Tuesday, 16 December 2008


1. Gibson flying V 76, Seymour duncan custom
2. Gibson Les Paul., Custom 80, Seymour duncan George lynch Screemin' demon
3. Gibson Les Paul, standard faded 2007, Sheptone pickups
4. Gibson Les Paul, standard 58, Di Marzio 36th anniversary Paf pickups
5. Gibson Les Paul, 2001 Gary more signature model. Gibson Paf pickups
6. Fender Stratocaster 74, Van Zandt pickups


Anonymous said...

My God! yes, they are very powerful for sure!


Sahiyela Osiceca said...

thank you very much

ALUAP said...

I always wanted to knew what guitars you play.
Thanks guys, every day you are closer to us, and understand what we want to know about recording an album.
For me it seems that I'm at the studio with you.

Anonymous said...

I knew you were into Gibson.

I'm a Fender and Ibanez man myself.

Have you ever tried Ibanez guitars?

Silvia said...

Yes John, I agree with "Petdetec" Ibanez guitars are also very good pieces, like me, try ..

Tone Irene said...

oh, so many Gibson Les Pauls.. It's lucky I LOVE Gibson Les Pauls, then :D Really lovely to hear the confidence when you guys write about your new album.

ashlynne said...

Why do you need so many guitars? Do they all have differents sounds?

stormwind1982 said...

I miss the white strat John used back in 1986! This guitar sounded so great and just can't be replaced. Please use it again for some songs!:)I hope the vocals of the new album will be more natural than on SS and that you guys come to Luxembourg for a summer festival. Keep going!

Gael - 罗贤 said...

Hi guys.
A few things to say;
- this blog's a brilliant idea! thanks for it!
- Great to see you guys seem to be doing well. And that the new song(s) seem to rock as f**k!
- there's some cheesy keyboards in the jam.. will it be so in the coming album??
- I'll ask Santa Claus a late gift: i'd like 'On Broken WIngs' to be back on your gigs' setlist. My absolute cult song. hope you'll read that ;)
cheers guys, keep rockin (and shooting studio videos)

Anonymous said...


To John Norum,

I like all these guitars!!!!
I'm guitar player too but it's only my 4th year.
Can I have one of your guitar picks you used in the studio please. Thanks man.

Keep Rockin' Hard guys. Greetz from
Belgium, see ya soon

Anonymous said...

Hugs, Francesca

Marinada said...

Tjenare Roland, John, Mick o Joey! Detta e er favorit servitrasa från "Hatten". jag o ett fåtal grisar överlevde till slut julen trots allt *L*. Ville bara önska er ett riktigt gott nytt år och lycke till med skivan.

Bamse kram från Camilla