Wednesday, 10 December 2008


@ mic's girl - im planning on using my old Hammond B3 a bit more on this album. It seems to really fit the vibe and direction were going.

@ Jenny - were not trying to overthink anything this time.. just following our hearts and souls and using our experience together with a great young producer.

@ mari - we're planning a release around april/may, in time for summer festivals (eg: sweden rock), so in a perfect world we will be mixing the album end of february.

@ tone irene - together with our manager we will find great partners to work with on this project, but we all do have a special feeling with this particular album. As for the fans, we love it when youre active spreading the news of the release by word of mouth, online, banners and so on. The internet is very powerful these days, so you can actually be a part of the whole thing.

@ ravscool - with "almost unplugged" this is the first time weve released a vinyl in a long time, so we will learn from the process, however we do still like this format. Its not impossible.

@ olga maria - I think all artists toys with the idea of making conceptual albums, like Pink Floyd for example... for us, as a touring rock band, we channel all our ideas into a selection of songs, which is more practical for us. We like to think there is always a thread both musically and lyrically on every Europe album.

@ Marian - hopefully we will make a new DVD on the forthcoming tour. Time will tell.

@ Bojana - the working title for the song in the video was "I Break Down" - the song originated from a John Norum riff.

@ Daniela - its a pretty straight forward rock album... however there are 1 or 2 more quiet moments.... we wouldnt call it "acoustic" though.

@ RnRCroatia - The way we approach and record this album is more related to "Wings of Tomorrow". There are many similarities to our other albums, but we also have a new fresh approach working with our young producer. Perhaps with some more keyboards.

@ katefromrussia - Yes, John Norum had a "waxident"... maybe he'll tell you more about this one of these days.

@ arsen - A big Neve console, and Pro tools recording system.


ravscool said...

Hi again

Thank you for replying to my message and for being so kind.

You are the best band a fan can have :)

I wish you all the best.

/Rodrigo Silva

justine with love said...

Yes , You are the best band a fan can have
See you soon.I hope it will be in Poland.
Good night guys. Sweet dreams :)

Yurp said...

Will you do a second Nalen show?

The first one was just amazing, especially playing some old songs and songs that inspired Europe.

Really enjoying the blog, it's great that you're doing so many updates.

katefromrussia said...

Hi guys!
Thanks for the answer.
It would be interesting to hear this story from John.
I am glad to communicate with you right here.
Good luck! I am always your true fan)

stormwind1982 said...

I am really pleased to hear that the record of the album is most related to the "Wings of tomorrow" album, which is in my opinion the best album ever! Thank you guys and make this album a killer!

olga marĂ­a said...

Thank you for your answer!!!It is really comforting that your favourite band listens to fans the way you do.For me it´s a pleasure and a dream come true.Sweet dreams!

You are the soundtrack of my life.

dontlaugh@me said...

Which microphone is Joey using? And does he use a Compressor for his voice?

Sahiyela Osiceca said...

I have not asked questions but read the answers you give to other fans makes me very happy and not enough words to express what I feel
you are simply wonderful
Now I'm going to work until tonight
Have a nice day
Take care

Rumen said...

Are there any new songs played in standard tuning?? And if yes, how many?

Thanks a lot for your anwser in advance?

Jenny said...

Wow, thanx for the answers of all those interesting questions, what a great idea!

I like the idea you have there, teaming up with a young producer. How you work in the process and as you said, use the experience, passion and love you have for the music. In a creative atmospehre anything can happen, and Im sure it will =)

Thx again for taking the time to answer my question and the others!
/J xx

Mari said...


Thank you very much for awnser our questions.And also thank you for give us the best of yourself always.

You're lovely...

Keep rocking how you know do it! ;)

All the best for the future.


EffeTiBi said...

Very interesting answers! And I think you're right in choosing a young producer: I heard some rock bands he produced, and the sound is totally a blast! :) I think he's in touch with the times, so your new seventies sound will be fresh and up-to-date. So now it's up to you: I know you will rock it to the top!! EUROPE RULE!

JimmyZ said...

I know many fans wondering why you didn´t film the Dalhalla shows for an upcoming DVD? I mean the opportunity were absolutely perfect to film, 2 sold out shows 2 evenings in a row at a place which is absolutely assume for outdoor concerts.

I was certain you were gonna film it when i first heard that you were gonna do 2 shows at Dalhalla.

Andrew London said...


Will the Nalen show get released on DVD as well as CD? Are you planning doing any covers on the album?
And John Norum when is your solo album getting released?

Hope all of EUROPE and all the fans have a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS

All the best


Sraige_Olaiva said...


Are you planning to visit countries where you haven't played yet, such as Lithuania? We are waiting for so many years for you to come and give us a concert.

Your fan from Lithuania Egle.

Silvia said...

Hello, guys!
How are you?
I'm Silvia, your fan from Italy.
I really hope that everything is going well with you all, and I wish you're having some relaxing days, in these Christmas Holydays!
Thank you very much for be so kind with all of us! We love you so much! I would like to ask you one question: can you tell me when the new album will be available in the music stores? Thank you for your patience reding this...I wish you all the best! Much love, Silvia