Monday, 15 December 2008


Hello again

We're back in the studio. This time in Stockholm and John is tearing the house down with greatest guitar sound we've ever heard......We got one song down at the end of the first day. The one with the working title "ready".

Norum's setup for this tune was:
Guitar: Gibson Les Paul (Gary More signature model)
Amp: JCM 800 (lead series) 50 watt
Cabinet: Marshall 72 with celestion 30 watts greenback speaker woofers

Stay tuned for more this week.



Anonymous said...

Great to hear! :)
Looking forward to see more clips!

ALUAP said...

One day, One song.
Good guys.
Time to work again :)


CandyT said...

Hej guys!
Good luck with the new proyect

all the best,

Quila said...

Tanx for coming back to the band john,you are the greatest!
Looking forward to hear your guitars on this "best europe album ever" ...Will ther be some "fast" solos like you did on the dokken albums?maybe use some of your old trademarks and techniques?

here comes the night said...

Hello again indeed! One song down, 11 to go huh? =D

Thanks for workin hard John!

/Mary Lou

ravscool said...

This album is leaving us even more eager to listen it than we were when we were waiting for Secret Society :)

This 3 year difference between albums is like when you released Prisoners in Paradise in 1991.

All the best
Rodrigo Silva

EffeTiBi said...

I'd give something to hear any of the wonderful sounds that John played today... Go Europe go! :)

Anka said...

John, just do it! Play your a loud sound!!!!

justine with love said...

Very good that you are with us already.Good job - one day - one song :)
have a nice day in studio :)

All the best

Jenny said...

Exciting news! From the little clip we have seen so far w Johns solo, it sound soo good, cant wait to hear more.
You have a special talent John, good luck with the work on this awaited album.

/J xx

Fernanda said...

Norum doing magic!!!!
Post some video, pleeeeaseeee!!!!

Anonymous said...

John is perfect! I am very happy with the news!

Congratulations! B-D

Anonymous said...

Oooops! I would also like to some videos!

Kisses :-*

Bellona said...

Thought this time John would have played a yukulele solo...
Well, next time!


Have a good work guys!

Marilena said...

Hi guys,it's great to hear news about your work again!
I'm sure it will be your best album!!!

Silvia said...
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SebaE said...

Like Quila, I'm eager to listen to a bit more of John's "old" shredding techniques in this one! Come on, John, give us a little bit of the very nice mix of melody and fast licks you showed in, say, "Face the Truth". I love the style in the latest albums, perhaps bluesier and more jam-like in feel, but I'd really like that some of the old style came out too. Rock on, guys, and keep up the amazing thing you've done with this blog. A truly wonderful gift for us, fans, and a great way to spread the word on the new album.

Simoontje said...

Good to hear!!!!!!
Thanks thanks thanks

Silvia said...

Hello John, we waiting his return with more good news like this, good job kid, I look forward to hearing any topic altogether.
All the best.

Deni said...

Go John Norum! I love you! Nothing's the same without you,do that riffs and show us again that professionalism! And yes,it would be great to see another video, or a message to us!

Shazza3uk said...

I'm so eager to listen to new sounds you guys are playing