Tuesday, 16 December 2008

// MORE ANSWERS / 16 DEC 08 //

No gig on New Years Eve this time. 2009 we will start recording again on the 5th of January in Gothenburg when we will concentrate on vocals and keyboards/organ.

We will do our best to get a tour going in the US 2009. After this album anything is possible

We did play "Danger" a few times this summer. We'll see, maybe we'll try some different ones next year. But we're really exited to play some new "killers" 2009.......
Yes we have met the guys in Scorpions a few times. Mainly "Rudy" but also the rest of the guys.
We have listened to them quite a lot over the years. A few of our favourite albums are. Love Drive, Tokyo Tapes, Virgin Killer.

One regret we have is that we never toured Australia. We hope we can put this right this time. We have heard of a series of festivals called "big day out" or something like that. We have absolutely no booking made for this but maybe something to look into.

Mic Macovic
It's a PRS SC-250 . with Sheptone picups.

No special guests at this time.......

We will document Sweden Rock somehow. Don't know how yet. We're looking forward to that gig very much.......
We were set to record both Dalhalla shows but the deal fell through in the last minute. Nalen show will come out 2009.


Ready said...

John N - What pickups do you use with the Gary Moore signature Les Paul?

Keep up the great work!

Silvia said...

Thanks guys for your comments and answers and keep us more awake!
Think about the proposal to record the new video here in Spain, we have great landscapes and places magic ....
Good luck!

michaeljessen,dk said...

thanx for taking your time to answer us guys ! :)

Sraige_Olaiva said...


Are you planning to visit countries where you haven't played yet, such as Lithuania? We are waiting for so many years for you to come and give us a concert.

Your fan from Lithuania Egle.

JimmyZ said...

hey guys, thanks for answering the questions. Great to hear that you´re gonna document Sweden Rock Festival, been searching like a nut after some documentation of your performance at Sweden Rock Festival 2004 but without any luck.
Except for that radio brodcast and one videoclip of stormwind.

Anonymous said...

One more question:

Why do you never played in Brazil?

Tina's kisses

Andre & Paulien said...

Hi Guys,

I've seen you three times now, it was great seeing you guys in my hometown! Shiffers all over the place, old memories kicked ass.
Will you be back in Holland next year?
Keep on rocking!
greets Andre

ravscool said...

IT's great to read your answers :)

I hope you can come to Portugal next year.

All the best

/Rodrigo Silva

Stefanie said...

Thanks for answering my question. Hope to see you guys in the new year! Have a Safe and Happy Christmas and New Year!


Simoontje said...

Answer to Jimmy Z ( was also my question) To bad there is no show from Dalhalla on DVD.... this one was so special to me... was my first show!
Good news there is comming a DVD Live form Sweden rock and Nalen!!!
I love you!!!!!!!!!

carrie said...

Did you guys plan come back to Taiwan?We all miss you sooooo musch.

vonnyloveseurope said...

Hi my dear:
I expect you have lots of fun today. I've just seen your new videos and I can imagine how wonderful the album will be, so I send all my energy and best wishes. You continue being the best.

RnRCroatia said...


thank you for the answers! Time for a new weekly round :)
I know there are many ppl waiting, so I'll ask in a way that can be answered in a word or 2.

1) Does any member ever read/participate in the forum where we usually argue about never changing setlist? ;)

2) Do you regret the long hiatus?
Was there any other were the break could had been avoided at all or shorter in a way? Could the dissapointment (ie in the managmet) been expressed in any other way?

3) Has any member ever beento Croatia in private or some work?

cheers from rainy Croatia!

Melani said...

Thanks guys for your answer, you certainly made my day!
I can't wait to see you in Australia - I hope you make there in the near future.
Thanks for your awesome music - can't wait for the new album!!!

daydreamer said...

Joey, how do you warm up your voice?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Mark Hamlet said...

"One regret we have is that we never toured Australia. We hope we can put this right this time. We have heard of a series of festivals called "big day out" or something like that. We have absolutely no booking made for this but maybe something to look into."

No pressure but... I have patiently waited since 1986 to see you guys live. Please make down here and think about the Wollongong Entertainment Centre as a venue. Def Leppard just played there and it was great.

Keep on Rocking!


hello Guys, my name is Marlon and I'm from Brazil. When you will play here? I hope you do it after this album!! pleeese come to play here!!!

RnRCroatia said...

Cheers guys!

There has been alot of buzz lately about on the net about this year being not only the year of the new album but also the year of the 30th anniversary.

I would like to give my suggestion and ask if it would be possible to hear 4,5 songs from each of the the older albums (eg OOTW, Pip, TFC, WOT...), that hadn't been played from the tours of these albums.

I think it would not only make your fans very happy, but refresh your setlist and shake it up a bit.
Not that I don't like the songs you play tour after tour, but some songs had been played 4 or 5 straight tours now, and most hadn't been played since '89, 92, 87...
Plus, there are many ppl who are in their 20's or 30's now and couldn't see the tours when you played them.
I think there is no better opprotunity than 30th anniversary tour.

let me know if there is any hope!
thanx, cheers from Croatia!