Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Just before show time Joey's monitor system mysteriously breaks down. A few songs later Ian's personal computer stops in the middle of a song. All of a sudden Leven's base goes completely quiet. Mysteriously the very experienced crew can not locate the problem. It leads the band into a surreal jam on a song they name "Oxford town".....After the high impact LONDON show a couple of nights ago this show was a completely different animal.

Great crowd though!

A very interesting night!

/ Europe


Oliver said...

Was at the gig mate, not a low impact night at all. Absolutely sensational performance. Am I Evil was amazing!

angelmedia said...

Very spooky indeed... check out WOLFMAN to get in the right UK mood ;)

ravscool said...

Hi guys :)

I was in London only with 8 friends and we all came from Portugal and 6 of us were at the front row and we had a portuguese flag in the middle in front of Joey also.

Could you please drop a few lines about your show in London?

I was expecting to see Joey filming the crow but it was very great to see you all giving their best on stage and you were all on fire.

I got to talk with Ian outside the venue before the soundcheck and with Levén after the concert, got his signature on my ticket and also met Joey before he entered his private cab and got his signature on my LLAE digipack.

I've gave Ian a portuguese scarf and a 2-CD compilation made by and for the portuguese fans. Delivered to Staffan the remaining scarfs and CD's to be given to the rest of the band and a scarf to each tour manager, Staffan and Linda. I also gave to Staffan a little bottle of Port wine to Joey. (Port wine is produced in Portugal on the Douro region at the North)

I hope to see you play in Portugal soon ;)

/Rodrigo Silva

ravscool said...

P.S. I was at the Barcelona gig last month with also 10 portuguese friends and 7 of us including me were at the Meet & Greet before the concert.

Sorry to hear that you had so many technical problems in Oxford. it must be painful to have these problems on stage with a huge crowd in front of you.

I wish you all good luck for the rest of the tour and take care

/Rodrigo Silva

VERONICA said...

hahahahahahah ghost doesn't sing rock!!!!!

Karin said...

Very... hmm... interesting gig. Especially liked the mic-stand getting stuck in the rig ;)
It was a great gig despite all the co**ups :)
Tack for ett gott skratt o den lilla jamsessionen + M&G!

Ela2 said...

Hi John N.,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY,my best wishes for you.
I hope you and Joey,John L.,Mic and Ian come back to germany.


JEM said...

Wow - what a great show. Sorry there were strange things that were a bit difficult to deal with (poor bassman, you looked SOOOOOOO sad) but WE still had a great time in Oxford town. We did not stop smiling and laughing.

Joey ~ I don't think I should speak ANY Swedish with you, because I don't know the good words X-D

Thank you all so much for a fantastic night, please come back to the Zodiac @ Oxford any time soon :-D


JEM said...

PS ~ Grattis på fodelsedagen John Norum ~ hope you have a great day X

Danne said...

Grattis John på Födelsedagen önskar Svåger med familj

Sandra said...

Misterious happenings...happy birthday John, take care!

Martina said...

I believe you've managed everything perfectly, guys! Wish you more luck for the coming gigs!
Hugs from the Czech Rep.

Anka said...

What a mystic event....

delfinareale said...

We wanted to do here also in addition to your myspace mail greetings on your birthday, and on your myspace mail is something more. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN.
YOU ARE GREAT AND GOOD LUCK for the next concert, we look forward and hope to soon or all'Aditorium Olimpico in Rome.
Baci Raffy

Deni said...

Happy birthday, my guitarhero!

I wish you from my heart:
a birthday filled with joy and happiness,
a birhday filled with smiles,
all the love that you can carry,
all your dreams and goals comming true ,
health and luck through each of your days
till next year when I will wish you the same!

Love always, Deni/Bulgaria

Tomorrow said...

Happy birthday John!
You are the best...

MT and TM said...

Dear John Norum

First we wanted to sing "Happy Birthday" to you on YouTube, but finally we decided to let it be, because we don't want to spoil your birthday ;-)


We love you
MT and TM

jerry hansen said...

I was there last night in oxford with my europe t'shirt on and waving my drum stick that i got there ,

my god it was truely brill.
i have been so looking forward to seeing you guys, you rock .

I think at one point i was singing louder than joey and i've not come down from the thrill of it all.

I saw john having trouble with the bass, he came back with a little queen lol. i was standing opposite him.

and the oxford song was funny the girl get around when your in oxford town lol.

thank you joey for the guitar plectrum you hit me on the nose with it lol got the security guard to get it for .

Thank you all for what was a great night .

Polya said...

May be a different animal, but unique show for me and my best friend, who came to visit me in Oxford from Bulgaria especially for your performance! I bought her the ticket as a birthday present!!!
It was a great show!!!!!
We,ve been dreaming to see u performing for 24 years and we,ve finally met you all!!!!!
Thank u guys for the fantastic night and for the lovely photos with you after the show!

We,ll keep the memories for ever!!!!!
You are the best!

Hope to see u all again some day!


david said...

Great gig chaps! My first ever Europe one and absolutely fab!!Was with my lady and we both love you now...fans for life. I Bought your album thanks to Planet Rock playing it so much....Well I JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH SO.....we thought we would take a jaunt up to Newcastle and see ya all AGAIN...hope the Oxford Ghost stays in Oxford...haha..Thanks again and maybe i will be in Japan too!

Jenny said...

This explains a lot haha
I realised some things went wrong but not to this extent...You really did a good show and I absolutely LOVE the new tracks live, they work so well and they show how good you are as a band.
They take you to another level in my opinion.
Thank you for taking time with me and my ladies, its a true pleasure to meet you!!
Those pics and chats are precious to me, aswell as the Norum plectrum I found on the floor, at last! :)
It was my 20th gig and even if you rathcer want to forget it, it will always stay with me as a dear and special night.

You are the best. Thank you for everything

Anonymous said...

that seems like a spooky and intresting night. I wish i was there to experiance the fun