quality...
Please, could you also put some bonus in it? For exemple, pieces of other concerts (On youtube, it seems that St Petersburg's one was amazing. Or Santiago's one).

Thank you again, and blossomed thoughts from France (there are flowers everywhere, here!

Shazza3uk said...

Everytime I watch this I roll around laughing its great.

Seeing fans with such enthusiam racing along side you in their car singing at the top of their voices.


Sebastián said...

'Antofagasta, Santiago and Concepción are full of energy because of you now, we still talk about the show."

In here, in Brazil, the ones who goes there, are still talking too.

eternalmetal said...

ey joey t.. see this video


remember me ??

I gave you a gift (a bottle of Chilean wine)

take care

all the best


greeting from concepcion-chile

manuel said...

wuauuuuu many many comments to the car video yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hi europe guys.....takecare all of you..manuel....

classicalmusic said...

I just would like to say thank you to all the chilean fans who filmed the Europe concerts, and shared them generously on youtube with other fans around the world. That was really kind, friendly, for those who'll never attend a Europe show (like me). I think it was also useful to make some publicity to this excellent band we all like so much (and that therefore we all want to see getting more and more success)...
Thank you again chilean friends!

Maggie said...

hahahah....so cute..