Saturday, 14 November 2009

// OSNABRÜCK 09 //

The set list feels really good right now. It always seem to takes about 4-5 gigs
before things fall into place.

/ Europe


Tomorrow said...

The Germans has luck great for the tour of europe.


Can we see you in the blog interpreting with your keyboard a piece of some song?

always is a present for us...

De Pierewaaier said...
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Eva said...

Woooooow, what a great gig!! Thanks for the awesome shows in Cologne, Bochum and Osnabruck!! :D
I won't be seeing another show during this German tour. Now there is space again for other fans in front of John Norum! ;)
Allready looking forward to the gig in Amsterdam. Have fun during the upcoming shows and see you in January!
Hug, xx Eva

Simoontje said...

Thanx for the wonderfull show yesterday!!! It was a great, it was a time ago I rocket so well...
and it was a very special moment so and me are together on a picture John L. and Joey...
Thank you so much!!!!

frampala said...

Yes,Germany is really lucky to have you for three whole weeks.
I'm able to follow your shows through this blog and that's great.
Hope to see you on stage soon.

Selva said...

Well, I think is very good to continue their spectacular concert!
Now, I wonder ... that makes the "tourpromotor" playing the guitar??? And he shaved his mustache??? UauuuuHHH to tourpromotor so sure they have good impact! ha ha.
Greetings to all members of the band and the fans of Europe.

Anke said...

Thanks guys, for 4 amazing shows in Germany last week.
The gig in Bochum was one of the finest I've ever seen of you guys!
Enjoy the rest of the tour :)
See you in january!

Hugs, Anke

Pattie.Harrison.Norum said...

thanks for all the music! I've followed you all these days, your gigs have been increasingly cool! remember: come back to chile!
we love you!!!

marbyz said...

Great Last Look at Eden Guys.... EUROPE my heroes, PLease come back soon to CHILE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Valeria Bearish said...

You're the best band for me, and my greatest influence musical, thanks for your music, excelent! :D
I hope them by chile the next year, it would be the best of the world.