Wednesday, 10 December 2008

// DAY 3 //

Its day 3 and we're gearing up again. Ian has finished the drum tracks, and today we're gonna go through and review some of the material we've recorded so far. This album is shaping up to be a killer!
More to follow in a short while...


justine with love said...

My dear successes!!! I wish you wonderful day.
My heart is with you.

Sahiyela Osiceca said...

Hau, Guys!

Good morning
I hope you've had a good night and you're in shape. Today I don't work and I think spending the day with you and my little boy
have a nice day and good work



Sylwia said...

Have a nice day:)

Anka said...

Nowadays it's great! What will be when you will finish to record and we will buy the modern retro rock album! It will be superb!!!!
Miłego dnia :it mean in Polisch "have a nice day"GUY.

ALUAP said...

Good morning guys!

JimmyZ said...

Great to hear guys. Man i don´t know how i´m gonna be able to wait a few more months to hear the new album, i so wanna hear it nooooooooow!!!!

Konni said...

hey guys,
really really fantastic sound.
can`t wait for the great new album!
have a wonderful day.
big hugs

Europe4ever said...

Sarà un un ottimo album....!!! Vi voglio bene ragazzi siete la mia energia!!! GRANDI GRANDISSIMI EUROPE.....!!!!!!!

LINA said...

I winh to all a Merry Christmas,and an Happy new year

Silvia said...

Hi guys!Another day of hard work boys!
Cheers up guys!I have faith in you and in this new album, know that will be good. Since you can verify all of us have our minds and hearts with you, are in different places and at the same time with you, in name of all the fans we wish a few happy holidays you.
Merry Christmas.
Silvia Merce and Mina.

vonnyloveseurope said...

Hello, dear:
I hope to listen to the new album as soon as possible, I can't wait. I have grown up with your songs and each one is really meaningful to me, you can't guess how much!
Well, I know this new challenge is like a baby, it's part of you, it has your soul on each verse, so I need to hearing from you soon. Best wishes, Vonny

vonnyloveseurope said...

Hi, again:
I need to know if you expect to have a tour to South America. I'm from Chile and I was sixteen when you came in 1990, so I couldn't afford my ticket to see you. That was terrible!!! and I'm not going to let go a new chance to see you here in my country. Please consider the possibility.
Yours, Vonny