Wednesday, 11 November 2009



1. Eden

2. Ready
3. Super
4. Enemy
5. Sign
6. No Stone
7. Carrie
8. New love
9. Let the good
10. Seventh
11. Cherokee
12. Rock

13. Beast
14. Final

/ Europe


marykarmen said...

ohhh fantastic shows dear friends..come come come to are waiting EUROPE....congratulations for hamburg shows...and happy birthday mic...i love EUROPE songs....

ravscool said...

Hi guys

Nice photos, I can't wait to see you again live but now in Barcelona 23rd January.

My first time was this summer in Faro, Portugal. What an amazing day, you rock like a Stormwind and you leave no stone unturned when you rock.

Keep going on ;)

/Rodrigo Silva

MT and TM said...

Dear Mic, many happy returns of the day!

We remember you waving us goodbye after the show last August in Berne. See the picture...

Take care
MT and TM

By the way: Thank you for the pictures and the setlist - great idea!

heathcliffe said...

Hi Guys,thank you for the great photos,happy birthday Micx
Janet Uk

rockin' dreamer said...

Thank you for the great pictures!

See you January 17th in Amsterdam (Holland).
Please play "The Beast" there too!
And rock my world upside down.
I can hardly wait.

Best wishes

frampala said...

Nice pics.
Passionate band,rocking crowd!
Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Great photos! fantastic shows!:)
Happy Birthday Mic!
Cheers ♥

simona scorza said...

Thanks Guys.....I was in the front row only for you.....great feeling!!!!!! See you soon....a strong embrace....Joey, "When I see your face I find my way...."...Thanks again....Simona (Italy)