Friday, 13 November 2009


We felt this was the best gig so far. Things are coming together.
/ Europe


Fernanda said...

Finally I can hear a little bit of "Beast"!!!! Great song!!!! And the german promoter.... :D :D
Good to see you´re having fun guys!!!! Thanks for the videos...

Anke said...

WOW!! You've added this video very fast ;-) we just got home from this amazing show in Bochum: definitely the best one we've seen so far! Going to bed right now and hit the road again for Osnabrück tomorrow! See you guys there...

Ohw and ehhh, this German tourpromotor almost got away with his disguise.... almost... ;)

Hugs, Anke

Silvia said...

Congratulations guys!
The show was amazing!
Thanks for the videos.

Jenny said...

Looved thge clip from Beast!!

haha...damn JN look like a pimp :P

Keep on rocking!

CrimsonAnna said...

Ser fram emot att se er på Hovet i december!

Tomorrow said...

Thank you for the video ... is fantastic!

I am sure that the German Promoter is a great guitar player ... does he remember me to "someone"?

Anita said...

Looking good John haha.
Thanks for the great show in Bochum.

Melani said...

Well done guys, seems like your German tour will be a great success!
And you have a good promoter, he he!
I so wish I could be in Germany right now!

Deni said...

Seems like you had a great time out there! Wow, Johny, that's a great accent that you get there!
I love you! Deni

tommybolinlegend said...

The best show I´ve been to for several years! You guys rock!!!

Selva said...

Hi guys from Europe the band!
I'm glad that your show is fantastic ... How ever!
Also just today I was surprised to learn that this blog still loading. I thought you did not use it more.
I am very happy to keep getting news of you in this way anywhere.
my greetings to you and Klara.
A big hug and move on with all the strength they have.
My best wishes for success!!
For all of you and the team of beautiful people accompanying them.
From Argentina. Silvia

Selva said...

Thanks Europe forever. Thanks for the fantastic and shows trends in music and give this epic cd last look at Eden.!
So long.
Silvia from Argentina

mark75 said...

Who is that strange guy with the moustache and dark glasses? He seems familiar somehow...?

rockin' dreamer said...

I'm sure all your shows will be fantastic with this "tourpromotor"
Think I've seen him before somewhere but that wasn't in Germany...

frampala said...

Thank you for "The Beast",even on video!
As for the German promoter he looks a little suspicious!
Did you try him on guitar?

dave said...

Very Cool video!
But don't you think it should be time to make a videoclip for the Beast???and with a "story" ... maybe???

Come on! For your fans! We are so much loving this song!!

see you

mara said...

that's why I ♥ you John Norum!!!
please guys come back to Chile!!
greeting from Chile!!

Val said...

Oooooh nice promoter we have here!!!