Monday, 8 December 2008


Its a wrap for today! Back to the hotel in a short while... stay tuned for more messages from the comfort of a hotel room (or the bar) - whichever we find ourselves at first!


xelekl77 said...

You guys really need that. I NOW that you has work hard today. Rock on! (L)

ravscool said...

You need to relax now after a long day working.

It's amazing that you can record an album in 3 days.

I've contacted all 3 major portuguese TV channels by phone and e-mail

Let's see if they promote your new studio blog.

Keep on walking that road and we'll follow...Let The Good 'Europe' Times Rock oh yeah!

ravscool said...

3 copies of your double LP "Almost Unplugged" is coming to Portugal this week :D

My friend ALUAP bought it for her, me and another portuguese fan Tempestgirl1970.

I couldn't buy it because Citibank is haveing some problems today and my card wasn't processed.

Anyways, what matters is that Portugal is getting 3 copies and more will come I think as there are other fans registered on the forum that will know about the release.

Remember, next year come to Portugal before the album gets released to promote it on radios like you have done in Germany and France in 2006.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

You have a lot of work ahead of us, need to take those moments of rest and relax! Tomorrow is another day! We will be with you

Love from Brazil

Simoontje said...

Ok guys, thanks a lot for all the info, pictures and comments for today!
Have fun this evening and Cheers!
See you tomorrow...

loredana said...

After such an hard work you deserve to relax!!! Have a good rock job for today and the day after...I'll stay tuned all the time. Bye and goodnight.
Loredana (from Rome)

ALUAP said...

I love you guys

Sahiyela Osiceca said...

Rest and relax tonight

This day was a nice day.
Sharing these moments with us is simply that happiness.
... and my eyes are open
and my ears are open
and my mind is open
and my heart is open...
for every days that will follow.

thanks so much and goodnight


Nelinha1970 said...

A love you EUROPE


breizh said...

Hi guys, I often request your songs on italian radios to keep your glory always high!
My strong desire for the next album is a more various style, not hearing all the songs built around Norum's riffs.
I miss so much the energy and "fire" between guitar and keyboards.
You're always N.1!!!