Friday, 20 November 2009



Maria said...
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Karin said...

That just made the perfect end to this day.

Can't stop laughing :)

Eva said...

Welcome back, Mr. German Tourpromotor! :) Hope you've had a great time over there!!
Xx Eva

CandyT said...

jajajajaja . . . you are very funny! I love it.

Happy Weekend!
I love you guy!


Francesca said...

Totally crazy! Muahahahahaahahah!!!!!

ravscool said...

Great to see you are having lots of fun on tour :)

See you guys in Barcelona.

/Rodrigo Silva

laurajoey said...

John very very funny!!!!You are the BIG.....HELLO JOHN

door7 said...

Dear Adolf Kleese,

I think your moustache is rather impressive. I've heard you're a master of the Ukulele as well, but I don't know for sure. Anyway, you're a very professional promoter. thumbs up & bye!

frampala said...

It looks like the German Promoter is into a lot of secrets.Guitar secrets!
If I keep good track of the shows you should be in Munich tonight.Make sure you rock the Olympianhalle and I hope you'll soon rock a greek venue as well.

Have a good day!

Anita said...


Fernanda said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Glad you´re guys are having such a good time in this tour!!!!

Deni said...

That's the funniest thing I watched today, it sure made my day! I love you Norum, my hero, and all your extra tallents!

Anke said...

Hahahaha! Good stuff :)
Have fun there guys, but from what I can see that ain't much of a problem ;)
Hugs, Anke

Phyllis said...

Hey John! That´s the funniest Video that I´ve ever seen :-D

Not really bad as a german promoter lol.

I hope too see you on the next Tour someday. I was in Bochum an´I saw you guys there.

You all were amazing!

Love EUROPE! Greetings from Germany..


Tomorrow said...

John Norum is great!..and great "German Promotor" of course!

We value your opinions .. thank you

Phyllis said...

John, the funny german I also can´t stop laghing about this. :-)))

I was in Bochum an´I saw you guys were amazing..

Hope een you again some day here in EUROPE!!! :-)



priscilla tempest norum said...

john norum my guitar hero!!!

Pattie.Tempest said...

John! besides being a great guitarist, you are so funny!
I want to see you again here in Chile!!!
thanks master!

rockin' dreamer said...

LOL! Very funny!
This really made my day!

And I agree with the German promoter that the guitar player is very good (awesome!),he has a lot of talents!

Anonymous said...

OMG... I hope you're a great promoter...because... your mustaches are really... terrible ! ;-D

Dagi said...

Someone said the German Promoter is a master of Ukulele! Is it true???
"Sucker for an Ukulele hero"? :)))

Great one guys! See you soon on tour!

Selva said...

Well! I think the German developer is really a wise man. ha ha. I am fascinated by the whiskers, but I have doubts, if not John Norum, the best guitarist of all time ... be his twin brother?
Hey John, you have a twin? ha ha.It's very, very much like you.
The German developer has made me laugh a lot, but John and his guitar electrifies the air around ... is the best.
I think I definitely want to see the German promoter playing a guitar.
Please guys, I think it's the only way to unravel this mystery! (ha ha).
Until my next blog entry.

petitoiseau74 said...

I love you guys.
You are so funny.
Kisses from France. See you soon, and take care.

raquel said...

Mr Norum you´re crazy....I thought that you were "god" but i see you are only a german promotor...hahaha..remember i´m still your spanish tour promoter...hahahah...Go to sleep!!!

Val said...

Is there something I love about people is Madness!!You are great!

Anonymous said...

German promoter is very funny, I like John, can you give us the second part please?. More German promoter!

Anonymous said...

Yeaaaaaah, the German Promoter!!!

Love that, John!

Emi Minisuka said...

lol! at first i didn't know tht it was john norum.. but until he talks about the guitarist.. then i started to realize tht it was actually john in disguise as a German promoter! haha :d john u're funny as always !